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Great Prices, Great Savings. Get it All with Cox Bundles!

Package your services and enjoy unlimited entertainment, reliable high-speed internet and crystal clear voice all at once with Cox. Now you don’t just have bundles that cater to your connectivity needs via internet or phone and ensure your evenings are studded with just the right TV programming but offer you a convenient 21st century lifestyle with a 24/7 smart & secure home.

COX BRONZE Bundle with Voice Premier & Homelife

For 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Up to 150 Mbps download speed for 5-7 devices
  • Contour TV with 140+ channels in free HD
  • MTV, A&E, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, TCM, HGTV & more
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & 20+ calling features
  • Automate your home & control it remotely

COX GOLD Bundle with Voice Premier

For 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Up to 500 Mbps download speed
  • Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ channels
  • Free HD viewing with HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, EPIX & more included
  • Movie, Sports and Variety Paks included
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & 20+ calling features

COX BRONZE Bundle with Homelife

For 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Up to 150 Mbps download speed for 5-7 devices
  • Contour TV with 140+ channels in free HD
  • MTV, A&E, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, TCM, HGTV & more
  • Automate your home & control it remotely

*After promo period, regular rates apply. Prices exclude additional equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including video Broadcast Surcharge ($10.00/mo.) and Regional Sports Surcharge ($7.00/mo., depending on Cox market)) and other fees. Not all services and features are available everywhere.

Why Bundle Cox services?

Still wondering if you should get a bundle or not? Well, Cox not only provides you with blasting super speeds, customizable entertainment, reliability and the best customer support, but offers you an opportunity for home automation as part of Cox packages that are designed from your perspective.

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    It only makes sense to opt for Cox bundles because you get all included services at discounted pricing. You get the value for your money and more!

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    With bundled services you no longer have to worry about paying different bills to varied providers; everything is taken care of in one bill with one payment.

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    Some Cox packages come with premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz etc., bringing you the best of original series, blockbuster movies and so much more that you would find yourself spoiled for choice.

    Sign up for Cox bundles, pay less and get more! View All Bundles

Standalone Cox Services

Not interested in bundles? Well, Cox internet plans, TV packages, and phone still bring you quality services at competitive pricing. Whether it is dependable online connectivity that you crave for, you love to spend your leisure time with your favorite stars, or you are away from family and desperate for a reliable phone service that does not make you count the minutes, Cox Communications is there for you.

COX Internet Preferred 150

For 12 months with 1-yr agreement

  • Up to 150 Mbps download speed ideal for 5-7 devices
  • Best for heavy usege e.g. gaming, video streaming, peer to peer file sharing, etc.
  • Access 65,000+ Hotspots

*After promotion period, regular rates apply. Prices exclude installation/activation fees, equipment fees, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges and other fees. Internet speeds not guaranteed; actual speeds vary.


COX Contour TV

For 12 months

  • Contour TV with 140+ unique channels
  • Free HD programming
  • MTV, A&E, Cartoon Network, TCM, HGTV, MoviePlex, Travel Channel & more
  • Watch TV on the go with TV Everywhere apps
  • Stream Live TV or watch favorites On Demand

*After promotion period, regular rates apply. Prices exclude additional equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including video Broadcast Surcharge ($10.00/mo.) and Regional Sports Surcharge ($7.00/mo., depending on Cox market)) and other fees. Not all services and features available everywhere.


COX Voice Premier

  • HD sound quality
  • 20+ popular calling features
  • Use anywhere with Voice Everywhere app
  • Unlimited long distance calling in the U.S. and to Canada & Mexico
  • Competitive international calling options

*Advertised rate includes monthly recurring service fees but excludes equipment charges, Prices do not include applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges. Regular rates apply after promotional period, if any.

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COX Communications Internet - Speed & Reliability You can Count on!

Cox Internet ensures you never get frustrated with your online connectivity again. Reliability and consistently high speeds is what sets Cox Internet apart from competition.

For casual surfing you can opt for Cox Internet Starter 10, or if you wish to binge-game or binge-watch, you might as well go with Cox Internet Ultimate that is adequately fast for multiple users. Simply put, Cox offers internet plans for every one and every household because Cox Communications aims to cater to individual and family needs alike.

Want to check out the COX GIGA BLAST? Get speed up to 1Gbps at only $99.9/month*

*For 12 months with 1-year agreement

Interested in more? Check Cox Internet deals & pricing here.

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COX Contour - Cable TV that Understands You!

Cox Contour TV unique program learns about your preferences and then makes suggestions so you don’t waste time browsing through shows you don’t like. With Voice Remote you can save your breath and your time; your Voice Remote will not only dive into your DVR favorites, but the network apps, Live TV and On Demand tittles to fetch what you need.

The Contour app lets you watch TV anywhere on any device anytime; pause, rewind, or record up to 6 shows at one time and store up to 1,000 hours of HD video with HD-DVR service from Cox enterprises; or request content from the frequently updated extensive COX collection from wherever and whenever.

Tempted to check out furthermore? Visit Cox TV now!

Cox Phone - Crystal Clear Voice and Unlimited Nationwide Calling

With Cox Phone you don’t have to worry about the minutes anymore because Cox takes care of your communication needs. Get crystal clear voice and always stay in touch with your family and friends via Cox Phone. With the Cox Everywhere Voice app you can now take your home phone wherever you go.

You can either choose the standalone service or a Cox bundle to avail yourself of unlimited long distance calling in the U.S. and to Canada & Mexico. The many digital features which accompany Cox Phone make it an outstanding calling experience for you. A unique feature of Cox Phone is that it comes with Enhanced 911 calling, which means it automatically sends your information to 911 in case of an emergency.

For more details visit Cox Phone

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Why COX Communication?

Cox is the third largest provider in the United States, by coverage area, offering services to over 21.2 million Americans across 18+ states. With an experience spanning over almost six decades in the telecommunications industry, Cox is known for its reliable high-speed cable internet in particular. With the addition of Homelife Automation and Security service, Cox bundles have been made still more attractive for families. Offering a wide spectrum of download speeds ranging from 10-1000 Mbps costing from $19.99 to $99.99, Cox Internet is unquestionably hard to ignore.

There is no peril on the road to Cox cable subscription. Offering a 30-day money back guarantee, there is little room for you to hold back from subscription, especially since you will never be without support from Cox Customer Service.

Value added benefits like online protection with Security Suite Plus, TV & Voice Everywhere apps, the Panoramic Wi-Fi Modem & pods and the intelligent Voice Remote are just a few more compelling reasons for you to make it your choice!

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Check Where Cox is Available

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Find out more about Cox Phone, TV and Internet deals in your area. We are here to answer your queries and resolve your issues.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Communications

Your Social Security Number is needed to run a background check on you. Companies are bound by the Federal Trade Commission to follow this procedure in order to avoid any identity theft and fraud. Cox might even waive off your security deposit when you have good credit history.
Cox Communications charges all new customers a security deposit. Cox returns it to you after 12 months of service given that your payment history for the past six months is good.
To use all digital features offered by Cox phone, you need a handset that has DECT 6.0 digital technology. DECT technology supports all digital features such as caller identity and Call waiting. Moreover, it has a greater range and offers more protection against eavesdropping. Other than that, Cox services come with an all-in-one modem, which is a Wi-Fi modem and phone adapter as well. Make sure to install batteries in the modem so you can use your phone in case of an outage.
The Solutions Store is basically a Cox retail store where you can pay your bills or get help regarding your service or equipment from a professional. You can also go there to get a live demo of new technology. There are around 130 stores around the country. You can find a store here.
Once you place an order, you can easily check its status on the Cox website. All you need to do is sign up and it will show your shopping history over the past 30 days. Order details show your appointment time as well. You can reschedule if you want to.
Cox digital cable uses advanced technology to send signals. It comes with some extra features such as On Demand shows, interactive screen, pay per view and access to high quality music.
Cox Basic Cable offers local government’s news and education channels along with around 50 music channels plus NBC, CBS, PBS among others. You can check out the full list here. Basic package costs $25 including taxes, equipment and other fees and does not include channels such as ESPN and HGTV. Those are a part of other Cox TV packages. Do I have to buy a Digital TV to receive Cox Digital Cable? To receive all channels in HD quality, you need to purchase HD TV receivers. There are two options available. You can either get Record HD-DVR 6 or Record HD-DVR 2. These DVRs cost $29.99/month and $22.99/month respectively. With these DVRs you can record shows, pause and rewind live TV and also store up to 1000 hours of programming. In case you already own a DVR receiver you don’t need to purchase a new one from COX, you can simply pair it with COX CableCard and unlock the power of digital cable. This CableCard costs $2.99 per month.

There are various ways through which you can pay your Cox Bill. You can either pay through Easy Pay i.e. sign up for Easy Pay and automatically pay your bills through your bank account, debit or credit card.

You can also pay automatically through your phone. You can find Cox phone number and other support details here.

If you are not comfortable with online payments you can always visit one of the Cox retail stores.

You can email a service request to Cox at