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Most of us find ourselves stuck in an endless loop of switching channel after channel to find something worth-watching. But, with Spectrum TV as your household cable TV partner you are unlikely to get trapped in the dilemma. The Spectrum cable TV service lets you pick from a plethora of entertainment choices—family entertainment, sports, Hollywood blockbuster movies, reality TV—you name it. The celebrated Spectrum channel lineup comes carefully designed to look after the varied user profiles, and includes family entertainment networks in all TV plans. So, if you have been looking for a value packed TV service, which guarantees a great family evening, you can bank on Spectrum cable TV.

And, when it comes to quality family TV, it is difficult to overlook Ion Television—a free to air TV network which is available through local affiliates via some cable systems in certain regions, while its national feed carried by select cable systems in other markets.  

Ion Television – A Word about the TV Channel

The Ion channel is owned by the E. W. Scripps Company. Founded in 1995 as inTV, the network has undergone glow-ups several times. The network marked its official launch date on August 31, 1998 as Pax TV. Fast forward to 2005, it was once again rebranded as i: Independent Television. Albeit, the new title lasted only until 2007, when the network was revamped as Ion Television on January 29—and, that remains its current identity to date.

Ion Television is “Positively Entertaining” for all the right reasons. The TV channel has a well-assorted range of programming. An all-encompassing programming block for children—the Qubo Kids Corner—features educational programs like Animal Science and Xploration Awesome Planet. You get TV shows that cover the ins and outs of the Drama genre such as Law & Order, Numb3rs and Criminal Intent. Ion Television’s current programming lineup does not have a block exclusive to sports, but the network has previously broadcast sports events like Paralympic Games, Conference USA College Football games and matches from the Women’s United Soccer Association.

And to top it off, Ion Television is a part of the Spectrum cable TV lineup—Spectrum is among the select cable TV providers that carry the Ion channel. So, if you have often found yourself looking for a TV channel that covers all aspects of entertainment for your family, the Ion channel on Spectrum can just be a good pick to expand the scope of TV choices for everyone.  

The Ion Channel on Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum divides its cable TV plans in three tiers.  With these higher tiers you get to binge on premium TV networks like HBO® and SHOWTIME® as well as sports networks like the NFL and MLB networks. But, as for the Ion channel, you do get it in all three Spectrum TV channel lineups, no matter which one you pick.

What Number is Ion Channel  on Spectrum TV?

For the ultimate family entertainment experience, you do not have to bother looking elsewhere when Ion Television is part of your cable TV repository. But, when you want your young ones to tune into the Qubo Kids Corner block, and you do not seem to find the Ion channel on Spectrum, it can become a real ordeal. The Spectrum TV on-screen guide can prove to be of great help, but when you are newly subscribed to a TV service, learning to navigate your way can take some time.

The listing below comprises of cities/towns where Spectrum TV services is the most popular. And, if you do not see your region listed, you can click here, insert your ZIP code and get the Ion channel number on Spectrum in your area.


What to Watch on Ion Television?

Ion Television does it the best with its family-oriented programming. There is something for every family member to binge-watch!

On Sunday mornings, children can munch on their favorite cereal and satiate their entertainment cravings with the Qubo Kids Corner block.

As for adults, programs broadcast on Ion Television are mainly distributed by film studios and distribution giants like Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Studios, NBCUniversal Television Distribution and a few other renowned names. TV shows currently broadcast on Ion Television are drama series such as Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, CSI: Miami and the Law & Order Franchise.

The network is also known for its original Christmas movies with A Christmas in Royal Fashion, A Snow White Christmas and Country Christmas Album being the most recent releases by Ion Television.

All in all

There you go! Our speed run through the list of numbers for the Ion channel, what you can binge-watch with family, and more that you needed to know about Ion Television on Spectrum. If you have not already subscribed to a Spectrum plan, and feel inclined to revamp your family entertainment regime, you may as well contact the Spectrum Sales Support team. Call 1-855-423-0918 and get pro advice on which Spectrum TV add-on may be your best pick. For the Spanish-speaking, you can call soporte de ventas de Spectrum at número de Spectrum i.e. 1-844-487-271.


1. How do I contact Spectrum Sales Support?

The Spectrum Sales Support number is 1-855-423-0918.

The Spanish-speaking Spectrum TV customers can visit soporte de entas de Spectrum or give the Spectrum Español sales support team a call at 1-844-487-2710