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Single, Double, or Triple — Have MetroNet Fiber Packages Your Way!

Enjoy incredible flexibility and reliability for an affordable price with MetroNet Fiber.

With superfast MetroNet Fiber Internet, you can have the ultimate online experience. Because MetroNet offers unlimited data every month. With MetroNet Fiber TV, you can enjoy the highest quality entertainment. And, with the MetroNet Fiber Phone, you can connect with your loved ones anytime at little to no cost.

If you don’t need more than one service, by all means you can go with standalone MetroNet Fiber Internet or Fiber TV. But, what if your home needs a complete service suite? Imagine what it would be like to have all the amazing benefits of a pure fiber optic network rolled into one nice bundle? Life would get even better!

Here, take a look at MetroNet Fiber offerings. You can pick and choose to make your very own MetroNet bundle depending on your internet consumption & level of in-home entertainment. Add, phone to your internet or TV for a Voice double play. Or add it to internet and TV for a Voice triple play. Either way you get to have a digital landline at minimal cost.

MetroNet Fiber Internet

100/100 Mbps

  • Get 100 Mbps download & upload speeds
  • Connect 2+ devices for email, web browsing and light streaming
  • Includes wireless router


$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.

200/200 Mbps

  • Get 200 Mbps download & upload speeds
  • Connect 3+ devices for email, web browsing, streaming, uploading and downloading large files & video chatting
  • Includes wireless router


for the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $59.95/mo.)

500/500 Mbps

  • Get 500 Mbps download & upload speeds
  • Connect 4+ devices for email, web browsing, streaming, gaming & downloading and uploading videos and photos
  • Includes wireless router


for the first 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $69.95/mo.)


  • Get 1,000 Mbps download & upload speeds
  • Connect 5+ devices for email, web browsing, 4K streaming, 4K game play, video chatting, downloading and uploading large media files
  • Includes wireless router


for the first 6 months & $69.95/mo. for the next 12 months. $9.95 Tech svc. fee applies.
(Regular rate is $89.95/mo.)

MetroNet Fiber TV

Basic Fiber TV

  • Get around 100+ local & popular networks including ABC, NBC, PBS, QVC, HSN, and more
  • Enjoy 45+ FREE music channels

Up to $30/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

Standard Fiber TV

  • Get around 240+ local & popular networks including NFL Network, Big Ten, Disney, ESPN, National Geographic, Sundance TV, and more
  • FREE 60+ HD channels and 45+ music channels

Up to $95/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

Preferred Fiber TV

  • Get around 295+ local & popular channels including Encore, Science Channel, American Heroes Channel, GSN, and more
  • FREE 95+ HD channels and 45+ music channels

Up to $105/mo.

$9.95 Tech svc. fee applies. Prices and channel lineup varies with location

MetroNet Fiber Phone

Fiber Phone 1000

  • 1,000 Free minutes for domestic long distance calls and unlimited local calls


for first 12 months when bundled

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MetroNet Fiber Internet — The Fastest Internet Service in Town

MetroNet Fiber is one of the fastest U.S. internet service providers. Its coverage is limited to select areas in seven U.S. states. But, the provider is renowned for reliability of service. And, that is a result of the 100% fiber optic MetroNet network infrastructure.

Fiber-fast symmetrical speeds. Unlimited internet data. Free of contract service. A contract buyout offer. And, a customer service team that has its roots in the community. Very few service providers can compete with MetroNet Fiber Internet on all these fronts. MetroNet offers all of that and more at a price that comes as a pleasant surprise.

Internet pic by Metronet Internet

MetroNet Whole-Home Wi-Fi

MetroNet Whole-Home Wi-Fi gives a great boost to your internet connection. It ensures zero lag even when you connect multiple devices. So, wherever you are at home, you catch a strong signal.

Enjoy Unlimited Internet Data

If your house is full of serious streamers, furious gamers, and online workaholics, MetroNet is definitely for you. MetroNet Fiber offers the same super-fast upload and download speeds. That too with unlimited internet data!

Same and Next Day Installation

Want your house hooked to the fastest internet network real quick? Ask for the same or next-day installation for your MetroNet Fiber connection. Call 1-844-343-1143 to find out if the offer is available at your address.

MetroNet Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

MetroNet has cleverly placed its fiber-fast Wi-Fi hotspots in select areas of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky. And not only MetroNet customers, but others can access these Wi-Fi hotspots at anytime.

MetroNet Fiber TV — All-Round Home Entertainment is Here

MetroNet TV service is delivered with the 100% Fiber Advantage. The IPTV service when combined with the MetroNet fiber internet connection offers high-quality in-home entertainment. MetroNet Fiber Internet has a solid reputation for reliability. So along with your internet service, your Fiber TV never suffers a lag or bouts of buffering.

Choice of Channel Lineups

As futuristic as MetroNet Fiber TV is, it preserves the traditional appeal of cable TV. And, includes cable channels most watched by America.

MetroNet Fiber TV service is offered in three packages. Basic Fiber TV with up to 100+ channels. Standard Fiber TV with up to 240+ channels. And, Preferred Fiber TV with up to 295+ channels. Plus, you get free HD channels included in the Standard and Preferred TV packages.

The selection of local and popular networks in the channel lineup differs across ZIP codes. And, the price of each package also varies with location.

Choose Your Favorite TV Equipment

It depends on you how you want your in-home televisual experience to pan out. MetroNet Fiber TV gives you the equipment of your choice. And, at competitive monthly rental rates. Whole-Home HD/DVR and HD Set-Top Boxes are available to all MetroNet subscribers. But, the TiVo set is currently available in select Ohio Markets only.

For the visually or hearing impaired customers, MetroNet can also arrange ACCESSIBLE HD Set-Top Boxes and Whole-Home HD/DVR.

An Incredible Number of Entertainment Choices

There is never an end to entertainment with MetroNet Fiber TV. You can go for a range of add-ons to complement your MetroNet TV package.

Spice up your primary channel lineup with premium add-ons. HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX® & STARZ®. For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Plus package is on offer. It brings over 15 popular networks. And, if you love to watch a vivid and crisp picture, you can also choose the HD Elite package. It gets you additional HD channels.

TV pic by Mediaocm TV

MetroNet Fiber Phone — The Complete Connectivity Solution

In this age, we cannot go without a connection to the outside world. for even a single minute. So it is necessary that we have connectivity backups around our house. For times when a bad storm arrives, the cell phone runs out of battery, the power goes out, or when any other emergency hits you.

MetroNet Fiber Phone is one such reliable backup. The service is powered via the MetroNet Fiber Internet. And, brings you crystal clear voice quality every time you use it. Plus, the economical rates, free calling minutes, and digital calling features make it a must-have along with MetroNet Internet.

phone pic by Mediacom phone

1,000 Free Domestic Long Distance Minutes

With 1,000 FREE minutes you get to talk to your loved ones anywhere across the 50 states. And, you get unlimited local calling too. So, your cellular service bill is bound to go down. While you still enjoy unlimited talk-time with family and friends in the U.S.

17+ Features That Modernize Your Home Phone

Your MetroNet Home Phone is unlike the bulky box that had only one purpose. Which was making and receiving calls. The MetroNet Fiber phone comes equipped with modern and handy features. So you can protect your privacy. And, make your day to day communication convenient.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Call Forward Remote Access
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Call Hold
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Delivery Blocking
  • Caller ID Deluxe
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Speed Calling 30
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Voicemail

Want to Experience the 100% Fiber Advantage with MetroNet?


What Makes MetroNet a Good Choice for You?

Would you like standalone MetroNet Fiber Internet or TV package? Or would you rather have all three services mashed into one? The choice is yours. You can pick and choose packages. And, add-ons too. Depending on your usage pattern and budget size.

Each package is juicy in its own right. Service features are appealing.

Unlimited internet data. Symmetrical download and upload speeds. Whole-Home Wi-Fi. Choice of channel lineups. Free HD programming. On-demand variety. High-quality TV equipment. Premium networks. Unlimited calling options. And, above all, local customer support. All that makes a basket full of cherries on top!

No matter what you pick, MetroNet never binds you with a limiting contract. Rather, MetroNet goes as far as buying off your contract from your current service provider. Because MetroNet wants you to take full benefit of the 100% Fiber Advantage on offer!

About MetroNet Inc.

The fastest internet service provider in the country arrived in 2005. And, introduced America to its cutting-edge 100% fiber-optic internet service. To this day, MetroNet Inc. is one of the few providers in the U.S., which offer symmetrical speeds, and unlimited data, at affordable rates.

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet Inc. poses tough competition for some big shots in the industry. And, in spite of its rather limited coverage, it ranks as the 10th largest U.S. fiber optic internet provider. MetroNet services are available to around 1.5 million people. And, the provider has no intention of stopping there. The MetroZone plan continues to assist intelligent expansion. New regions are incorporated based on high demand for affordable fiber internet.

It’s a new world, where internet supports entire communication networks, digital entertainment, and every aspect of business. Relatively old and slower connectivity solutions with limited bandwidth, such as dial-up, DSL, cable, fixed wireless, or satellite, aren’t equipped to support tech-savvy Smart homes and offices.

MetroNet Fiber optic network, with countless optical fibers packed inside each line, transfers data through pulses of light. Via these incredibly thin fiber strands, data transfer occurs at speeds comparable to that of light. Along with speed, the network delivers incredible bandwidth, which ensures stable internet. Even when many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

MetroNet Fiber Internet gives a new life to IPTV and home phone services. These are also offered by the provider. So if you want your home to keep up with the fast-paced world, sign up for MetroNet Fiber services.

Rest assured with quick and reliable MetroNet Customer Service, your after sales experience of MetroNet Inc. products will be as up to the mark!

MetroNet Availability by State

MetroNet fiber has a footprint in seven U.S. states that fall in the fold of its network. But, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky are 3 states with the most widespread coverage. While Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio receive MetroNet fiber services in select neighborhoods.

The provider is rapidly expanding into new territories through its MetroZone scheme. MetroZones are areas where there is a high probability that MetroNet would lay out its fiber-optic network. But, it depends on the consumer demand in that neighborhood. So MetroNet urges the residents in these areas to sign up for the MetroZone plan on its official website. Where a desirable level of demand is present, MetroNet arrives with its incredible fiber internet, TV, and phone service.

MetroNet Availability Residents Served Max Speed Offered
Indiana 620,000+ 1,000 mbps
Illinois 440,000+ 1,000 mbps
Kentucky 230,000+ 1,000 mbps
Michigan 104,000+ 1,000 mbps
Minnesota 36,000+ 1,000 mbps
Iowa 30,500+ 1,000 mbps
Ohio 1,400+ 1,000 mbps

Want to Find out if MetroNet Fiber is Available at Your Address?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MetroNet Fiber offers amazing perks and benefits that are only offered by a few other providers in the country. Symmetrical internet speeds as high as 1 Gbps, with no data caps, in an affordable price-range is not what many MetroNet competitors can boast of. Moreover, the provider doesn’t restrict your freedom with contracts. And, even offers to buy your contract with another provider so you can be free to enjoy the 100% Fiber Advantage with additional perks.

To activate MetroNet Fiber Services, call 24/7 MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143, and let the staff get you started with the process.

MetroNet Communications offers fiber internet services at promotional prices for new customers. The promotional prices are offered for a limited period of time. To determine which promotions MetroNet is currently offering in your area, call MetroNet Customer Service, and they will tell you about available promotions at the time.

MetroNet cable services are available in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota , Iowa, and the Ohio to around 1.5 million residents. To determine MetroNet service availability in your area, call at 1-844-343-1143

If MetroNet is not available at your address, check if your area comes under MetroZones, where MetroNet plans to expand its service depending on consumer demand.

MetroNet offers high-speed fiber internet, an IPTV service, and home phone. Add-on services include whole-home Wi-Fi, premium channels, On-Demand, and a variety of other programming options. Quality TV equipment is also available at low monthly rental rates.

In case you do not pay your MetroNet bill in full by the due date, MetroNet may charge you a fine of $25 or the highest late payment fee allowed by law. Also, the unpaid portion of your bill will keep on incurring interest at 3% per month or the highest rate allowed by law until you pay your bill in full.

Yes, MetroNet lets customers use their own modem or router. And also offers technical assistance to ensure the connection runs smoothly. However, you won’t be saving any money by buying your own device as MetroNet includes a wireless router in your internet package regardless. And the cost for that router is part of the base cost of the MetroNet Internet Plan.

If you want to cancel or downgrade your MetroNet Services, contact MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143 for assistance. MetroNet would not charge you any early termination fee (ETF) as it doesn’t bind you with a long-term contract.

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