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Cox Customer Service is Only a Call Away! 1-855-349-9316

Para llamadas en Español 1-844-520-8979

Cox Customer Support Phone Numbers


Are you a looking to order Cox services or you are a new Cox user and need help setting things up?

Talk to a Cox representative at 1-855-349-9316


Having connectivity issues and need technical assistance?

Call Cox Tech Support. North: 1-760-599-6060 South: 1-619-262-1122


Is your Homelife equipment giving you problems?

Give Cox Homelife Support a call at 1-877-404-2568


Want to inquire about your business account status or bill payment?

Reach out to Cox Communications Business Support at 1-866-272-5777

Why Cox

Why Cox is worth it?

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest provider in the country that offers TV, internet, phone as well as home automation and security services at competitive prices. The 50+ years old company now has over 6 million residential and business customers. What makes Cox different from other internet service providers is its outstanding offers at prices that are competitive to say the least. With Cox deals, you can get value for money without compromising on quality.

Cox Internet offers super fast and reliable speeds ranging from 25 Mbps and maxing out at 940 Mbps in select regions. When it comes to entertainment, Cox TV service outmatches competition.

Cox Contour TV brings you a max of 250+ channels, an exhaustive On Demand library, the Contour app that lets you take your TV anywhere, and free access to 100+ network apps. The best part is Contour TV learns your preferences and contours its viewing suggestions accordingly. Cox has carefully designed its home phone service too, in order to help you make your everyday communication hassle free.


Cox Customer Service Stands by You All the Way!

When you become part of the Cox Family, you are likely to enjoy peace of mind and convenience at the same time. Cox makes the entire ordering process as hassle-free for you as possible. And, you are bound to find customer care as dynamic at serving you at any point in your relationship. Experienced customer support agents facilitate you around the clock. And, there are multiple channels for you to reach out to Cox. Simply, call the Cox customer service number to get the assistance you are looking for. Rest assured you will receive help as quick as you expect!

Cox Customer Service
Cox Communication support

Cox Communications Sales Support

Cox is here to put an end to your troubles with slow internet and low-quality calls not to forget your frustration with paying for TV channels you never watch. There is absolutely no point in sacrificing your need for quality services to quantity. Cox is committed to delivering the best in internet connectivity, TV entertainment and voice services. And, the provider is as active and responsible at backing its products and services.

Cox puts in time, effort and money to make it possible to offer a wide range of service plans to fit your lifestyle. The best part is these services are offered at competitive rates. In case, you are in the process of switching your service provider, you can get in touch with Cox Communications now and here, to find the cable TV, internet, and phone plan that’s right for you. All in all, we promise your experience of Cox Sales Support would be as outstanding as its reliable services.

The Pre-Call Checklist

Everybody wants a quick fix to their network issues, but often find the customer service experience woefully lacking. Cox strives to ensure you get the best possible service. And, if you come across a problem, all they want to do is to help you sort it out as soon as possible.

But, communication goes both ways and if you don’t communicate the issue you’re facing clearly, there’s little that Cox Customer Service will be able to do to help. And, when they do attempt to resolve the issue it may take longer, leaving you worn-down and stressed.

There are things you can do to make this process less stressful for yourself and the Cox customer service representative handling your complaint. So, what are they? Well, here are some you’ll find helpful—things you should do before you call Cox communications.

Jot Down Your Cox Account Number

When you place a call to Cox Customer Service, the first thing they’ll ask for is your account number, and for obvious reasons. If you don’t already have it on you, it’ll take that much longer to address the issue you’re facing, which is why before you call Cox Customer Service you’d do well by having that readily available.

More often than not, many of us cannot recall the number, or we are unaware of where to find it. So, if you happen to be in those shoes, here’s how you can locate it:

  • If you have your Cox bill to pay lying around simply look it up. You’ll find the account number printed on the upper right hand corner of the paper bill.
  • Alternatively, you can locate it from the email you must have received after you set up your Cox account.
  • You can also find your Cox account number by visiting and signing in with your Cox credentials i.e. the Cox ID and Password. Once logged in, navigate to your account details, or online billing statements, and retrieve your account number. If by any chance, you have forgotten your Cox credentials, you can also access your account details via the phone number associated with your Cox Communications account.

Keep Note-Taking Material on Hand

When you’re on call with Cox Communications, it’ll do you well to be prepared with pen and paper so you may take down any instructions the representative gives, or the confirmation numbers and addresses discussed. This will save you valuable time and ensure your communication is clear and effective.

Have Service and/or Billing Address Ready

If you’re a new customer who wants to set up Cox services at their home, you must have the exact address listed with Cox, on hand. At the same time, if you do not remember the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), ensure to have that noted too, so you can provide it to the Cox customer service representative when asked for. This is only to prove your identity, and the processing of your complaint is dependent on this confirmation. There are no two ways about it.

Some More Ways to Connect with Cox

There are other ways too, that you can employ to reach out for assistance, besides calling the Cox Communications customer service phone number. Whether you require tech support or its matters related to your Cox bill to pay that you need to dispose, you can do it all online from the comfort of your home. The processes involved are pretty straightforward and hassle free. Take your pick from any of the following, depending on which one fits your preference the best and is the most convenient for you, and connect!

Cox Twitter

Cox on Twitter

Twitter is the place where you connect with your favorite celebrities, athletes, fast food joints, and the cable service provider Cox Communications too!

If Twitter is where you spend most of your day, just make a quick tweet tagging Cox Communications and they’ll be prompt at responding to your questions or concerns. Cox customer service representatives are sure to provide prompt assistance with whatever you need through Cox Customer Care assistance is available 24/7.

Cox Facebook

Cox on Facebook

Avid Facebook users can keep themselves updated about Cox services and products as well as connect with questions or concerns that require Cox’s help, and a resolution. If you wish to communicate about service related matters, or just about anything Cox that needs a solution, you can seek help from Cox on Facebook. Send them a message, and allow a one hour window for response. You can also connect with the Cox Community on Facebook, a place to share experiences with fellow subscribers, and sometimes even get the most practical help possible.

Cox Live Chat

Cox Live Chat

If you don’t feel like making calls, you can always take the chat route. Cox Live Chat operates 24/7 - meaning no matter what the time or day. Start chatting with Oliver—he is sure to help you troubleshoot problems, and if necessary connect you to a live Cox customer service representative.

Cox Learn Center

Cox Learn Center

For all the new customers out there, Cox Communications has a platform that answers all your questions and clears all your confusion. The Cox Learn Center welcomes all new subscribers to the Cox Family, and allows them to learn and explore services in length. Be it quick-start guides, information on products, tips about how to make the most out of Cox services, or getting you started with your Cox account—there is a trove of educational content available at the Cox Learn Center.

Cox Support Center

Cox Support Center

If you’re more of a hands-on person, you should check out Cox Support Center. With the range of resource materials and tools you get to access here, you just can’t go wrong. You can watch tutorials, educate yourself with troubleshooting guides, and more. Even if you’re wondering how self-installation works, you’ll find it all here! Be it internet, TV, phone, Homelife, Billing and Account or basic technical support for connection and equipment, the Cox Support Center guides you in detail to make your DIY endeavor a success.

Cox Support Forums

Cox Support Forums

This is yet another useful venue to share your Cox experience with other subscribers, and receive great tips about anything and everything Cox. Cox Community Forums can provide effective support to your internet, TV, phone and Cox apps related dilemmas, as you surf through volumes of information shared, and interact with fellow Cox subscribers via these forums.

Cox My Account

Cox My Account

Cox My Account is not only a self-service portal but a great line of communication too. Just log in to your Cox account and create a ticket detailing your concern. Voila! Your complaint has been registered and you can keep tabs on its progress. What’s more, you can add and activate services, pay your bill, check your email, and even chat with a Cox technician.

Cox Connect App

The Cox App

Convenience is key in customer service, and Cox understands this. The Cox app brings more of that to your Cox experience. Just download the app from Google Play or the App Store and assume command of service related aspects with My Services, pay your bill with ease, manage your profile, receive outage notifications, and access a variety of support tools.

Cox Solutions Stores

Cox Solutions Stores

If all else fails, you can always visit a Cox Solutions Store near you. At a Cox Solutions Store, you can sort out any equipment related matters as well as get assistance with upgrading or adding service(s), making a bill payment, and more! Whatever your complaint, one visit to the store may just bring you a satisfactory solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Communications