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Suddenlink Internet

The message is clear that you need faster speeds for your Internet. Does 1 Gig Internet sound fast enough. Suddenlink high speed internet deals come at you fast. From 100 Mbps up to 1 Gig (in select areas). But it’s not just the speed that matters. It’s also the WiFi, of which Suddenlink is right there at the top with total home coverage to connect all your devices. Plus there’s free hotspots in the area to connect your device with WiFi.

Suddenlink TV

Some providers just talk about entertainment, Suddenlink cable TV actually provides it to customers. It’s all the popular cable networks you love, like ESPN, CNN, USA, and the Disney Channel, just to name a few. But besides all that programming that comes with live TV, you get the On Demand library of endless shows and top rated movies. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that all of your favorite streaming apps are now right on your TV screen.

Suddenlink Voice

Suddenlink phone service is clear, reliable, and unlimited. That’s right, this digital home phone service is unlimited local and long-distance calling. Affordable international calling: we have that too. In fact, there’s affordable phone options for everyone that wants to connect with the friends and family. Your digital phone also includes all the popular features.

Suddenlink Customer Service

Suddenlink loves its services and hopes you do as well. But there are occasional service issues that may come up throughout the life of service. Because of this there as an extraordinary customer service group to quickly handle resolve any issues. Staff is there to help for any problems related to TV, internet, voice, as well as account and billing.

Value TV + Internet 100


for 12 months. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 220+ Channels
  • 60+ HD
  • 100 Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Value TV + Internet 300


for 12 months. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 220+ Channels
  • 60+ HD
  • 300 Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Value TV + Internet 400


for 24 months. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 220+ Channels
  • 60+ HD
  • 400 Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Select TV + Internet 400


for 24 months. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 340+ Channels
  • 110+ HD
  • 400 Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Value TV + Internet 1 Gig


Price for Life. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 220+ Channels
  • 60+ HD
  • 1 Gig Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Premium TV + Internet 1 Gig


Price for Life. Plus taxes, fees and charges.

  • 420+ Channels
  • 140+ HD
  • 1 Gig Mbps Download Speed
  • Whole Home WiFi

Why Choose Suddenlink Service

Speedometer showing Suddenlink High Speed Internet High Speed Internet

Suddenlink has an internet plan to fit every household. Just pick the speed you need. Choose from 100 Mbps which is great for multiple devices that stream, download, and surf the web. Or 400 Mbps speed that allows for streaming in 4K UHD and multi-player gaming. And then there’s ultra-fast 1 Gig, which is 1,000 Mbps, and can handle just about any type of internet activity.

Suddenlink cable tv package and On Demand library TV Entertainment

Get the TV entertainment you want at an affordable price. Suddenlink cable delivers TV the way you want to watch with plenty of packages to choose from. You get hundreds of the best local and cable networks included in almost every package. Plus, if you’re tired of searching through all that content, your voice is all you need with the voice activated remote. Browse live TV, On Demand, DVR recordings and more for exactly what you’re looking for.

Suddenlink digital home phone service Unlimited Phone

Mumbled phone calls are the frustrating. Talk in crystal-clear HD with Suddenlink phone, a completely digital home phone service. Stay up to date with the family and friends through unlimited calling in the U.S. Popular calling features will relieve you from the headaches of robo- calls and cell phone dead zones.

Top 10 Cities Serviced by Suddenlink

City Broadband Type Fastest Speed Availability
Lubbock, TX Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 92.5%
Amarillo, TX Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 93.9%
Tyler, TX Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 95.2%
Midland, TX Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 94.7%
Charleston, WV Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 98.9%
Abilene, TX Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 90.9%
Lake Charles, LA Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 86.1%
Flagstaff, AZ Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 85.4%
Natchitoches, LA Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 91.6%
Branson, MO Cable TV, Internet, Phone 1,000 Mbps 97.5%

More Entertainment on Every Screen with Suddenlink

From live TV, On Demand, DVR recordings, and streaming apps on your TV, enjoy endless hours of shows and movies on your device, computer, or TV screen. Plus, streaming apps are now included on your TV so there’s no changing sources or outputs any longer. Get Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more right on your TV. And a voice activated remote that helps you find what you’re looking for instantly.

It’s internet service that offers top speeds for streaming and gaming, or all of the other fun online activities. And a powerful WiFi network that can reach every room in the house and eliminates the dreaded dead zones. It’s cable TV packages with channel lineups that include something for everyone, every day. Suddenlink gives you more ways to get entertainment. Take your TV on-the-go through the app and watch all the programming you love from the palm of your hand.

Service Extras

Suddenlink sets itself apart from the pack of other providers by offering top Internet speeds up to 1 Gig! Total home WiFi that reaches every corner, budget-friendly prices, and a technologically-first digital TV experience.

Suddenlink Features

Reasons to choose Suddenlink Cable, Internet and Phone

  • No Contract
  • Budget Conscious Services
  • Internet Speeds up to 1 Gig
  • TV Anywhere with Suddenlink2Go App
  • Unlimited Calling
Smiling couple signing up for Altice on laptop
Happy family enjoying TV streaming

Suddenlink Equipment

The only way to get all of your services is on one device. Suddenlink combines your cable box, DVR, modem, router, and streaming device all into one convenient piece. Instead of having all of those devices around the house, Suddenlink centralizes it all into one device. Get your high-definition TV, high-speed internet, WiFi, streaming apps, DVR and IP phone from one location.

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Cable Box
  • DVR
  • Streaming Apps – Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, etc.
  • Voice Activated Remote

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Frequently Asked Questions About Suddenlink

Suddenlink internet service ranges from $34.99 for 100 Mbps to $74.99 for 1 Gig.*

*1 Gig service is not available in all areas, enter your zip code to check availability

Suddenlink internet includes plans for 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1 Gig.

There are services available for Suddenlink cable TV, high-speed broadband cable and fiber internet, and digital home phone service.

Yes. There are data caps with a small number of Suddenlink internet plans. Internet 100 has 250 GB per month data, and Internet 200 has 350 GB per month data.

No, you have to call your local service representative. But Suddenlink doesn’t have contracts or early termination fees, so you’re free to cancel anytime.

Yes. Suddenlink offers internet as both fiber and cable options, with a number of different plans for consumers to choose from. However, internet plan eligibility varies based on location. Also, if you don’t like contracts then Suddenlink is perfect.

No. If a customer on a monthly data plan exceeds their limit, Suddenlink will attempt to notify the customer that they have exceeded the limit.

Yes. You can download the Suddenlink phone app on your iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

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