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By Macy Davis | Provider Updates |

What Channel is Discovery Channel on Optimum?

Don’t know what channel is Discovery Channel on Optimum? Read this guide to find the Discovery channel number on Optimum TV in your area! ...

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How to Compare Streaming Services | Your Guide to Choosing the Right Streaming Service

When you compare streaming services, consider factors like content library, user-friendliness, additional features, and price. Learn more in this blog! ...

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How to Get Xfinity Payment Assistance?

Having a hard time paying your Xfinity bills? Sign up for the Xfinity Payment Assistance plan today and set up an installment plan for your past-due balance. ...

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Internet for International Students: A Guide to Stay Connected and Save Money

Learn how to find the best internet for international students in 2023. Discover the factors to consider, the options available, and the tips to save money. ...

By Macy Davis | Provider Updates |

Optimum Internet Plans for Seniors

You may qualify for FREE internet with the Optimum Affordable Connectivity Program. Read this guide to learn more about Optimum Internet plans for seniors! ...

By John Aiden | Provider Updates |

Why Should You Get Mediacom Internet for Your Home?

Get all the information you need on Mediacom internet service for your home: its features, availability, and pricing. Call 855-349-9315 to learn more or to subscribe. ...