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Xfinity Services: Delivering the benefits

Xfinity from Comcast is one of the top-most service providers in the US. That’s quite an achievement, because of the high level of competition in the industry. We have attained this rank based on our widespread network coverage, and the benefits we deliver with our reliable and affordable services.

Combine Xfinity Internet, Xfinity TV and Xfinity Home Phone to make a bundle which saves you money and delivers connectivity and entertainment for years to come―while taking care of the entire family’s needs and wants.

Reliable Internet to watch all your favorite shows, with personalized recommendations and the ability to easily search across it all with our award-winning Voice Remote!


Explore Xfinity plans, packages & prices

The Xfinity brand is a household name because of our well-thought out plans and packages that are exactly what customers want. Due to the variety of available offers, you will find there’s already a plan or package which fits your needs perfectly.

Here are a few of the most popular Xfinity offers among customers―pick a single play if internet is all you need. And, if you need both internet and TV for your home, Xfinity bundles give you all with more savings!

Xfinity Internet


$39.99/mo. for 12 months with 1-year Term Contract. Taxes and equipment not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.
  • Fast & reliable connections for all your devices
  • Download speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Free Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box
  • Tons of content at no extra cost, including Peacock Premium & Xumo

Xfinity Internet, TV & Home Phone

Popular Triple Play

$90/mo. for 12 months with 2-year Term Contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes and fees not included.
  • A reliable connection even when everyone’s online
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Live TV, On Demand, sports & streaming apps all in one place!
  • Say it and see it with the award-winning Voice Remote
  • 125+ channels― FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, Nickelodeon, TBS & more
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Xfinity Internet & TV

Ultimate Double Play

$105/mo. for 12 months with 2-year Term Contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes and fees not included.
  • A reliable connection even when everyone’s online
  • Download speeds up to 600 Mbps
  • Live TV, On Demand, sports & your favorite streaming apps all in one place
  • DVR you can set and watch anytime, anywhere
  • 185+ channels― Nat Geo Wild, TeenNick, Disney Channel, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network & more

*After term agreement, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Price does not include equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges. Not all programming available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.

So many provider choices, why go for Xfinity? Here’s why!

You’re probably considering Xfinity as your broadband, cable, and voice service provider. If you’re not sure, check out these solid reasons to choose Xfinity.

XFi Complete

By choosing to get xFi Complete you not only get the secure xFi Gateway but a lot more for only $25 per month―inclusive of your internet equipment rental fee. Here is what you enjoy:

  • The xFi Gateway―a 2-in-1 modem + router―which connects you to the largest Gig speed network and provides powerful whole-home WiFi coverage (with an xFi Pod included if recommended)
  • Access to over 20 million secure WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • Added layer of protection with xFi Advanced Security
  • The Xfinity app which lets you make your kids’ internet life safe and disciplined, optimize your connection, and do a lot more
  • Peace of mind with unlimited data―a $30 per month value

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Norton™ Security

Xfinity X1 TV

Entertainment just feels better on Xfinity X1 TV. An amazing channel lineup at a great price, with an advanced “entertainment operating system” that is X1―this is what you get with Xfinity Cable. Subscribe to an X1 eligible package and use the X1 TV box for an immersive televisual experience.

  • The X1 Voice Remote lets you switch channels, and search across channels & apps such as YouTube, Netflix & more by just giving verbal commands
  • Watch every pass, every goal, every hit, and every basket in 4K UHD
  • The smart X1 guide makes suggestions, displays trending shows and series, saves your favorites, and enables smart search
  • Record 6 shows simultaneously with the X1 DVR, and store 150 HD hours worth of video on the hard drive

xFi Advanced Security

The new xFi Advanced Security from Xfinity is available to all customers who lease the xFi Gateway from us. The high-end gateway device comes equipped with seamless and innovative digital security protection via xFi Advanced Security. Your network is made safe at the gateway level, so all connected devices are protected.

Xfinity makes your online experience secure at no extra cost!

Xfinity Own Equipment
Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Use your own equipment

Are you an IT expert? A tech whiz? You will be sorely missing out on the awesome features of the xFi system, but hey, you do have the choice to go with your own internet equipment.

Unfortunately, Xfinity Customer Service won’t be able to provide you any tech support in this case. Xfinity does have a list of compatible equipment for interested customers.

Some more reasons to choose Xfinity


Moving soon? Move in a minute!

Choose from tons of flexible options to fit your needs, plus easy online ordering and installation your way.

While every move is unique, if you are moving to an area with Xfinity, you can transfer your service in a few easy steps. Plus, stay connected with WiFi hotspots.

  • Tell Xfinity when and where, and let them check details about offer availability in the area
  • Review and approve all details before you move
  • Take your equipment along, and Xfinity will help you reinstall it all when you get there

Student-exclusive online offers from Xfinity

  • Get a $100 Visa® Prepaid Card with fast Xfinity Internet. Plus 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited as a bonus
  • Keep up with classes and each other
  • All you have to do is confirm you’re a college student and get offers with free and easy self-installation

Special military offer: $100 Visa® Prepaid card and $25 Xfinity coupon

As a token of appreciation and gratitude, Xfinity offers serving military personnel and veterans:

  • A $25 Xfinity coupon which you can use to pay for the next Xfinity On Demand rental or purchase, or as a credit towards your bill
  • A $100 Visa® Prepaid card if you have signed up for Xfinity service with a minimum agreement during the past 90 days

Teacher-exclusive online offers from Xfinity

  • Get a $100 Visa® Prepaid Card
  • Save on fast internet and enjoy live TV, sports, and streaming all in one place
  • Watch with Peacock Premium from NBC Universal―at no extra cost
  • And enjoy millions of secure Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide that help you save mobile data

Xfinity customer care bonuses

When a company is providing services to tens of millions of households like we do, it’s complicated to keep everyone happy. Through decades of experience, customer feedback, market research, and just a general concern for a good customer experience, Xfinity pledges to:

  • Respect your time
  • Simplify your experience
  • Make things right in case of falling short

Our endeavour is to treat you respectfully and take your concerns seriously. Any time you’re inconvenienced, we will do all in our power to make you a happy customer again.

When you’re buying a tangible product in a store, you can pick it up, turn it over, and feel it in your hand. You can read the labels and other information. How do you decide if an internet, cable TV, and voice service provider is really as good as it claims to be? The answer is a service trial period. That’s what you get with Xfinity.

Order with confidence that you’re taking no financial risk by subscribing to Xfinity services! If you find that service isn’t top quality, call Xfinity within the first 30 days of service activation and you will be given your money back without having to wait long.

99% of the time you’ll not have to worry about customer service. But for those rare instances when any of your Xfinity services isn’t working perfectly, you have a professional team of agents ready to assist. You can choose the day and time to call, because Xfinity Customer Service staff is available around the clock. Even on federal holidays, they are at work to take your call.

At Xfinity we strive to make customer experience as convenient and flexible as it gets. The Xfinity My Account App is one such tool.

It makes it a breeze to attend to account information and billing. Managing your service appointments or accessing self-help resources related to setup and troubleshooting is at your finger tips. You can also find ways to contact Xfinity via the app.

It is a hassle free way of managing your Xfinity account from anywhere anytime, right at your fingertips.

“Is Xfinity available in my area?”

Xfinity from Comcast―the largest cable provider in the US―has a sprawling network infrastructure which covers 35+ states, and over 112 million people. The Xfinity footprint is the most impressive in California, Florida and Illinois. While urban and suburban communities are the best covered, Xfinity is one of the few cable service providers with presence in parts of rural America as well.

Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I start a new Xfinity subscription?

If you are new to Xfinity services, browse Xfinity plans and packages and order online to determine offer availability at your address. Once you place an order, and ask for the Getting Started Kit to be mailed to you, it will be sent directly to your home.


Which services does Xfinity offer?

Xfinity from Comcast offers Cable and Fiber internet, cable TV and home phone services in over 35 states. You can browse offers and order online.


Does Xfinity provide 24/7 customer care?

Yes. Xfinity offers 24/7 help to its subscribers. You can Live Chat with Xfinity at anytime on any day of the week. Xfinity representatives are also available at 1-800-XFINITY to attempt to resolve an issue or answer a question that you may have.


Can I transfer my Xfinity account to a new address?

Yes. Xfinity helps its customers transfer their services to a new address if it is in Xfinity area. Tell Xfinity about your move here. And let the provider take care of the rest. You can stay connected via Xfinity WiFi hotspots during your move.


Does Xfinity have offers for serving military personnel and veterans?

Yes. Xfinity takes special care of serving military personnel and veterans. You can get a $25 Xfinity Coupon to use towards your next Xfinity On Demand rental or purchase or as a credit to your bill. A $100 Visa® Prepaid Card is also on offer if you have signed up for Xfinity service with a minimum agreement during the past 90 days.

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