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Optimum is an internet service provider with operations that span 21 states. It provides internet, TV, and other services to over 8 million subscribers. Optimum is known for its high internet speeds, no contracts and limitless internet plans, and an innovative entertainment experience that is one-of-a-kind.

As an Optimum user, you may sometimes have to struggle with a bill that does not quite align with what you had in mind. Under these conditions, you may have to contact Optimum customer service to figure out how to lower it. Our article today discusses just that.  So let us begin!

Tips to Lower Your Optimum Bill

Depending on what services you are getting from this internet provider, your Optimum bill may be more than what you initially signed up for. This is primarily because while Optimum does offer some incredible promotional pricing for the first year, price hikes are expected in the second year which may increase your monthly total a bit. But what can you do to combat this situation?

Here are a few tips we think might help you lower your Optimum bill:

  1. Contact Optimum customer service and negotiate your bill: It may be a long shot, but sometimes Optimum customer service may actually help you lower your bill. If you are struggling to find the budget for the services and call customer care to negotiate the bill, it might work. It is not always a given but if you talk to them politely and let Optimum know of your dilemmas, customer care representatives might just do this for you. Although tacky, this tip has been successful for quite a lot of people as outlined by online platforms.
  1. Downgrade your service plan: More often than not, customers are paying for the services more than their actual use. Do you really need all the 200+ channels on your TV? Is 1 Gbps internet speed not overkill for a family of just two people? Instances like this just go on to show how often customers pay for services that they do not use. Under the circumstances, downgrading your service may be a good idea. You can cut off a few services or choose a plan with a lower speed and a smaller lineup. Just assess your needs and decide what services you can do without. It is quite a simple way and helps you save money too!

Simply contact Optimum customer service and sales support at 844-520-8978 and receive all the help you need to restructure your internet plan!


Getting the provider to negotiate the Optimum bill and lower it is a way to deal with hefty bills, but it may not always be successful. If it does not work, you are left to choose between two options. You can downgrade your service and stop paying for things you are not using and go for a smaller TV channel lineup, or slower internet, etc. Alternatively, you can consider changing your internet provider entirely, which would get you the perks and benefits of a new service as well as a promo pricing discount.

The choice is yours alone!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I lower my Optimum bill?

If you want to lower your Optimum bill, there are a few things you can do. You either try and negotiate a lower bill with Optimum customer service. If you tell them you are considering leaving the service you might get a retention rate for a certain time. Alternatively, you can consider downgrading your internet service. If that does not work, switching your internet provider may be the only thing you can do.

Learn how to downgrade your Optimum internet service or call 844-520-8978 now.