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Provider Updates

Awesome new deals, industry news, and activity updates from cable providers across the US.

By Ariana Davis | Provider Updates |

Google Fiber vs. Spectrum – Which Is a Better Choice?

Spectrum offers wide availability, whereas Google Fiber brings more gigabit speeds. Read our extended Google Fiber vs. Spectrum Review to know which is better.

By Baldwin | Provider Updates |

How Much Is Spectrum Internet Only?

Spectrum Internet Only Plans begin as low as $49.99/ mo (for 12 months with Auto Pay), download speeds up to 300 Mbps. Check out our blog to get details on Spectrum Internet Only Plans.

By Oliver Jack | Provider Updates |

What is Entertainment View on Spectrum?

Boost your channel lineup with Spectrum Entertainment View at only $15 a month. Get access to OWN, NFL Network, and so much more!

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Does Spectrum Offer Symmetrical Internet Speeds?

Charter Spectrum is introducing Spectrum symmetrical internet speed plans that will serve the same download and upload speeds to the users. Read our blog to find out more.

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Is Spectrum Internet Good for Gaming?

Gamers wondering, “Is Spectrum Internet good for gaming?” or “how good is Spectrum Internet for gaming?” should give this detailed article a read! Or they can contact Spectrum customer service.

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

How to Connect Orbi Router to Xfinity Modem?

Connect your Orbi Router with an Xfinity Modem through the Orbi App or by converting the Orbi router into an access point. Read our blog to learn more.

By Samantha Iris | Provider Updates |

What is Xfinity Internet Number?

Find out what Xfinity Internet number is to subscribe to the best internet deals in your area, or get in touch for immediate assistance with 24/7 customer service.

By Zion Harris | Provider Updates |

Spectrum Sports View Package Channels List, Lineup & Pricing

Boost your channel lineup with Spectrum Sports View at $7 only! Get access to NFL RedZone®, MLB® Strike Zone, and more.

By Zion Harris | Provider Updates |

Cox Vs AT&T | A Comparison Guide for 2024

Wondering what internet provider to pick for your home? Compare internet speeds, pricing, and more with this Cox vs AT&T guide to choose the best.

By Zion Harris | Provider Updates |

Netflix Not Working on Cox? Explore 5 Proven Fixes!

Is your Netflix not working on Cox? Check out our detailed step-by-step guide and explore 5 effective ways to get your Netflix back on track.

By Zion Harris | Provider Updates |

WOW! Internet Reviews 2024

Check out WOW Internet Reviews for 2024! Explore WOW! Internet pricing plans, speeds, availability and more in this blog.

By Zion Harris | Provider Updates |

How Much is Spectrum Internet Only?

Wondering how much is Spectrum Internet only? Spectrum standalone internet plans start from $49.99/mo. (For 12 mos* with Auto Pay). Read on to learn more!