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Known as a top-tier cable service provider in the US, Optimum has now expanded its horizons and started to offer some amazing internet, Cable TV and phone services. With so many streaming options at hand, people are becoming more aware of what they want to watch on TV, and what they should not be wasting their time upon. Cable TV is no different. Flexible internet and Optimum TV packages have made it much easier for subscribers of Optimum Cable TV to be selective in their choice of channels and only pay for what they like to watch.

This Optimum TV guide will list down some amazing channels you can access with an Optimum TV plans and packages.

Optimum TV channels are available in which areas?

Optimum TV services have 80% availability in most areas of New York. Some areas with Optimum TV are listed below:

These areas also have internet, phone and Cable TV services readily available, with internet speed ranges from 400 to 1000 Mbps. Optimum services are also known for its home phone services and generous international calling plans.

The supportive and responsive nature of Optimum TV Customer service is what sets it apart from its competitors. Hispanic users and subscribers can also easily access servicio al cliente Optimum.

Best of Optimum TV packages

There are various TV plans and bundles put in place that allow subscribers to make the most of their money and enjoy TV time to the fullest. The 4 most prominent Optimum TV plans and packages include Optimum Core TV, Optimum Premier TV, and Optimum Select TV, all of which come along with the internet. With these packages you can also watch Optimum cable TV on a mobile app and get access to a diverse Optimum channel lineup.

Let’s take a brief look at how each of these packages differ from one another and which of these has the most suitable Optimum Channel lineup for you.

Optimum Channel Guide Lineup

Now that you know what TV bundles and packages Optimum offers, here is an Optimum TV listing including a bunch of famous, local and international channels that you get with particular packages. Optimum channel guide lineup can assist you in deciding and picking an Optimum TV package for yourself.

Wrapping it up

Some notable perks and benefits of opting for Optimum TV is that you get 24/7 customer support, On-Demand services, on-the-go mobile app, and valuable bundles of internet speeds as high as 1 gigabit. If you want to opt for one of the TV services and want access to the versatile Optimum TV channels, then don’t forget to first research and see what packages and offers are available for your area. International and Hispanic subscribers can also contact the Optimum customer service at the Optimum phone number (telefono de optimum) 18445208978.

As an Optimum subscriber, you will get a handful of some amazing national and international channels. Optimum TV packages are suitable for everyone, since the channel lineup includes major sports channels like ESPN, meanwhile connecting you with the world of entertainment with the HBO and Starz Cinema channels.


1.      Does Optimum have a fitness channel?

For at-home yoga and fitness workouts, you can check out the Exercise Sportskool channel on channel 500 on Optimum On Demand.

2.      What is the cheapest optimum TV package?

The cheapeast Optimum TV package is the Core TV  at $59.99 per month. However, if you want something more value-adding and rich in variety, then the Core TV Internet 200 is the ideal option for you. You can inquire more about their packages and pricing by calling them at 1-844-520-8978.

3.      What channels are included in Optimum Premier?

Optimum Premier is the most complete and versatile Optimum cable TV package. Some of the prominent channels in this package are:

American Heroes Channel

A lot of these channels are also available in other Optimum packages such as Core TV internet 200 Mbps.                         

4.      What channels are included in the Optimum economy package?

Optimum Economy package might not be available in the Elizabeth and Hudson counties, and has  varying prices and availability criteria for different areas. This package is only available for Brooklyn and Bronx.  The Optimum channel lineup for this package include

5.      Does Optimum have a TV app?

You can use Optimum TV to go to watch  Optimum TV online, anywhere and everywhere. It is downloadable on various mobile models and platforms. The app has various categories, which include Sports, Entertainment, Kids and Espanola. You get access to all channels included in your Optimum basic cable channel lineup.

6.      Does Optimum have Disney ?

Disney is basically a streaming platform made for all the classics of the channel, as well as some of the latest content as well. You can subscribe to Disney at $6.99 a month, and use Optimum internet services with high speeds of 1 gigabit per second and 4k UHD streaming for a seamless experience.