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“Tell me about the Top Cable Companies Near me”

Wondering which are the best cable TV providers around you? Well then, your search ends here! We have partnered with some of the best cable TV companies to bring you quality services so you never have to compromise on your entertainment options. Whether you are looking for a cable, fiber or satellite TV service, you will find one in our database. Check out some of the best TV service providers:


Spectrum brings you the most HD content and without contracts

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Cox Communications

Cox Contour TV gives you personalized recommendations

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Add on your favorite genres and never pay for channels you don’t want

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Get inexpensive TV deals and enjoy one of a kind televisual experience with the award winning Xfinity TV remote

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Whether its IPTV or satellite TV, AT&T ranks #1 in customer satisfaction

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“Can you Compare the Top TV Providers in my Area”?

You will only find a handful of TV services covering your area. However, deciding to choose even from among a few is not an easy task. There are various factors you must consider before making the right choice, such as the pricing, number of channels, type of connection and term of contract, that is to list a few. Also, keep in mind the less than obvious costs such as the installation fee and price of equipment before making your final choice.

This is where BuyTVInternetPhone comes to the rescue with extensively researched data for you to make an informed decision without having to go through the hassle yourself.

A Snapshot of Top TV Providers

Service Introductory Price No. of Channels Connection Type Contract
Cox Contour TV $69.99/mo.
for 12 months
140+ Cable Yes
for 12 months with 24-mo. agmt.
160+ Satellite Yes
for 12 months with 24-mo. agmt.
65+ IPTV Yes
Spectrum TV™ SELECT $44.99/mo.
for 12 months
125+ Cable No
Mediacom Essential TV $89.99/mo.
for 12 months when bundled with Internet 60
125+ Cable Yes
Xfinity EXTRA $49.99/mo.
for 12 months with 1 year agreement
140+ Cable Yes
she finds for cable TV near me and gets the best provider

Cable TV Channels

Settle for the Channels You’d Want to Watch

No cable package is ever complete without your must-watch TV channels. But that is where you are most likely to face a dilemma. Because no one likes to deal with filler channels that anyone hardly ever watches. All leading cable TV service providers offer a channel lineup guide. With the help of these guides, you can get an in-depth view of the channels on offer, pick the right package, and pay only for what you watch.

Flavors from Cable TV Channel Lineups

A Brief Run-Through

The number of channels included in a cable TV plan depends on the TV tier you pick. Almost every cable provider offers packages that cover basic, standard, and lavish TV watching needs. Lower tier packages include local channels, education, government and public-access channels, as well as a limited variety of popular networks. The mid-tier lineups carry the basic channels, but boast a more balanced mix of in demand cable TV networks. Top tier channel listings include both basic and mid-tier networks, plus a variety of premium entertainment and sought-after sports networks.

Local Cable Channels

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • C-SPAN
  • FOX
  • CW
  • PBS
  • QVC
  • HSN
  • Telemundo
  • Univision

Popular Cable Channels

  • CNN
  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • E!
  • History
  • MTV
  • HGTV
  • TNT
  • USA
  • FOX News

Premium Cable Channels

  • HBO®
  • STARZ®
  • EPIX®

Cable TV Channel Guides

From the Industry’s Top Cable Service Providers

Cable TV service is still in demand. True the inclination towards streaming options, Live or on-demand, is on the rise. But the charm of cable TV networks is something millions find difficult to let go of. This is what the industry’s top cable TV providers have cashed on. During recent years they have modernized their cable TV services via features that revolutionize how you watch TV. Introducing new levels of convenience and flexibility. They have also made their channel lineups more focused on what audiences love. And, more diverse to accommodate the growing variety of consumer preferences.

Here are the industry’s best, and the most widely available cable TV service providers, their TV plans and channel lineups. Take a good look at their channel guides so that your subscription brings you more value for your money.

Top Channel Lineups

Cable TV Provider Cox Communications Logo

  • Cox TV Starter with 75+ channels
  • Cox Contour TV Essential with 140+ channels
  • Cox Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ channels
View Cox Channel Lineup

Cable TV Provider Spectrum Logo

  • Spectrum TV Select with 125+ channels
  • Spectrum TV Silver with 125+ channels
  • Spectrum TV Gold with 200+ channels
View Spectrum Channel Lineup

Cable Provider Xfinity Logo

  • Xfinity Digital Starter with 140+ channels
  • Xfinity Digital Preferred with 220+ channels
View Xfinity Channel Lineup

Cable TV Provider Mediacom Logo

  • Mediacom Local TV with 50+ channels
  • Mediacom Essential TV with 125+ channels
  • Mediacom Variety TV with 170+ channels
View Mediacom Channel Lineup

High speed internet connection represented by a lightning bolt “Find the Best Cable TV Providers in my Area”!

Cable TV providers in my area

The Cheap TV Service Near You!

Who says entertainment has to be expensive? Service providers are obliged to bring you a Basic Cable lineup– one that you can bundle with internet and make your investment more worthwhile. Only if you want a more elaborate channel lineup and a package with added features and perks, you will have to subscribe to plans in higher tiers. That would however fully satisfy your craving for an all-round televisual experience.

Get an idea of how cheap TV entertainment can become when you keep it basic and bundle it with high-speed internet.

$39.99/mo. for 12 months with 1-yr. agmt. 10+ channels & 100 Mbps internet with Xfinity
$49.99/mo. for 12 months when bundled 50+ channels & 60 Mbps internet with Mediacom
$64.99/mo. for 12 months with 1-yr. svc. agmt. 75+ channels & 50 Mbps internet with Cox
$56.09/mo. with 24 months internet pricing 40+ channels & 300 Mbps internet with Grande

Make a Bundle, Get More and Save Big!

If you want more than just a TV service, you can subscribe to one of the best packages from our top providers and get high speed internet and home phone alongside, all in one bundle. A bundle gives you the best of all three services at a highly reasonable price.

Never Compromise on Entertainment - Get the best Cable TV Packages

Types of TV Service Providers

Best satellite internet companiesSatellite TV

Satellite TV is a wireless service that delivers content through radio signals, broadcast centers, antennas and communication satellites. TV broadcasters send signals to the satellites in space, which then convert these signals into a stream of content and send it back to the satellite dishes on earth. The satellite dish installed at the consumer’s end picks up these signals and then transfers them to the receiver installed inside the house.

With satellite TV you need to install a satellite dish on your roof, plus you have to buy additional equipment if you want to get HD programming and then there is the installation cost involved as well.

  • Best for international programming
  • Available in remote areas
  • Subjected to disruptions due to weather
  • Bundle services are not usually available

Best Satellite TV services: DISHTV and DIRECTV

Best cable internet companiesCable TV

Cable delivers TV services to consumers through radio signals that are transferred via coaxial cables. Unlike satellite TV, cable TV is not disrupted by weather conditions and usually delivers reliable services. Moreover, you can easily rent the equipment required such as the cable box and TV remote. If cable lines are already there in your area right up to your residence, then you can easily install the equipment yourself too.

Unlike satellite TV, cable TV is available only where the provider infrastructure is present, which means cable coverage may not be available in most rural areas.

  • Reliable and rarely gets disrupted
  • Comes in varied bundle-options
  • Limited channel lineup
  • Not available in rural areas

Best Cable TV Services: Charter Spectrum™, Mediacom, Cox, Xfinity

Best fiber internet companiesFiber Optic TV

Internet Protocol TV almost always delivers signals through fiber optic cables using infrared light. These fiber optic cables are strands, thin as hair. Plastic is usually used for short range transmission, while glass is used for the long-range.

Fiber Optic brings you the best TV services when compared to any other type of connection. This is because the infrared signals travel at the speed of light through these fiber optic cables making it possible to get a far more vivid picture and high definition sound. Usually you get many more channels too. Since the data sent over cables is in digital form, it doesn’t need any conversion hence no detail is lost and you get the best picture/sound quality.

  • High-Definition Audio & Video
  • More Extensive Channel Lineup
  • Not widely available

Best Fiber TV: AT&T TV

The Perks That Come to You with Our Top TV Services

Top-notch entertainment options in crystal clear picture & sound are an understatement when you subscribe to TV services furnished by our top providers. The story doesn’t end here; there is always something more in store! Check out some of the perks that you can get when you subscribe to services provided by any of our top providers.

Never miss a show again with HD DVR

Some of our top providers such as Cox Communications, Spectrum, Xfinity and others give you the flexibility to catch up on your entertainment at your own time. Subscription to these services gets you the option to utilize an HD DVR service that allows you to record your favorite TV shows. In fact, you can record a number of programs at once depending upon the service you subscribe to.

With Cox HD DVR, you can record 24 shows at the same time and store up to 1,000 hours, depending upon the package you subscribe to. Similarly, with Xfinity’s X1 DVR, you can record up to 6 shows at once and store up to 500GBs worth of video content.

Take TV on the go with TV apps

The best part about the top providers is that they give you the freedom to watch your TV anywhere at anytime, without the need of being glued to your couch. When you subscribe to these TV services, you also get free access to the best TV apps that allow you to take your entertainment on the go.

With Spectrum TV app, you can access your full TV lineup and more than 30,000 shows on Demand. Catch up on your shows whether you are travelling or stuck in a long queue.

You get TV apps with Cox, Xfinity and other chief providers as well.

Shout out a command with the best Voice Remotes

It gets frustrating when entertainment becomes more of a memory game than enjoyment. Doesn’t it? With subscription to some of the best TV services, you can skip the part you dread i.e. scrolling through a hundred channels and memorizing their numbers. Just shout out a command to your voice remote and it will fetch whatever you are looking for.

Xfinity’s X1 Remote has won the Emmy Award for its top-notch performance. The voice remote lets you tune in to your favorite channels, control your DVR and quickly search for the content you like.

Cox Contour Voice Remote goes a step further and also lets you control your Home Security system if you have subscribed to Cox Homelife.

Make your TV entertainment super convenient to have fun with – subscribe to the services of the best voice remotes!

Add something Extra with On Demand

A few more entertainment options never hurt. Do they? Now who doesn’t like something extra? When you subscribe to TV services from the top U.S. providers, you also get the invaluable perk of being able to watch any of your favorite titles literally On Demand. Feel like watching a show or movie that is not being aired? Just order it On Demand and don’t worry about options because they are aplenty.

Cox Communications On Demand doesn’t only bring you an ever increasing movie and TV shows roster, but you can get sports events on demand too. Catch up on WWE: Survivor series or MLW: Saturday Super Night as per your liking.

Cable TV Provider 101

Your Guide To Choosing The Right One

A lot of you must have often struggled with deciding which cable TV service provider is the right one. Often it so happens that you face limited choice due to regional monopolies. And, have to settle for a provider which is a less than perfect fit for your needs. This situation can make you feel overwhelmed. But, if you put in some careful thinking, and research, you can evaluate available options better. Here are some tips to help you with your decision making process.

  1. Use our ZIP code search tool. And, our directory will load all the cable TV providers serving your area.
  2. Compare standalone offers, bundles, pricing, channel lineups and service features. And, shortlist your top options.
  3. If you need further help you can talk to our experts at 1-855-349-9328. They can tell you about any promotional specials on offer in your area, and guide you better according to your needs.
  4. Also, check for online reviews or ask around in your social circle. Take your time, don’t rush!
  5. And, when you decide to place an order, see if you are able to negotiate the costs and extra charges with your short-listed cable TV provider.

Cable TV

Facts & Figures

The advent of Cable TV took place in the U.S. in 1948. Over-the-air TV signals were always subject to tall buildings and mountains getting in the way. And, rural areas were the most affected. In order to improve signal reception and to deliver a better signal in non-urban areas, Cable TV systems were introduced. The Cable TV network infrastructure relied on coaxial cable lines. These cables were buried in the ground. And, several community antennas were placed at elevated points to broadcast the signal.

As of 2017, cable TV service was available to nearly 51.77 million American households. And, in 2019 pay-tv subscription penetration in the U.S. was estimated at 75%.

Cable TV services offer three types: Basic, Standard and Premium. Basic Cable is widely available and costs the lowest. Standard and Premium Cable on the other hand include pay-tv networks, popular and premium ones. So they are more expensive. Most big names in the cable TV industry nowadays also provide à la carte programming. So you can choose networks to include in your subscribed channel lineup according to your preferences.

Cable TV Statistics

Provider Max No. Channels No. of Video Subscribers
Xfinity from Comcast 220+ 19.22 million
Charter Spectrum™ 200+ 15.65 million
Cox Communications 250+ 2.9 million
Altice USA 420+ 3.10 million
Mediacom Cable 170+ 676,000

Looking for other services?

BuyTVInternetPhone offers more than just the best cable TV services. With us you can also avail yourself of the best high-speed internet and Home Phone service packages.

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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get the cheapest cable services with AT&T U-Verse that brings you 30 channels for $19 only. Cox Communication also offers 75 channels at a minimum price of $25 only. This is when you subscribe to a standalone service only. You can also get a basic bundle with basic channels, internet and phone services.

The best alternatives to cable is fiber. With fiber technology, you get more channels in HD than you can get with any other type of TV connection. However, fiber technology is limited to certain areas only

If you are living in a remote or rural location, then you can opt for Satellite TV services.

Our top providers including Cox Communications, Mediacom, Spectrum and Xfinity offer best TV services and extra features such as HD DVR, Voice remote, TV apps, and On Demand. You can subscribe to one of these depending upon your needs and their availability in your area.

Cable TV service availability differs according to areas so does their packages and prices. To check which cable companies are available in my area, enter your ZIP code and our database will match all the cable companies against it and display a list of available options. You can also call and talk to one of our customer service representatives and they will guide you about service availability.

There are various factors due to which cable companies are available only in certain areas, the most important being the infrastructure costs. It is expensive to provide services to the last mile. Moreover, the existing infrastructure is quite old and companies often have to lease them from their owners to provide services to you.

Another factor is the legislation. According to The 1984 Cable Communications Policy Act, each municipality determined its cable services, which has led to regional monopolies.

TA cable service transfers signals through radio waves over coaxial copper cables. Cable service is better than Satellite, but lacks as compared to fiber.

Bundling two or three services together gets discounts on all services and bundles are often cheaper than standalone services. You can Mediacom bundle for TV and internet only for $49.98.

Cable provider services are limited according to different areas. You will find two to three cable services in your ZIP code. Spectrum, AT&T, Cox Communications, Mediacom and Xfinity are top providers according to their footprints and will likely be available in your area. To find out which companies are available in your area enter your ZIP code and we will find TV services in your area.

The cheapest way to watch TV depends on the type of connection you are subscribing to. Fiber is more expensive than other options such as cable TV and Satellite. If you are subscribing to cable TV, then the price would depend on the package you are subscribing to.

No, you cannot use satellite dish to get free TV services. There are two best satellite providers in the nation that is DIRECTV and DISHTV. Both offer services at very reasonable prices. You can subscribe to their bundle and get best services.

There are a handful of best cable TV providers in the nation including Spectrum, Cox, Mediacom, and Xfinity. You can subscribe to either of these depending upon their availability in your area.

The channels you can get with cable service depends on the package you subscribe. Cable service providers usually offer three tiers of packages: basic, mid-tier and premium. Basic package has standard channels, mid-tier packages usually include high-end channels such as HBO, and Showtime and premium packages include all channels including EPIX, NFL Network, etc.