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With the advent of innovative applications and evolving technologies, the need to stay connected with the world has become more crucial than ever. In order to satisfy connectivity needs, almost everyone thoroughly researches for companies that provide value-added internet, phone and TV services while offering customers discounts and the convenience of combined billing.

Well, it’s no exaggeration that sorting through these options isn’t always easy, especially if you know little about cable TV and the varied types of internet connections. And when it comes to opting for a bundle, there is even more potential for a headache.

But, it’s time to leave these worries behind as we are here to make things simple and easy for you to understand. We know well how with an ever-growing list of providers out there, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to pick the right one from a dozen different options. How would you know that you are selecting the right carrier to support your connectivity needs?

If you have been shopping around for a better deal for internet, cable TV, and phone or if you have recently moved and are about to connect your new home to cable TV and internet, probably a home phone too, you could find yourself wondering if signing up for Cox may be worth it.

While you weigh the pros and the cons in a bid to narrow down to a perfect bundle from a trustworthy provider, one that fulfills your household telecom needs adequately, we are here with the aim to give you comprehensive information about services offered by Cox Communications. By the end of this guide, you will find yourself confident about figuring out the plan that may cover all your needs.

Is Cox Available Where I am?

Well, one of the top reasons why you should definitely consider a subscription to Cox services is the provider is one of the largest in the U.S. with services available in Arizona, California, Virginia, and 15 other states. Vegas, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix are among the cities with the most widespread Cox network. Now before you move forward, let’s take a quick look at Cox service availability by state. This would make it easier for you to know if your dwelling stands a chance.

State Population Covered
Arizona 4,298,391
Arkansas 86,117
California 3,289,630
Connecticut 450,109
District of Columbia 1,571
Florida 750,412
Georgia 290,225
Idaho 17,329
Iowa 75,463
Kansas 1,095,681
Louisiana 1,941,449
Massachusetts 3,731
Nebraska 657,659
Nevada 1,848,970
North Carolina 2,078
Ohio 255,180
Oklahoma 1,723,312
Rhode Island 1,030,277
Virginia 2,836,416

The Available Types of Internet Connections

With a variety of connections available out there, it can be nerve-wracking if not daunting for the less tech savvy individuals to judge what would be the right connection type for them. But given the quality of service you get largely depends on the connection type you have signed up for, before elaborating on Cox Services let’s briefly touch upon the different types of internet connection available in the residential telecom market, so you can shop smarter for this essential element of your life.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet can be a smart choice for people who are living in rural or remote areas. The reliability and speed of satellite internet varies by provider, but it is crucial to be aware of the fact residential customers choose this type of service more often than business customers do. Simply because modern communication depends heavily on a super-fast and reliable internet service - one of the most highly recommended pre-requisites for even small businesses. Whereas in case of satellite internet, extreme weather conditions like a sudden gush of wind, rain, thunderstorm, or snow, can cause signals to drop, eventually resulting in a poor network connection, irregular service, or downtime. So, if you are a business owner, you would certainly not want to deal with slow or dead internet.


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) internet service is delivered through copper phone lines and this type of a connection is one of the most convenient to bundle with a home phone service. While the speed of DSL internet varies by provider, this type of connection is often opted by those who are not big on modern day activities such as video streaming or video chatting. The internet speed is however sufficient for those who have to conduct less data-consuming tasks such as browsing the web, downloading small files, and emailing etc.


Fiber is the type of an internet connection that is capable of furnishing supersonic and super-reliable download and upload speeds as high as 1 Gbps or more. The ability of fiber optic cables to transmit data in the form of light across thin glass fibers is what sets this type of internet connectivity apart from the rest.

Cable Internet

A cable connection delivers internet access over a network of coaxial wires that carry signals from the provider’s node to your end. Ideally speaking, cable internet is a solid choice for avid gamers, video streamers, and freelancers as it does offer fast speeds with reliability yet costs less than Fiber.

Now, if you are wondering about what type of a connection does Cox offer, you need to know Cox is essentially a cable provider. Using a network of pre-installed coaxial cables, enhanced by a fiber backbone, Cox manages to deliver broadband internet and TV services simultaneously.

The ability of Cox to carry both TV and internet signals over its network thus offering both services at any given location in its footprint, is something that sets it apart from satellite, DSL and fiber internet providers, which tend to furnish an IPTV or satellite TV service alongside. Also, the widespread coaxial network in the U.S. makes Cox an ideal choice for those who want to take advantage of super-fast internet and high-definition cable TV in one shot at an economical rate. Quite like killing two birds with one stone.

Cox Offers Services You Can Count on!

Cox Communications is, without a doubt, one of the most popular high-speed internet, reliable cable TV, digital phone, and home security providers in the U.S. With the aim to cater to different connectivity needs of audiences countrywide, Cox has been striving to improve the overall consumer experience through a combination of innovative technologies and a customer-centric approach. This is something that speaks volumes about the reliability of services from the provider.

The primary aim of Cox is to offer an all-round combination of TV, internet, voice, and home security services to interested subscribers. Whether you are an avid gamer or you love binge-watching your favorite TV shows in leisure time, Cox ensures you stay covered in every aspect. It therefore leaves no stone unturned when it comes to crafting highly flexible plans from consumers’ perspective.

More often than not, when you sign up for individual services from different providers, paying multiple bills becomes one of your biggest pet peeves. With different bills to pay, there is always a good chance you will forget to pay the bill by the due date resulting in late payment charges.

So if you find yourself wondering what you can do to save yourself from the hassle of paying multiple bills, you’ll be glad to know, Cox ensures to eliminate your frustration in this area too. By letting you opt for bundled services, Cox gives you a way out, as you get a single bill for the following Cox Services:

  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Home security

Cox TV Satiates Your Entertainment Needs

Cox Cable TV offers two standalone packages for customers with different televisual needs. Whether you prefer to keep in touch with the latest happenings in the world of sports or current affairs, or you are more interested in movies and shows. Either way Cox makes it easier for you to pick a package according to your requirements and your taste.

With Cox TV service you not only get access to a channel lineup of your choice but get the chance to customize it further as per your unique set of requirements. Inclusion of revolutionary tech in terms of equipment and add-on services, renders your televisual experience transformed. The well-loved Contour TV app lets you carry your TV in your pocket, while the intelligent on-screen TV guide coupled with the Cox Voice Remote make navigating through available content a piece of cake for you.  Only when you subscribe to Cox TV, and get access to the many perks that come along, you fully realize how convenient it can be to access your TV favorites on your terms.

The More Basic Cox TV Starter

If you are someone who does not like the idea of getting glued to TV all day, but you do like to switch on the TV in your leisure time and catch up on all things local, then signing up for the Cox TV Starter may be a good option for you.

This basic package brings you popular American networks like NBC, CW, PBS, ABC, FOX, CBS and C-SPAN, and all in all gives you access to 75 channels, that include a long line up of Music Choice channels too. At only $25, Cox TV Starter can in fact prove to be a sensible choice for everyone not big on watching TV or tight on budget, despite the fact it is indeed a bare-bones cable TV offer.

The More Elaborate Cox Contour TV

In case you have been looking for a comprehensive channel lineup with local, news, lifestyle, kids, music, and popular sports programming, all under the same umbrella, then look no further than Cox Contour TV.

Unlike standard traditional cable TV services, Cox Contour TV introduces you to a modern entertainment experience. The service is designed with due thought given to the consumer’s ease – that is why the smart on-screen TV guide has been taught to keep track of the content that matters to you. By paying attention to the kind of videos you search for and watch, it is able to make recommendations so you don’t have to invest time in finding the next TV show.

Together with the on-screen Cox TV guide and the Cox Voice Remote, you can easily access over 140 channels, including Disney, ESPN, Lifetime, FS1, HGTV, and more without wasting your time. Subscription to this plan costs $69.99 per month, which is higher than Cox TV Starter, but quite obviously it brings you plenty of entertainment options that justify the price tag.

Premium Channel Add-Ons by Cox

Cox guarantees to bring your way a great blend of TV programming encompassing varied genres so that everyone in the family gets to watch their favorite TV. If you are into premium content and the likes of HBO®, STARZ®, Cinemax®, EPIX®, and SHOWTIME® quench your thirst for quality entertainment, Cox gives you a great option. You can add any premium network to your monthly bill at an affordable rate – and automatically access your premium favorites via the Contour TV app even when you are on the go!

Premium Channel Monthly Cost
HBO® $16
STARZ® $12
EPIX® $12

Add-On Channel Paks by Cox

Cox furnishes a great opportunity for you to extend the Cox channel lineup you are subscribed to by adding TV Paks – the best part about Cox TV Paks is that you can take your pick in line with what everyone in the family loves to watch – movies, family programming, sports, etc. – that too at a highly affordable price. Here, take a look at the flavors these TV Paks bring you:

  • Movie Pak – Watch STARZ ENCORE®, Fox Movie Channel, RetroPlex®, EPIX® and more in just $12.00/month. The Movie Pak from Cox brings you 1,200 movies every month to cover all your movie marathon weekends!
  • Variety Pak – Watch VH1 Classic, BBC America, Disney Jr., Nicktoons, and more for $12.00/month. You will find everything you need to spice up your family time in the Cox Variety Pak.
  • Sports & Information Pak – Watch NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network & more for only $10.00/month. The Cox Sports Pak keeps you up to date with all the happenings in the world of American sports. In case you find yourself craving for a more encompassing sports lineup you can opt for the Sports Pak 2 that includes the likes of NFL RedZone® & MLB Strike Zone, all for $10/month.
  • Latino Pak – Watch FOX Deportes, beIN Sports, Discovery Familia, MTV Tr3s, Nat Geo Mundo & more for only $10.00/month.

Cox Internet Redefines Your Online Experience

It’s no exaggeration that Cox has an internet plan tailored to everyone’s needs. Whether you are an individual who streams casually or come from a family that relies on super-fast internet heavily, Cox has something in store for you!

Cox Internet Plans Are as Varied As Your Needs

Are your friends coming over for a movie night? Or are you finally hosting a virtual online game night that you always wished for? Whatever the case is, like a trusted friend, Cox will always take care of your connectivity needs.

To put it simply, the provider ensures to offer a variety of internet plans for each solitary individual and every household because Cox Communications primarily aims to cater to the online connectivity needs of all Americans alike.

Internet Plan


Best As

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

What can you do with it?

Go Fast



Budget Choice

100/5 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for small households with light internet usage like checking/sending email and light browsing on a couple of devices

Go Faster



Basic Plan

250/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for light to moderate usage on 3-5 devices

Go Even Faster



Fast and Popular

500/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for streaming and browsing on up to 7 devices

Go Super Fast


Faster & Best Seller

1000/35 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for moderate 4K streaming, virtual learning and multi-player gaming on up to 9 devices


Go Beyond Fast



Ultra-Fast Speeds & Best for Connectedness

2 Gbps/100 Mbps

1280 GB

Great for browsing, gaming and video streaming in 8K on 9+ devices

* Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Data Usage Allowance

Like most internet providers out there, Cox also imposes a data cap on its service; however the sweet thing about this limit is that it is as high as 1.25 TB (1,280 gigabytes). For all standard usage, this data allowance is therefore more than adequate. In fact for most subscribers it amounts to virtually unlimited internet!

So if you don’t end up streaming HD movies & TV shows or binge-gaming online for almost 8 hours a day, you are not likely to run out of data. If however, you do consume as much data in a month, you will pay $10 for every 50 GB over the limit with every plan. So, make sure you use your data wisely and if in any given month you do anticipate greater consumption, rest assured Cox has a way out for you.

So, make sure you use your data wisely and if in any given month you do anticipate greater consumption, rest assured Cox has a way out for you. You can add on another 500 GB to your monthly allowance for $30 or go for Unlimited data by paying $50 on top.

Equipment & Set-up Costs

Cox has pretty much the same equipment fees as other internet service providers in the market, however what you get in return is quality apparatus that fully supports the plan you have subscribed to. Cox rents you the Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway – one that combines a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem with a dual port Gigabit wired router & dual-band 802.11 AC wireless router - for about $11/month. The best part is the Gateway comes with advanced security that keeps all your connected devices away from the way of cyber harm.

In case Cox’s modem fails to knock your socks off, it may be a good idea to buy your own modem from a third party, provided that it is Cox-compatible. Cox leaves that choice to you!

One important thing you must know is the cost of Cox self-installation is $20, whereas professional installation cost varies depending on the number of devices in your home network – starting from $50, you can expect to pay another $40 for a multiple device set up.

Cox Phone Makes for Reliable & Portable Connectivity

Are you tired of dropped calls and calls going all fuzzy when you finally get through? If yes, then now is the time to switch to Cox home phone service delivered over an up-to-date digital fiber optic network. With Cox home phone, you will be able to enjoy crystal-clear voice quality and ultimate convenience with an array of digital calling features. In case, you decide to bundle Cox Phone with Internet Preferred 150 and Contour TV, you get to benefit from unlimited calling to 30 countries too.

Moreover, you no longer need to worry about missing an important phone call while on a business trip because Cox phone service takes care of that. With the Cox Voice Everywhere app, you will be able to use your landline via your cell phone. How great is that now? You can answer all your calls and listen to your voicemail with ease, even when you are away from home – all for $34.99/month.

Cox Home Security & Automation Keeps Your Worries at Bay

The safety of your home and family is everyone’s top-most concern. Therefore, it is logical to invest in Cox home security and automation service that helps you keep an eye on the affairs of your home while you are away. This smart home solution not only comes with easy-to-use features but puts your mind at ultimate ease as you can monitor your home security from anywhere.

Key Features

Here’s a list of some amazing features you get with Cox Homelife:

  • Home automation
  • Wireless monitoring & 24/7 pro surveillance
  • Intrusion, disaster & environmental protection

Cox Homelife Plans

With Cox Homelife, you get two different plans to fit your unique requirements. Here is a cursory overview of both:

Homelife Automation
Homelife Security*
at $54.99/mo.
Control Lighting Get Door & Window Alerts Live Video Feed Add equipment or upgrade at any time 24/7 Professional Monitoring Added security Reliable Backup Motion Sensing Add equipment or upgrade at any time *includes home automation

Cox Internet for Businesses

In today’s digital world, businesses largely rely on ultra-fast internet connectivity to accelerate their operations and increase productivity levels. In fact, it is beyond impossible to imagine a business running without the internet in this time and age.

Cox, being one of the largest internet providers in the U.S., understands the corporate need to stay connected with the clientele. That’s why no matter what the size of your business is, Cox offers speed and bandwidth that you need to gain an edge over the competition.

If you have recently stepped into the corporate world and can’t figure out the speed you need for your budding startup, let Cox take care of it. Cox Business aims to connect entrepreneurs with the service that can keep their endeavors running smoothly.

Cox Customer Service

Let’s face it- there are many companies out there claiming to offer exceptional services and products but when it comes to their customer service, they fail to respond to questions and concerns.

Contrarily, Cox Communications has been at the forefront with the aim to improve the customer experience through dependable and prompt customer service. The company utilizes all resources within its bounds to address issues faced by consumers as promptly as can be. Cox Customer Service (Cox Servicio al Cliente) is highly reliable and among the top-rated as far as user satisfaction.

The Final Thought

Now that you know about the variety of services and plans offered by Cox, it is safe to assume you will find the right package to fit your daily needs. Rest assured, Cox Communications will enhance your connectivity experience with better quality and more features than you would get with other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Cox provide Internet services in California?

Yes, Cox does provide various internet services and packages in California

What are the different types of Internet connections out there?

There are four types of internet connections - Satellite Internet, DSL, Fiber-Optic, and Cable Internet.

What Internet connection does Cox provide?

Cox essentially provided cable internet through a network of pre-installed coaxial cables, which is then enhanced by a fiber backbone.

What premium channels does Cox offer in its cable TV plans?

You can get premium channels such as HBO for $16/mo, CINEMAX for $12/mo, SHOWTIME for $12/mo, STARZ for $12/mo, and EPIX for $12/mo.