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An internet connection is more than just for scrolling apps and loading web pages. You want a provider which offers you value added services included in the price you pay to be online. Spectrum has incomparable experience in the industry and offers customers incentives for staying a part of the Charter Spectrum™ family.

Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

Call 1-888-267-6535 for Spectrum Customer Service

The Spectrum phone number is the resource to call for people who need any kind of help with Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Account and Billing, Spectrum TV, Spectrum Voice, and Spectrum Home Security. Are you moving residence and would like to have your services transferred to a new address? Or would you like to take advantage of a promo price for new customers? This is the number to contact. Spectrum’s friendly representatives are ever ready to assist you.

Spectrum Customer Service Agent

Spectrum Internet Customer Service

Call 1-888-267-6535 for help with Spectrum internet Customer Service

Have you been experiencing any issues related to your Spectrum internet connection? It’s rare but when you do experience any issue with the internet service, this Spectrum contact number is your best resource for a quick solution. For new customers, the staff can walk you through a step-by-step procedure to set up your home network. Existing Spectrum internet customers can resolve any issues with the Spectrum router, modem, or any other service related issue. This Spectrum number is a life-saver when you want your internet to get back to its best, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Spectrum Internet Customer Service

Spectrum TV Customer Service

Spectrum Cable Customer Service Number is 1-888-267-6535

Do you want to find out about the best Cable Spectrum TV deals in your area? Are you considering switching from another cable provider to Spectrum? By calling this number you may be able to get Spectrum’s contract buyout offer of up to $500 if you subscribe to Spectrum TV as part of a double play or triple play bundle. Additionally, Spectrum Cable Customer Service staff are experts in channel lineups in your area, and can get you sweet deals on your favorite premium movie or sports channels. If you want information on Spectrum pay per view rates and events, ask away. Any issues with TV service of existing Spectrum TV customers are handled on a priority basis by this Spectrum Customer Services department.

Spectrum TV Customer Service

Spectrum Voice Customer Service

Talk to 1-888-267-6535 for Spectrum Voice Support

Spectrum Voice customers can call the Spectrum support number for help with the home phone features. Can’t figure out how to use any of the over two dozen features that your phone is equipped with? Call this Charter customer service number and a helpful Spectrum Voice expert will guide you on how to use the phone correctly. Besides this, you can learn how to set up voicemail, or block spam and robo calls. Spectrum Voice customers are interested in finding out the latest rates for international calling, which you can obtain on call with Spectrum Voice Customer Service.

Around the Clock Phone Support

Watch How to Reach Spectrum Customer Service

Other Spectrum Customer Service Channels

Charter Customer Service is professionally managed to respond promptly to customers quickly. Here are some other channels through which you can bring your problems to the attention of Spectrum Customer Care.

Spectrum Chat Customer Service

Go to Spectrum’s website and click the bubble in the bottom right corner to start a chat with a Spectrum representative. You can explain what issue you’re facing or ask any question you have to get instant answers.

Spectrum Sales Customer Service

Call 1-855-243-8892 for Sales Support

Here is a Spectrum contact to find out the latest offers for Spectrum customers. Get info on the latest promos, plans, and bundles applicable to your area. If you’re moving and want your services switched to your new address, the Spectrum Sales staff will get it done.

Spectrum Account Support

Call 1-800-892-4375 for Services and Account Support

Do you want a friendly Spectrum Customer Support person to make changes to your account instead of tinkering around on the Spectrum portal yourself? No problem! Spectrum has staff standing by to do just that for you. Change services, or any details of your account by calling this Charter phone number.

Spectrum Online Customer Support

Spectrum’s Online Support Center is a comprehensive library of helpful content designed to let you take steps to resolve issues. It has both informative articles as well as step by step guides to help you achieve a particular task. Get support for Spectrum Internet, Spectrum account & billing, Spectrum TV, and Spectrum Voice.

Manage Spectrum Account

Spectrum’s Online Support Center to manage your Spectrum account and services. On the home page, you get an account summary detailing the services you’re subscribed to. Billing information can be viewed and altered, TV services can be requested or canceled, internet packages or plans can be subscribed or unsubscribed, voice international minutes can be requested, and settings for managing your account can be changed.

Watch Spectrum TV Anywhere

Out and about? Login here to start watching your subscribed channels from anywhere! All you need is an internet connection. Use one of the hundreds of thousands of Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas across the country to enjoy live streaming of TV channels or to set your Spectrum DVR to record anything you’d like to watch when you get back to the comfort of your living room.

Spectrum Weather Outages

Call Spectrum Outage Number 1-833-267-6094

Spectrum’s storm center is the place to check out whether your services have been disrupted because of inclement weather conditions. Ask whether your services are down because of any weather event. You can also report service outage due to bad weather. Get an approximate ETA on when to expect service restoration and set up notification for when services do get restored.

Spectrum Twitter Customer Service

Twitter is a great way to get help from Spectrum Customer Service. You can also find out the latest offers from the provider. Follow Spectrum:

Spectrum Facebook Customer Service

The provider’s presence on Facebook is great for keeping track of the latest Spectrum offers, as well as the company’s activities in various states. Read what other Spectrum customers are saying. Like Spectrum on Facebook to get future updates.

Spectrum Remote Assistance

Let a Spectrum technician connect to your computer remotely. It’s a super quick way to have an expert attempt to fix any technical problem without having to wait for Spectrum staff to physically show up at your doorstep. Click to begin your Spectrum remote assistance request.

Spectrum Store Locations

Looking to do it the old fashioned way? Spectrum has many stores across the country where you can speak to Spectrum staff and get your issues resolved, order new services or alter your current services. Find out the nearest location on Spectrum Store Locator.

Before You Call Spectrum Customer Service

Are you about to call a Spectrum Customer Service Number? The staff member who will be assisting you will need some information before they can start the process to get your issue resolved. So keep the following with you before you call:

  • 1. Your Spectrum Account Number
  • 2. Your Billing Address
  • 3. Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • 4. Note taking device or pen and paper

Spectrum Services in Your Area

Charter Customer Service is dedicated to solving your issues and questions related to Spectrum’s services. Find out more about what you’re getting other than exceptional Customer Service.

Spectrum Internet for All Your Needs

We all need high speed broadband, whether we want to stream a movie on a weekend evening or we want to do important work related tasks online. Spectrum Internet service is one of America’s most popular providers because of its high-quality infrastructure, its actual performance versus advertised speeds, and its helpful and effective customer service. With a variety of plans and bundles for you to choose from, never fret over poor internet service again by subscribing to Spectrum Internet.

Spectrum Internet on Computer

Spectrum TV for Mega Entertainment

The amazing channel lineup of Spectrum Cable is the best option for news, sports, music, series, movies and so much more. Enjoy a huge variety of genres on Spectrum Cable, along with a massive On Demand library. Watch anywhere you want with a specialized app for remote viewing of live TV channels and On Demand content. Set up parental locks on channels, manage your subscriptions, and a lot more on Spectrum TV online. The rates Spectrum charges are very reasonable for the epic Spectrum TV service.

Spectrum TV in HD

Spectrum Voice Service for Unlimited Talk

The Spectrum Voice service is great for people who love to keep in touch with friends and family. Local and long distance calling is free on Spectrum Voice, and the international calling rates are phenomenal. Never lose touch with those who matter when you have Spectrum Voice. What’s more, the Spectrum home phone itself is a feature packed device. With over two dozen calling and management features you’ll feel like you have a secretary at home.

Spectrum Voice Plans

Spectrum Bundles for Convenience and Value

Spectrum bundles are a great way to enjoy double or triple play services and get your charges on a single, easy to understand bill. There are a couple of advantages to going for Spectrum bundles. You get two or three services for a lower price than they cost on a standalone basis. You instantly save when you go for a bundle. Other than that, your Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Voice services have professional Customer Service which promptly addresses your concerns. You will be treated as a valuable customer and not made to wait for solutions.

Spectrum Bundles for All Devices

Spectrum Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, due to business mergers Brighthouse is now part of Spectrum.
There is a one-time Wi-Fi Activation Fee (in addition to installation fee) of $9.99. If you are using your own wireless router, there is no extra monthly charge for Wi-Fi on Spectrum.

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