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The population of this world has transitioned quite rapidly. There was a time when Television had set its focus on those falling under the Gen-X cohort. However, as time passed, television found itself dealing with the millennials. With the mindset of ‘making more out of less’, the millennials soon gave our beloved old television quite a challenge. Although there already was a pay-TV network HBO®, catering to the entertainment needs of its audiences since 1972, the audiences needed more. They wanted a sports channel serving the same purpose as that of a pay-TV channel, but with sports content only.

Thus, after years of contemplation, ESPN finally introduced a ‘millennial’ wing under its own umbrella – ESPN2. Currently, ESPN2 is available to approximately 93% of the households across the U.S. via all leading pay-TV service providers, including DIRECTV. Standing as one of the best, DIRECTV is a satellite TV service owned by AT&T. If you want to experience TV with diverse features and a price that fits your budget, then DIRECTV can be your savior.


Let’s face it, with all the hustle and bustle that we’re surrounded with most of time, unwinding to a stress-free televisual experience is what we all deserve. DIRECTV does just that. It has been breathing life into TV sets all over the U.S. for the last 26 years. When it comes to opting for a TV plan, we expect variety. Fortunately, DIRECTV meets no bounds in terms of offering as much variety to its customers as possible.

For starters, DIRECTV is available in not one or two, but 6 different packages namely:


Whether you’re a solo TV buff or you have a family with multiple members, you can pick a package that befits your needs. Each package comes with thousands of On Demand titles, ease of watching TV on-the-go with DIRECTV App, free limited-time subscription to premium networks such as SHOWTIME®, HBO Max™ and more, as well as a DVR service via GENIE® that records and plays your favorite shows whenever you like. Plus, DIRECTV offers one more feature, which is no less than a dream come true for all the sports lovers out there…..

Cue the drumroll and call the cheerleaders!

DIRECTV – Taking Live Televisual Sports up a Notch!

Well, you all wish to have an immersive Live sports experience, don’t you? With DIRECTV from AT&T, every Live sporting event becomes immersive with its 4K sports programming feature. Imagine, watching Mike Trout on ESPN2 hitting a home run. Now that’ll be something! The 4K sports programming feature is available on DIRECTV CHOICE™ package and higher. So, if you want to enjoy Live sports in the industry’s best picture format, you know what to do!

DIRECTV offers a comprehensive channel lineup with every package. Each lineup comes with a range of sports channels that keeps getting wider as you climb up the tier ladder- including ESPN2 and more. So, which channel is ESPN2 on DIRECTV packages? Let’s have a look:

Total No. of Channels 155
Availability of ESPN2 X
No. of Channel N/A
Total No. of Channels 150
Availability of ESPN2 Yes
No. of Channel 209
Total No. of Channels 185
Availability of ESPN2 Yes
No. of Channel 209
Total No. of Channels 235
Availability of ESPN2 Yes
No. of Channel 209
Total No. of Channels 250
Availability of ESPN2 Yes
No. of Channel 209
Total No. of Channels 330
Availability of ESPN2 Yes
No. of Channel 209

ESPN2 – ESPN’s Millennial Counterpart for Gen-Y

ESPN2 - a sports channel from ESPN - was launched in 1993, with the intention of presenting a more youthful face of the parent channel ESPN. ESPN2 focused only on broadcasting mainstream and unconventional sports that young audiences preferred watching. This programming practice kept on until the late 90s when ESPN2 became ESPN’s second outlet for broadcasting mainstream sports events.

Initially, what mostly aired on ESPN2 was alternative sports such as billiards, poker, lumberjacking and more. But, when ESPN2’s broadcasting approach was revised, the channel turned towards airing mainstream sporting events such as Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NCAA football, NCAA basketball games and more. Besides such events, ESPN2 also simulcasts sporting events with ESPN as part of a Megacast broadcast that airs a single telecast across different ESPN channels. Each channel depicts the game from a different visual perspective. Programming among sister channels is shared in times of regional blackouts so that viewers do not suffer loss of a scheduled national game broadcast. So, if you have DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT package or a higher one, you can catch up on your favorite sporting events on either ESPN or ESPN2, whichever you prefer.

Another great thing about ESPN2 simultaneously broadcasting with ESPN is that, whenever there’s a Live event overrunning into broadcast timings of original shows, the original show airs on ESPN2 instead. Unlike ESPN, ESPN2 is relatively less focused on the documentary genre. This means, if you’re a true sports lover at heart and prefer enjoying the thrill of sports action and nothing else, ESPN2 could be your next favorite sports channel.

ESPN2 on DIRECTV – A Combo of the Champions

Sports broadcasts require consistency. A signal glitch due to a poor connection can turn the situation upside down. Fortunately with DIRECTV, things on your favorite sports channel such as ESPN2 happen as swiftly and as vividly as inside the stadium – consistent, lifelike, adrenaline-inducing and all the more memorable!

An AT&T DIRECTV subscription for your TV serves like an all-rounder for all your entertainment needs. You can go for a standalone TV plan that lets you access a good plenty of TV channels of all kinds. However, if you and your family members like to watch TV, all the while enjoying a high-speed internet connection from AT&T, then a bundle would make your life remarkably easier.

DIRECTV Bundles come with a TV package of your choice, alongside high-speed internet from AT&T. This means, you can upload statuses on social media while watching your favorite quarterback pace the yards to make a touchdown. Plus, there’s one more thing that sets DIRECTV Bundles apart from competitor offers. Upon purchasing a qualifying DIRECTV and AT&T Internet bundle, you can win a $200 AT&T Visa® Reward Card. And, save $240 in the first year of your subscription.

Wait, there’s more! Since DIRECTV is all about giving you more and more opportunities to save money, you can even go for TV, Internet and Phone combined. This way you can save money on monthly phone bills too, with attractive local and long-distance phone plans, while enjoying dozens of handy calling features. Imagine, with a bundle so convenient, you can use the money you save for something that matters more – like courtside tickets to a Lakers’ game.

Hit it out of the Park with ESPN2 on DIRECTV

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to DIRECTV today and enjoy an endless supply of sports content from ESPN2. However, if you want to keep the inclinations of your inner sports buff well-fed, you can even go for the DIRECTV Sports Pack. And get access to more than 35 regional and premium sports networks, all the while living your life to the fullest. Plus, you can even record your favorite moments of sporting events with GENIE® and watch them over and over till your heart is content. GENIE® also offers a dual-view feature, so you can watch two different matches simultaneously without switching channels. It would suffice to say, a DIRECTV Bundle is a dream come true for any sports lover who is longing for a solution that would make watching sports effortless and fun, without having to suffer the ever-looming anxiety attached with budget constraints.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel is ESPN2 on DIRECTV in 2021?

ESPN2 is available at channel no. 209 on 5 DIRECTV packages.

How can I get ESPN2 on DIRECTV?

All you have to do is subscribe to a DIRECTV package or go for the DIRECTV Sports Pack and get access to more than 35 regional and premium sports networks.