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Why Choose MetroNet Fiber Packages?

Because MetroNet Gets You the 100% Fiber Advantage!

Fiber is special! It gets you more bandwidth than you can imagine with Cable or DSL. A fiber optic network uses tiny strands of glass, thin as hair, to transmit pulses of light over longer distances. These pulses or beams carry such large amounts of data that no other technology supports. And MetroNet delivers the 100% advantage of Fiber right to your doorstep!

MetroNet Fiber Internet Wifi

Benefits of MetroNet Fiber Internet

  • Unparalleled bandwidth ꟷ more data flows through the fiber optic line than with any other technology
  • You get all the speed you need ꟷ and it is symmetrical!
  • Speeds is consistently fast ꟷ with no slowdowns even at peak times
  • Your neighbors do not share your connection
MetroNet Fiber Phone

Benefits of MetroNet Fiber Phone

  • Additional bandwidth via the 100% Fiber network delivers crystal-clear call quality
  • Unmatched reliability
  • An impressive range of phone features ꟷ including Voicemail and others like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling & more

MetroNet Fiber Packages ꟷ Keep Everyone Happy!

MetroNet 100 Mb
Free Installation

  • Equal upload & download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Connect up to 5 devices at once
  • Great for light video streaming, music & posting to social media etc.
  • No data cap
  • Includes eero wireless router


MetroNet 500 Mb
Free Installation

  • Equal upload & download speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Connect up to 15 devices at once
  • Perfect for HD streaming, using multiple apps simultaneously & working or learning from home
  • No data cap
  • Includes eero wireless router


MetroNet 1 Gig
Free Installation

  • Equal upload & download speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Connect any number of devices at once
  • Ideal for HD & 4K streaming, working, learning and video calling from home, multiplayer gaming & uploading/downloading large files
  • No data cap
  • Includes eero wireless router


Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Observed speeds may vary. All speeds not available in all areas. Offer valid for new residential subscribers only.


Power Your Home with MetroNet’s New 2 Gig Internet*!

No device limitations, no bandwidth constraints, just ridiculously fast Internet!

*in select markets

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MetroNet Fiber Internet

The Fastest Internet Service in Town

MetroNet Fiber is one of the fastest U.S. internet service providers. Its coverage maybe limited to 13 states, but the provider is renowned for the reliability of its service. Which is the result of 100% fiber optic MetroNet network infrastructure.

Fiber powered super-fast symmetrical speeds. Unlimited internet data. Free of contract service. A contract buyout offer. And, a customer service team that has its roots in the community. Very few service providers can compete on all these fronts. But MetroNet offers all of that and more ꟷ at a price that comes as a pleasant surprise!

MetroNet Fiber Internet

Super-Fast Speeds + Unlimited Data

If your house is one where streaming TV dominates your in-home entertainment regime. Adults work from home and young ones need the internet for virtual learning. And gaming is a way to chill out. Then MetroNet is definitely for you.

MetroNet Fiber offers the same super-fast upload and download speeds. That too with unlimited internet data!

Your MetroNet package thus keeps the whole family happy ꟷ there is bandwidth for everyone, every device, and every activity.

No Long-Term Contracts

MetroNet does not hold you hostage with the condition of a long-term contract ꟷ the term of agreement is month-to-month. And if you subscribe to a service plan that offers a price guarantee for a 12 or 24 month period ꟷ you switch to the month-to-month agreement as soon as the term of your promotional offer expires.

So its a win-win situation ꟷ because when you are on a term commitment, you get to enjoy a price guarantee for just as long!

MetroNet WholeHome WiFi

MetroNet service plans include the wireless router, so there is no monthly equipment rental fee to pay. But if you need extended range, you can kill dead zones in a larger house with MetroNet WholeHome WiFi ꟷ powered by Eero.

Eero operates with the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which is responsible for connecting you to the MetroNet Fiber network. The setup is scalable, so it can fit any home. For the most seamless WiFi experience MetroNet recommends 1-2 eero access points on each floor, or one for every 1000 sq. ft.

WholeHome WiFi gives a great boost to your internet connection. It ensures zero lag even when you connect multiple devices in a big house. So, wherever you are at home, you catch a strong signal.

Contract Buy-out Offer

MetroNet wants to help you switch to its stellar pure Fiber services. And if you are hesitant to pay an early cancellation fee to your current provider, MetroNet has your back.

You can receive up to $150 in contract buy-out from MetroNet. And start enjoying a 100% Fiber connection!

MetroNet Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

MetroNet has cleverly placed its WiFi hotspots in select areas of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky. And not only MetroNet customers, but others can access these Wi-Fi hotspots at anytime.

 MetroNet Fiber Internet

Stream with MetroNet Fiber Like You’ve Never Before!

When you have access to 100% Fiber advantage, the biggest perk for entertainment buffs is the enjoyment of a seamless video stream.

Your ultra-fast MetroNet Internet connection means you’ve all the bandwidth you need to stream on multiple devices at once ꟷ with no buffering!

Pair up your MetroNet Fiber Internet with streaming TV!

  • You can pick a live streaming service like DIRECTV STREAM or go with a popular SVOD service like HBO MAXTM.
  • And if you are after the best deal take a look at Sling TV plans or the Disney+ Bundle.
  • With Peacock Free, Pluto TV, Tubi and Plex Free there is always something to lean on without an added cost!

Get the Fiber Advantage with MetroNet Internet

MetroNet Fiber Phone — Make Affordable Connections

In this age, we cannot go without a connection to the outside world for even a day. So it is necessary we have a backup connection around.

For times when a bad storm arrives, the cell phone runs out of battery, the power goes out, or when any other emergency hits you. MetroNet Fiber Phone is one such reliable backup.

The service is powered via the MetroNet Fiber network. And, brings you crystal clear voice quality every time you use it. Plus, the economical rates, free calling minutes, and digital calling features make it a must-have along with MetroNet Internet. Especially so if you run a home-office!

MetroNet Fiber Phone

MetroNet Internet ꟷ There is no Safer Bet!

  • MetroNet brings you the advantage of Fiber to your door step with its Fiber-to-the-Home connection, and lets you choose from an array of enticing promo offers.
  • MetroNet Fiber gives you a range of speeds to fit your needs ꟷ whether yours is a small family or large, and whether your internet usage is standard or excessive. MetroNet has a plan for you with unlimited data!
  • Free wireless router for in-home WiFi. Or WholeHome WiFi for extended coverage around a larger residence for only $9.95/mo. more. And, if you go for MetroNet 1 GIG, you can enjoy WholeHome WiFi FREE for 12 months!
  • Enjoy price consistency with the 12-month or 24-month price guarantee!

About MetroNet Inc. ꟷ The Company

MetroNet arrived in 2005 ꟷ and today, the provider offers its 100% Fiber services in 13 states to an estimated 5.1 million people ꟷ which makes it the 4th largest fiber optic internet provider in the U.S.

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet Inc. competes with big shots in the industry, despite its smaller size. Over the years MetroNet has vigorously worked to increase its network reach to more areas. The MetroZone plan has effectively assisted this intelligent expansion. Many new regions have been incorporated based on high demand for affordable fiber internet ꟷ and the process continues.

The MetroNet Fiber network is advanced and built to fulfill the digital needs of American homes by delivering incredible bandwidth that ensures a stable connection and consistent speeds even at peak times. And with quick and reliable MetroNet Customer Service, your after-sales experience of MetroNet products is as up to the mark!


Switch to MetroNet Today, and You’ll Love It Forever

MetroNet Availability by State

MetroNet Fiber currently has a footprint in 13 states ꟷ Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan are more fortunate than others as the MetroNet network coverage is the most impressive in these states. Already serving over 120 communities across its service territory, MetroNet is soon expected to up that number to 150 communities in 15 states.

The best part is while some of the larger Metropolitan areas do depict MetroNet’s presence, many more smaller cities and towns in MetroNet service states can enjoy the 100% Fiber advantage!

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
MetroNet Availability by State

Top MetroNet Cities by Network Coverage

City/State Network Coverage City/State Network Coverage
Bloomington, Illinois 100% Vandalia, Ohios 100%
Byron, Minnesota 100% Westland, Michigan 100%
Bristol, Illinois 100% Yorkville, Illinois 100%
Canton, Michigan 100% Devonport, Iowa 99.9%
Courtland, Illinois 100% Union, Ohio 99.9%
Byron, Minnesota 100% Westland, Michigan 100%
Detroit, Michigan 100% Bettendorf, Illinois 99.8%
Dearborn, Michigan 100% Saint Charles, Illinois 99.8%
Geneva, Illinois 100% Lexington, Kentucky 99.7%
Huntington Woods, Michigan 100% Wayne, Illinois 99.6%
Joliet, Illinois 100% DeKalb, Illinois 99.4%
Livonia, Michigan 100% Batavia, Illinois 99.3%
Montgomery, Illinois 100% Sycamore, Illinois 99%
Millbrook, Illinois 100% Englewood, Ohio 97.9%
Normal, Illinois 100% Bath, Michigan 97.7%
North Aurora, Illinois 100% Rochester, Minnesota 96.8%
Oswego, Illinois 100% Westfield, Indiana 96%
Oronoco, Minnesota 100% Versailles, Kentucky 95.5%
Plano, Illinois 100% Kingston, Illinois 95.4%
Plainfield, Illinois 100% Maple Park, Illinois 95%
Pleasant Valley 100% Troy, Ohio 94.9%
Romeoville 100% Carmel, Indiana 94.9%
South Elgin, Illinois 100% Newark, Illinois 94.1%
Sugar Grove, Illinois 100% Whiteland, Indiana 93%

To Find MetroNet Fiber Offers at Your Address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MetroNet is one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to Fiber-to-the-Home connections. You can rely on 100% Fiber for your internet and phone needs. The advanced MetroNet Fiber network delivers incredible bandwidth. Super-fast equal uploads and downloads, unlimited data, no long-term contracts, no added equipment rental, and a competitive price. These are some of the highlights of MetroNet offers. To determine availability of MetroNet services at your address call at 844-343-1143.

MetroNet delivers internet via a Fiber-to-the-Home connection and connects you to its advanced future proof network. You get the full advantage of a 100% Fiber service with symmetrical speeds up to 2 Gbps (in select markets). MetroNet 1 Gig, which is a widely accessible top speed tier, is ideal for an ultra-connected home. To determine offer availability at your address call at 844-343-1143.

MetroNet offers fiber internet services at promotional prices for new customers from time to time. The promotional prices are applicable for a limited period of time―12 or 24 months. And offer availability can vary with your location. To determine if MetroNet is currently running promotions in your area, call at 844-343-1143.

MetroNet services are available in 13 states to over 120 communities. In Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan you will find MetroNet widely available in many cities and towns. To determine MetroNet service availability in your area, call at 844-343-1143.

MetroNet offers 100% fiber internet, and phone for its residential customers. Both services use the advanced MetroNet network and deliver the highest quality. You can enjoy equal upload and download speeds up to 2 Gig with MetroNet Fiber Internet. While the 2 Gig internet has been recently rolled out and is limited in its availability as of now, the 1 Gig speed tier is readily accessible in MetroNet service locations. Also, MetroNet Fiber Phone gets you unlimited long distance and local talk time. To determine MetroNet service availability in your area, call at 844-343-1143.

Yes. MetroNet Fiber does not require a modem. Instead the connection uses an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which connects your home to the MetroNet network. The ONT also connects to the wireless router, which MetroNet includes in your service plan for wireless connectivity at home. To find which MetroNet offers are available at your address call at 844-343-1143.

Your MetroNet service gets you a pure Fiber connection which does not require a modem. Instead it uses an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which is usually affixed to a wall. For WiFi connectivity you need a wireless router in addition to the ONT. MetroNet includes it in your plan at no added cost. But if you really want to use your own router, you can. Just make sure it is compatible to the MetroNet connection you have.

MetroNet does not make you sign a long-term contract. You pay month-to-month if your service plan does not have a fixed service term to it. To find which MetroNet offers are available at your address call at 844-343-1143.