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What Makes Optimum Bundles Worthwhile?

Optimum Internet: It is Fast & Reliable

From streaming HD movies, to fishing out impostors in online gaming—browsing, working from home, and so much more! Everything becomes a breeze when your connection is powered by Optimum Internet. Fast and reliable speeds delivered over Optimum’s hybrid fiber-coaxial network give you seamless multi-device connections. Whole-Home Wi-Fi means there are less snags and more juice for everyone to power their smart-devices. All Optimum internet plans include:

  • Complimentary access to online coverage and News12 app—that keeps you updated with 24-hour Live news from across Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Westchester.
  • Complimentary access to Cheddar—catch the latest tech, cultural, business and headline news online and via the Cheddar app.
  • Complimentary access to CuriosityStream—watch thousands of non-fiction shows and acclaimed documentaries.

Optimum Customer Service: Ready to Help

Issues in a connection are inevitable no matter how reliable a service. But, Optimum Customer Service is always watching your back. Whether you have a question regarding an upgrade or adding service(s), a complaint regarding your existing one, or any other concern, Optimum customer service team is there to save the day for you!

What’s More?

  • No hassle of annual contracts
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Up to $500 in Contract Buyout if you are stuck!

Optimum Home Phone: You are Always Connected

Talk to family and friends on a connection so clear the distance no longer matters. HD voice technology, minimum background noise, and sharp sound is what you get with high-end equipment over the reliable Optimum network. You get 20 useful phone features and unlimited local and long distance calling—at a rate that does not make your wallet itch. Optimum lets you add three additional lines too, with the same perks included, at only $14.95/mo

Optimum TV: The Whole Family is Entertained

Turn your TV into more than just a screen – turn it into an ‘experience’ with Optimum TV! Optimum brings you a diverse range of TV channels and On Demand choices. Use the voice activated remote to explore your favorite TV shows, movies and more. Watch a selection of content in 4K Ultra HD. Have fun with popular streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and more. Never miss your TV favorites with Optimum DVR. With all that Optimum TV experience brings, you will never feel out of touch with the fast paced evolution of intelligent technology.

Popular Optimum Packages

Bundle up Quality, Savings & Convenience

Optimum bundles bring you great value—you can pick from a range of options according to what you need and what your budget allows—no need to pay for the speed that you don’t use, or the channels that you don’t watch.

Enjoy multi-device HD streaming with a variety of internet speeds. Watch a wealthy range of popular TV channels. And, stay connected with unlimited nationwide calling at one flat monthly rate.

Bundling is the best way to save money on modern household essentials, like internet, TV and phone. And it gets you the convenience of paying for all services in a single bill every month. Combine two or more quality Optimum services, and benefit from hard to beat value at bundled Optimum prices.

Popular Optimum Bundle Offers

Internet 300 + Core TV


*for 12 months. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
Save $5 with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

  • 220+ channels
  • 60+ HD channel
  • Video on Demand
  • 300 Mbps download speed
  • Stream HD on multiple devices
  • Whole Home Wi-Fi

Internet 500 + Select TV


*for 12 months. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
Save $5 with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

  • 340+ channels
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 500 Mbps download speed
  • Stream 4K
  • Connect multiple devices via Whole Home Wi-Fi

Internet 1 Gig + Core TV + Digital Phone


*for 12 months. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
Save $5 with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

  • 220+ channels
  • Video on Demand
  • Download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Connect all Smart home devices via the Whole-Home Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited calling

Value-Rich Optimum Plans

Less in Expense & More on Satisfaction

Does your time-pass revolve around online gaming or watching the latest TV favorites? Well, if yes, then Optimum has your back. Optimum Internet and TV deals are designed to fulfil a variety of consumer needs. And they fit different budgets. You can choose 300, 500 or 940 Mbps internet speeds, and make a combo with Core, Select or Premier TV.

Cable broadband from Optimum comes with Fiber in the Loop. And, it does not let you down with ping spikes. So if you are in the mood, go ahead and grab a couple of victories in competitive gaming. The variety of Optimum TV channels brings you a great mix of programming from all popular genres. So, if you want to relax with some light-hearted entertainment, be Optimum's guest!

The best part is that Optimum Internet bundles come with the price locked-in for one full year.

Optimum Deals with Internet + TV

Optimum Offer Max. Download Speed No. of Channels Price*
Select TV/Internet 300 300 Mbps 340+ $85/mo.
Core TV/Internet 1 Gig 940 Mbps 220+ $110/mo.
Premier TV/Internet 500 500 Mbps 420+ $125/mo.

*For 12 months. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
Save $5 with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

Optimum Packages

Make Optimum Connections

You can count on Optimum Internet and Home Phone to make the best of connections. Optimum internet delivers robust speeds 24/7. And, Optimum phone gives you crystal-clear unlimited local and long distance calling 24/7. Not only can you call in the U.S. and to Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, but get free 411 calls, E911, and many useful calling features. Plus, manage your home phone from anywhere via your online Optimum account.

When you add phone to an Optimum package with internet, you only pay an additional $10—while the discounted price stays locked in for one full year.

Optimum Plans with Internet + Phone

Internet 300 + Phone


With 12 Months Price Lock
Get $5 per month discount with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

Internet 500 + Phone


With 12 Months Price Lock
Get $5 per month discount with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

Internet 1 Gig + Phone


With 12 Months Price Lock
Get $5 per month discount with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

Optimum Deals

Less in Expense & More on Satisfaction

Optimum is aware of how difficult it can become to balance needs within a budget. That is why Optimum encourages you to bundle your services in twos or threes. This way you can benefit from value services at discounted rates. So, if you have got your eye on an internet and TV package, you can pay only $10 more, and add a valuable home phone to complete your Optimum service suite. This way you will also become eligible for any two of the following perks:

This way you’ll pay a discounted price for each service. Far less than what it would cost you to subscribe to these services à la carte. And, with unlimited calling available via the Optimum home phone service, you’ll also be able to cut on your cellular service bill every month.

Take advantage of Optimum pricing, and get the best of cable internet & TV for you home, along with a steady phone connection—all a price that is hard to beat!

Optimum Deals with Internet + TV

Optimum Triple Play Offers Price*
Optimum Select TV + Internet 300 + Phone $95/mo.
Optimum Core TV + Internet 1 Gig + Phone $120/mo.
Optimum Premier TV + Internet 500 + Phone $135/mo.

*For 12 months. Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
Save $5 with AutoPay & Paperless Billing.

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Optimum by Altice: A Statistical Overview

Types of Service Cable & Fiber
Year of Launch June 2016
Residential Services Provided Cable TV, Broadband Internet & Home Phone
Availability Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
No. of ZIP Codes Serviced 909
Maximum Internet Speed Up to 1000 Mbps
Population Covered by Cable Network 12.9 million
Population Covered by Fiber Network 1.6 million
Optimum by Altice is a subsidiary of Altice USA
Optimum is the 4th largest cable & the 8th largest fiber broadband provider in the U.S.

Optimum Double & Triple Play Bundle Prices

A Quick Comparison

Optimum Bundle Max. Download Speed TV Price* Phone
Optimum Internet 300 & TV 300 Mbps Core (220+ channels) $70/mo. +$10
Select (340+ channels) $85/mo.
Premier (420+ channels) $105/mo.
Optimum Internet 500 & TV 500 Mbps Core (220+ channels) $90/mo.
Select (340+ channels) $105/mo.
Premier (420+ channels) $125/mo.
Optimum Internet 1 Gig & TV 940 Mbps Core (220+ channels) $110/mo.
Select (340+ channels) $125/mo.
Premier (420+ channels) $145/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any modem with certified DOCSIS 3.1 technology would work the best with Optimum Internet.

If you’re looking for affordable yet ample internet speeds, Optimum 300 would be good for you. To get Optimum Internet 300, subscribe to Optimum Core TV + Internet 300 bundle. It comes at just $70/month with a one year price lock.

The cheapest Optimum package is Optimum Internet 300 + Core TV which is priced at $70/month for 12 months. Optimum Internet 300 and phone bundle will cost you $55/month for 12 months.

Yes. Optimum Internet is available as a standalone service. You can enjoy 300 Mbps download speeds for $45/month. For more information contact an Optimum representative at 1-844-520-8978.

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