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In an average American household, TV is perhaps the most unified source of entertainment for an entire family. From dinner time to a cozy winter night to a Saturday movie night, TV plays an integral role in quality family time enriched with top-tier entertainment.

Without fail, it is TV channels like the USA Network that make such great entertainment a reality for Americans. Families and individuals resort to TV for a break from reality, and USA Network’s diverse range of content does just that.

The channel is home to some of the most popular shows, like Law and Order, Suits, and Psych. First premiered in 1977, the channel now stands among some of the most popular and recognized names. It has set high standards for televised content, offering a plethora of TV dramas, reality shows, movies, and even sports!

You can find the USA channel on DIRECTV readily. No matter which DIRECTV package you subscribe to, USA Network will be included in the DIRECTV channel lineup. DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet subscribers can watch the USA channel on their TV sets, as well as the DIRECTV App for on-the-go entertainment.

Here is a complete channel guide to answer your question about what channel is USA on DIRECTV!

What Channel Is USA Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet users can tune into the USA network on DIRECTV on channel number 242. USA on DIRECTV Channel number is the same for DIRECTV packages, including Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier.

If you are unable to tune into your desired channels on DIRECTV, read this DIRECTV channels outage guide to find a solution.

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How to Watch USA Network on DIRECTV via Internet?

Wondering how to watch USA on DIRECTV via Internet? The answer is quite simple.

DIRECTV via Internet is a bit different in setup compared to its Satellite counterpart. The TV service is brought to you over an internet network infrastructure rather than wireless satellite signals.

To watch USA Network – or any other channel from the lineup – you need to connect your DIRECTV Gemini device to high-speed internet. Once the device is all set up with a reliable internet connection and your Google log-in, you can watch the USA channel like any other conventional cable or satellite TV.

There are several benefits of using DIRECTV via Internet, including:

  • Super-easy setup, simply plug in the device and start playing
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • 4K streaming supported by Gemini even on third-party apps
  • Interactive search and guide feature
  • Voice-enabled remote controller

To watch USA Network on DIRECTV via Internet, you need to have the following:

  • High-speed internet that is 8 Mbps or higher
  • Google Login for the Gemini device

How to Watch USA Network on DIRECTV App?

Big and chunky CD players and VCRs for cassettes now seem almost ancient. Streaming services have revolutionized how people consume entertainment content on their big TV screens or handheld mobile devices. With the fast-paced world today, it makes sense why most of us would prefer a streaming service that is virtually accessible anywhere.

This is why the DIRECTV App plays such an important role in user’s life. The app is packed with on-demand content, in fact, up to 90,000+ titles. It comes included in all DIRECTV packages, though the number of titles varies with each package. The app offers multiple features in one place, including your DVR recordings library, advanced search capability, and access to additional streaming subscriptions like Lifetime Movie Club.

Similarly, the app is also your gateway to streaming live TV on the go. All the channels included in your DIRECTV subscription will be available for streaming on the DIRECTV App. You can tune into the USA Network on the app, and enjoy a load of top-notch entertainment even when you are away from your TV screen. With this feasibility, you will never have to worry about missing out on an episode of your favorite show.


Notable features of the DIRECTV App

  • Can be used as a TV remote control
  • Let’s you select different titles and channels as favorites
  • Easy access to all your DVR recordings
  • Advanced parental controls for families with kids

Check out this complete DIRECTV App guide!

What to Watch on USA Network?

From action and comedy to reality TV and talk shows, USA Network features an excellent variety of titles to keep its audience entertained. And while you have a large pool of content to choose from, here are top recommendations for you and your family:

9-1-1 Angel Has Fallen Chicago P.D
American Ninja Warrior:
Ninja vs Ninja
Chasing Gold: Paris 2024 Chrisley Knows Best
Law and Order:
Special Victims Unit
Chicago Fire Dirty John
Mr. Robot Psych Straight up Steve Austin
NCIS: Log Angeles Queen of the South Temptation Island
Race to Survive: Alaska The Big D She’s the Boss

Sum Up!

With the DIRECTV channel lineup, you will not have to look anywhere else. DIRECTV packages are hassle-free, straightforward, and fit for various customer needs. Without a doubt, you can enjoy superior convenience and entertainment as you watch channels like the USA Network on DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet.

So, whether you need to catch the most awaited episode on the go, or just want to watch something lighthearted with your family, the USA channel on DIRECTV has it all for you! To enjoy a diverse channel lineup, generous DVR cloud storage, up to 90,000+ on-demand titles, and live TV streaming, call DIRECTV customer service at 855-737-0235 now!

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Is USA Network Free?

You must subscribe to a cable or satellite TV provider to enjoy watching USA Network. All DIRECTV packages include the USA Network, along with hundreds of other channels. To watch USA Network on DIRECTV, call 855-37-0235.

  1. What channel is USA Network on DIRECTV?

To watch USA Network on DIRECTV, tune in to channel number 242.

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