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Optimum Customer Service Phone Number

Want to know more about the new online Optimum deal? Need professional advice before you order an Optimum bundle? Not sure whether you should go for standard or premium installation? Have questions about your account or paying your bill? Moving, and want to transfer services to your new address? Haven’t received your Optimum equipment and want to know about order status?

There’s an Optimum phone number for all these questions and more. Let Optimum Customer Service help you with every single inquiry.

Call 844-520-8978 and an Optimum customer service representative will be glad to help.

Optimum Spanish Customer Support Phone Number

Optimum understands the importance of language. And so, the provider offers a dedicated support window for Spanish-speaking subscribers. Do you have a question about Optimum deals? Or are you looking for urgent help with a complex hardware issue? Optimum Customer Service makes sure its representatives are able to give you easy to understand answers in Spanish.

Call the Optimum Spanish customer service line at 1-844-527-5633. Get answers in the language you are comfortable with. An Optimum customer support representative will be happy to help.

Always Ready to Help!

The Optimum customer service phone number for residential subscribers is not the only way you can get in touch with Optimum. The provider also offers around the clock support via Live Chat service. If that is more convenient, you can chat with an Optimum professional anytime.

The Optimum customer support team is well trained. Customer service representatives have up-to-date information. And, they are always keen to help with a variety of your questions.

Information about Optimum Internet Customer Service

Have you been looking through Optimum internet deals recently? Would you like to clear up your confusion? If so, start Live Chat with an Optimum agent. They will tell you about plans, prices and availability at your address. Optimum internet customer service experts can help you find the best fit for your needs.

Tech and Hardware Support

Do you want help with installation of Optimum equipment? Or are you looking for guidance to troubleshoot connection issues. May be you have joined the Optimum Family, and need to set up an installation appointment. Or perhaps you want to order replacement equipment. Ready assistance for technical issues is available via Live Chat 24/7/365.

Ask about Your Optimum Email Account

Your Optimum email account gives you a brand new experience of email. It is a quick way to communicate. It is easy to use. And, it comes with encryption and firewalls. You can make it your one-stop solution. Access any email address you have via your Optimum email. Use any device to access your email. And, if the email features confuse you, Chat Live with an Optimum customer support agent!

Here Are Some More Ways to Get Help

Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for millions around the globe. People use social media platforms for personal and professional networking. And, social media is an effective instrument for commercial concerns also. Businesses routinely connect with customers through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Optimum makes sure it offers subscribers maximum flexibility and convenience. So, it keeps official social media handles on Twitter and Facebook. Optimum subscribers can get in touch with the Optimum customer support staff via these channels too.

Twitter Optimum Twitter Help Facebook

Optimum Support App

You don’t have to access the web each time to check your Optimum account. Optimum makes the process easier for you. Download the free Optimum Support App from Google Play or the App Store. And manage your account, pay bills, locate an Optimum store nearby or get access to a library of frequently asked questions.

Visit an Optimum Store

The nearest Optimum store? Where do I find one? Well, you can locate the nearest Optimum store in your area with a few clicks via the Optimum Support App. You can also check via the Optimum store locator. Its simple to access, and gets you directions to the nearest store location in seconds. At times, speaking to a customer service representative via the Optimum phone number or Live Chat, does not cut it. Take a quick trip to the nearest Optimum store. And, be heard by the Optimum customer support staff in person.

Optimum Pay Bill - Here Is How You Can

Optimum is all about creating ways to make service related tasks easy for subscribers. Optimum gives you multiple channels to pay your Optimum service bill too. You can choose one that fits your lifestyle. Take your pick from any of the following methods. You can make your payments with a few clicks. And, if you like you can do so by visiting an Optimum store.

Pay Online

Paying your Optimum bill via your online Optimum account is quick and easy. Visit this page and sign into your account. Your Optimum credentials include your Optimum ID and the password for it. If you don’t have one, you can make one here.

Once logged in, you can view your billing history for up to 12 months, and make your payment without any charge. You have the option to set up an Auto Payment too. Every month the due amount will be deducted from your bank account or charged to your debit/credit card. You will receive a monthly statement via mail as well. In addition, Optimum lets you make an online payment through your own online banking program.

Online payments can be made through a few clicks no matter where you are. This way you don’t miss the payment. And, your services continue to run smooth.

Pay via Optimum Support App

There’s nothing more convenient than paying your Optimum service bill via a mobile app. Install the Optimum Support App on your smart device. You will never miss the payment date again. A few taps and clicks is all that it needs.

Download the Optimum Support App from Google Play or App Store now. It won’t cost you a penny!

Optimum Pay Bill by Phone

Just pick up the phone and dial the Optimum phone number 1-866-213-7456. The automated phone system will prompt you to make a payment. Follow the instructions and pay your bill at no service charge.

You can also call Optimum customer service phone number in your area, and speak to a customer representative to make the payment. This option comes with a $10 service charge. And, customer care staff is available from 8am-8pm local.

Region Optimum Phone Number
Connecticut 1-203-870-2583
New Jersey 1-973-230-6046
Long Island 1-631-393-0636
NY: Brooklyn, Westchester, Bronx 1-718-860-3513

Pay by Mail

Want to go the old-school style, and pay your Optimum bill by mail? Optimum lets you do so. Use the billing address on the service bill. Enclose a check payable to Optimum and send it off. Its that simple!

Pay in-Store

Optimum has official stores spread out in each service state. You can use the Optimum store locator and visit the nearest store. You may prefer this method, if paying a bill in person feels more real than paying it via a digital window.

Quick-Help and Troubleshooting Tips

Optimum encourages you to find support from online resources when you face a technical issue. At times, something small happens and causes trouble. And a few simple instructions can help you with a successful DIY attempt. That is why Optimum provides plenty of guidance online.

Online Self-Help Resources from Optimum

If the issue is with your cable TV service, you don’t have to call Optimum Cable Customer Service. You can find a wealth of information in the Optimum FAQ library . Here you will also find troubleshooting advice, support videos, tutorials, installation and service guides related to other Optimum services. The extensive collection of FAQs also covers the commonly searched ‘Bill Answers’.

Learn how to program your TV remote, use parental controls, set up your HDTV and more. Rest assured you wouldn’t need to talk to the experts at Optimum TV Customer Service.

Planning to travel, and need to know about Optimum Hotspots? Is it the smart router you need to deal with? Or, do you need information about internet protection? All this and more is included in Optimum’s online resource materials.

Quick Answers to Common Questions about Optimum

Resetting Your Optimum ID and Password

Forgot your Optimum ID? It’s no big deal. Don’t strain your brain trying to recall the details. Click here and choose an option to recover your Optimum ID. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset that here.

Managing Your Optimum in-Home Wi-Fi Network

Looking to manage your in-home Wi-Fi network? Well, all you need to do is visit this page and select the Router option under the Internet tab. Optimum is due to add a very handy feature soon. It will allow you to manage your router settings online from any location.

Rebooting Your Optimum Smart Router

It is common to reboot the router whenever your ping spikes in game or your stream is stuck on a buffering loop. You can do the same with your Optimum Smart Router too. At times, that is all you need to do in order to get back online.

Turn off connected devices. Unplug the power cord on your modem and router. Wait for 30-60 seconds before you plug in the modem again. Once the modem has reset, switch on the your router. The issue with the internet connection often resolves with a simple reboot.

Checking and Reporting an Optimum Outage

Poor weather and other unexpected circumstances can at times cause a disruption in your Optimum internet service. Optimum tries its level best to inform subscribers about planned outages in advance. Notifications with outage details may be sent out via phone call, text message or an email. Log in to your Optimum online account and select the option that works for you. You can check for service status even without signing into your account here under the Support tab.

Finding Your Favorites with the Optimum TV Guide

The Optimum TV Guide brings you a collection of exciting features. It lets you navigate entertainment options with great ease. And, you can personalize the program Guide as you prefer. Want to know how to locate free and subscription on demand titles? Or are looking to manage Parental Controls settings? Visit this page, and you will find step by step instructions to do all that and more!

Make the Optimal Choice - Subscribe to Optimum Services!

Customer Service makes or breaks a business’ relationship with its customers. Optimum takes its subscribers seriously. That is why Optimum services are designed to take care of customer needs. And, Optimum backs its services and products with a ready to help attitude.

The provider works to make your experience with Optimum services and products the best possible. From teaching you how to make the most of what Optimum brings your way, to paying your monthly bill and solving your technical problems – you will always find Optimum Customer Service at its best!

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For English-Speaking Customers: 844-520-8978
For Spanish-Speaking Customers: 1-844-527-5633

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum

Whether you’re an existing Optimum customer or a potential one, you can get support at 844-520-8978. And if you are looking to speak to someone in Spanish call 1-844-527-5633.

To find official Optimum store locations.

You can get support from Optimum representative at 844-520-8978. In case you are looking to speak to someone in Spanish, you may call 1-844-527-5633.

Yes, Optimum provides a 24/7 Live Chat service to all its customers for all technical related issues like device replacement, equipment installation, troubleshoot problems, etc.

Just dial optimum customer service number. Initially, an automated phone system will answer you. Press the correct number by following the instructions. It will direct you to talk personally with the live person at Optimum.

Yes! Just dial 1-866-213-7456. The automated phone system will guide you to pay your bills in just a few steps without any additional service charges.

You can also call Optimum customer service and ask the representative to pay your bills. This payment method will cost you a $10 service charges.

To check for Optimum service outage in your area, sign in to your Optimum account online. Select Service Status option from the Support tab. Any information regarding an Optimum outage affecting you will be available here.

Optimum internet installation is a one-time cost. There are two types of installation that you can choose from. Standard Installation costs $99 and includes the set up of one wireless customer device, and two cable outlets. The Premium Installation costs $149 but all your devices and 3 cable outlets will be set up. Hard wiring for one of your devices comes included with the Premium option.

You can pay your Optimum bill via the Optimum Support App. The good news is the app is free. You can download it from Google Play or App Store, and let it take care of your Optimum service related needs.

An Optimum customer service representative is always available at 844-520-8978 to take orders, handle complaints, and resolve all your queries. You can chat with the representative any time.

You can also call at 1-844-527-5633 to get answers in your preferred language.

Just dial 844-520-8978 and an Optimum customer representative will handle all your complaints. In case you are looking to speak to someone in Spanish, you may call 1-844-527-5633.

Yes, Optimum Customer Service is available at 844-520-8978. Optimum also offers Live Chat so have round the clock support for all your problems.

Just sign in to your Optimum account online and make a one-time payment using your bank account, debit or credit card. You can also set up AutoPay to have the payment deducted from your bank account or debit/credit card every month.