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For years, TV has been a dominant rescuer for boredom-stricken households. Whether it is about connecting with the world through the latest in current affairs or learning to make bouncy balls out of eggs and vinegar. TV has been an essential source of entertainment and information for the youths and adults alike. However, in the world of today, things are happening quite differently for our beloved old TV. Those who are counted in the Gen Z cohort have fallen face flat for streaming video content. And just as expected, the millennials are following suit. Seeing this, content creators are shifting their focus to platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Big chunks of audiences that did rely on cable TV once are now considering cutting the cord and moving toward online video streaming platforms for their daily dose of entertainment. If only something could rescue cable TV, by turning it into a platform that would give us the best of both worlds—keep the tradition of cable TV alive while revolutionizing the experience of watching TV.

Well, today must be our lucky day, because guess what! Our favorite mode of entertainment is about to be saved. And, the savior is as optimum as its name – Optimum TV.

Optimum TV – A Cursory Roundup

Optimum TV is one of the services offered by Optimum. Optimum by Altice is a U.S.-based internet, TV and phone service provider—offering services dedicated for the denizens of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Optimum delivers its cable TV service over a robust network of coaxial cable lines. And, employs the same network powered by an extended fiber optic backbone to furnish high-speed cable broadband and a reliable residential VoIP service.

Optimum cable TV is currently available to over 3 million subscribers. The feature-rich cable TV service from Optimum offers a variety of lineups, at prices that would never make your savings flinch. Here’s a quick walk-through of the most widely available Optimum channel lineups:

Optimum Core TV Optimum Select TV Optimum Premier TV
  • 220 channels
  • FREE HD Programming with a max of 150 channels
  • Video on Demand
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Add Cloud DVR for 12 months at only $10 per month
  • 340 channels
  • FREE HD Programming with a max of 150 channels
  • Video on Demand
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Get Cloud DVR FREE for 6 months
  • 420 channels with STARZ/ENCORE included
  • FREE HD Programming with a max of 150 channels
  • Video on Demand
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Get Cloud DVR FREE for 12 months

Optimum TV Packages: Enjoy TV with What Your Heart Desires!

Optimum TV is not available as a standalone service – cue the sad music. However, you can pair Optimum TV with internet (Double Play), or with internet and phone (Triple Play) to enjoy diverse entertainment avenues well within your budget.  

To help you pick the right package for your household, here is what you need to know. Optimum Internet is available in an array of speeds: 200, 300, 400 and 1 Gig. You can pair the 200 and 300 speed tier with Optimum TV and enjoy a 24-month price lock. However, going for 400 Mbps and 1 Gig will allow you to lock the price of your bundle for life! So, choose wisely.

Furthermore, you can add a $10 Optimum phone to your double play and transform it into an all-round Triple Play deal instead. With the phone service added, you can make unlimited calls to your loved ones in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands—that too in crystal-clear call quality. Plus, there a dozen more exciting features, that are awfully useful when it comes to organizing your day to day communication.

Optimum Double Play Deals (Optimum TV Internet) Optimum Triple Play Deals (Optimum TV Internet $10 Phone)
  • Optimum Core TV Internet 200
    for $64.99 with 24 Months Price Lock
  • Optimum Core TV Internet 300
    for $74.99 with 24 Months Price Lock
  • Optimum Select TV Internet 400
    for $99.99 Price 4 Life
  • Optimum Premier TV Internet 1 Gig
    for $124.99 Price 4 Life
  • Optimum Core TV Internet 200 Phone
    for $74.99 with 24 Months Price Lock
  • Optimum Core TV Internet 300 Phone
    for $84.99 with 24 Months Price Lock
  • Optimum Select TV Internet 400 Phone
    for $109.99 Price 4 Life
  • Optimum Premier TV Internet 1 Gig Phone
    for $134.99 Price 4 Life

Optimum Cable TV: All the Features that Make it Worthwhile

Coming home to a TV that welcomes you with an abundance of features is no less than a blessing in disguise. Optimum TV is packed with features that elevate your bland televisual experience to a whole another level. The space below is dedicated to all the features that you get with Optimum TV.

Channel Lineups

The variety of Optimum TV channels breathing life into your TV sets is hard to beat, to say the least. Each lineup from Optimum TV contains the perfect mix of local, national and popular cable TV channels that showcase programming from all genres—including AMC, Bravo, CNN, Disney XD, ESPN, Food Network and dozens more.

Premium Content

Optimum TV plans and packages also offers premium content from HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, STARZ Encore® and The Movie Channel®. New Optimum subscribers can choose one of the four premium subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services (HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® and The Movie Channel®) and enjoy it FREE of cost for 12 months. Alternatively, HBO Max™ is available à la carte FREE for 1 month and SHOWTIME® FREE for 3 months with new subscriptions. After the limited time subscription ends, you’ll have to pay a small subscription fee every month to enjoy content from your favorite premium channel.

Video on Demand

Just as the name implies, the Video on Demand feature from Optimum places your favorite TV shows, movies and more right at your fingertips. Here you’ll find from classic movies to the latest as well as TV shows aired by popular networks during Primetime. You can also access premium content on demand for free if you are subscribed to a premium network as an add-on or via your primary Optimum channel lineup. All in all, VOD from Optimum is the perfect answer for times when you just want to be the couch potato you aspire to be!

Streaming Apps on TV

What’s better than watching content from your favorite video streaming apps, right on your TV? Nothing! To watch content from streaming applications on your TV, simply go to the main menu and select from any of the popular apps and there you have it – PewDiePie on your TV screen! Optimum always adds new ones so don’t miss on checking what’s new in the app menu.

Optimum TV On-the-Go

Not big on boring subway rides back home? No problem! Catch up on your favorite TV shows on the go, with Optimum TV App. Simply download the app on your iOS or Android phone and watch TV right from the palm of your hands. The Optimum TV App unlocks dozens of features including access to DVR schedules, and Live and On-Demand content. Plus, it gives you the ability to search for content by genre, actor or channel, and so much more. It’s like, having your own TV assistant.

Cloud DVR

So what your routine doesn’t let you watch your favorite TV shows in peace? Optimum TV brings another feature, Cloud DVR, which lets you catch up on your favorite TV shows whenever you want. Cloud DVR enables you to record up to 15 shows, simultaneously. Doesn’t matter if you’re home or not. Just schedule the show you want to watch, record it and watch it with the Play, Pause and Rewind option.

Voice-Activated Remote

Optimum TV offers a voice-activated remote that lets you control your TV with the command of your voice. The Optimum remote sets you free from the hassle of aiming right at your control box to change the channel and manage other functions. To use, simply point your Optimum remote in any direction and control your TV – yes, it’s that convenient!

Back to Basics: How to Program the Optimum Remote with TV?

Configuring the Optimum Remote with your TV may seem a bit daunting, but it’s not. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Press and hold the TV Power button, along with the code number for your TV for 3 seconds. You’ll see the light on top of the remote turning blue. Here’s a list with all the leading TV brands and their codes:
























  1. With the blue light still on, press and hold the TV Power button. Wait a few seconds and release the button when the TV turns off.
  2. Press the Power TV button on your Optimum Remote to verify the setup. A successful attempt will result in your TV turning back on.
  3. Press SELECT to store the code number of your brand. If the attempt to save the code is successful, the blue light on the top of your remote will turn off.

What’s More!

No, we’re not done raving about Optimum TV. Because, there are a couple more things left to be discussed. Optimum TV offers a range of international TV channels from around the world.

Enjoy 50 Spanish language TV channels with Optimum En Español, including Univision ESPN Deportes, Discovery Familia and more. Optimum offers Latino customers the Español add-on package for only $5 for one full year with new subscriptions.

Other international channels include networks from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, China, Japan, Russia, and many European countries as well as South Asia. New Optimum subscribers can pick one of the international packages/channels to add onto their primary channel lineup at half the price for one full year.

The cherry on top is definitely Optimum’s dedicated and proactive customer service team. Whether you experience a glitch in your internet connection, or your favorite TV channel goes missing from the lineup. Simply dial the Optimum phone number 1-844-520-8978 and have your issues resolved by the professionals.

Optimum Cable TV: The Perfect Entertainment Fix

When it’s about seeking a 360 experience that delivers entertainment, convenience and affordability, Optimum TV stands unbeatable. So we’d recommend if you are looking to switch providers, and you live in the region covered by the Optimum network, get in touch with Optimum TV Customer Service or contact Optimum experts at 1-844-520-8978. They will be glad to guide you and help you explore Optimum TV packages up for grabs near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Optimum TV package?

The cheapest Optimum TV package is Core TV and Internet 200 for $64.99 a month.

How much is basic cable TV from Optimum?

The most basic cable TV plan from Optimum comes as Core TV. It’s not available as a standalone service. To subscribe to Optimum TV, you’ll have to pair it with an Optimum Internet speed tier of your choice.

Can I watch Optimum on my smart TV?

Yes, you can watch Optimum on your smart TV. If you do not want to connect your smart TV to the coaxial cable outlet, you can download the Optimum TV App from your device’s app store, and watch it via the internet.

What channels does Optimum basic cable TV package include?

Optimum Core TV package includes AMC, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney, ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports 1, Fox News, Food Network, FX, HGTV, Lifetime, Oxygen and more.

What is Optimum TV to go?

The Optimum TV to Go App lets you watch Optimum on the go. Just download the app from your device’s app store and take your TV with you, wherever you go!