Call For Xfinity Deals: 844-207-8721


Xfinity Customer Service: Ready to help anytime, anyway!

Make it effortless to get in touch with Xfinity customer service―find a way that is the most convenient for you to make contact―from help over phone to on online Xfinity customer service accounts that you can tap into―there are options.

Call the Xfinity customer service number for sales support


Find out if services are available at your address and get info on the latest promos, discounts, packages, and bundles.

Contact Xfinity on Facebook or via Messenger

Hear about the latest in innovations at Xfinity, learn about services/products and upcoming promotions or find out what other Xfinity customers are saying.

Call the Xfinity customer support number for after-sales assistance


Share your concerns and ask questions about account, billing or service/product related matters.

Contact Xfinity on Twitter and send the support team a message

You don’t have to be an existing customer to get in touch with Xfinity via social media―contact & find out what is new about products, services and offers.

Start a live chat with the Xfinity Assistant whenever you need instant help

Xfinity live chat

Here you can get answers about services/products/billing etc. and also get redirected to a live representative if necessary.

Reach out to Xfinity via Reddit for any concerns

Get help with technical issues, upgrades & downgrades, general service questions, new accounts & transfers, credit requests, disconnect requests, and more!

Visit an Xfinity retail store

Xfinity has over 500 retail stores―you can visit the nearest to share concerns, ask questions, make bill payments, get help with adding or upgrading service(s) or assistance at sorting out equipment-related matters.

Xfinity Customer Support: Our self-help
portal answers all your questions

Need help at getting started with your new service, troubleshooting the connection, equipment or WiFi hotspots?

Click here for Xfinity Internet support

Learn how to make the best use of your X1 setup, find help to troubleshoot problems, get an overview of apps, and more!

Click here for Xfinity TV support

Want to make the best of Xfinity’s spam blocking tech or looking to learn how to set up your voicemail?

Click here for Xfinity Voice support

Learn how to arm or disarm your system and set up rules, find out how to prevent false alarms or troubleshoot alerts and connectivity issues!

Click here for Xfinity Home support

Find out how to make the most of your new Xfinity Mobile service, and get instant answers to questions about service and devices.

Click here for Xfinity Mobile support

Are you looking to learn about closed captioning, audio description, voice guidance and other accessibility features?

Click here for Accessibility support

Learn about managing your services and personal information, find out how to add users to your account or change your Xfinity account ID.

Click here for account support

Find out about how to pay your bill, view statements & billing history, review pending transactions or get help with understanding your bill.

Click here for billing support

The Xfinity Status Center helps you find solutions to issues without making a call. Identify problems, and discover easy fixes via the diagnostic tool or check for outages.

Click here for connection support

Looking to explore Xfinity services?

Get around the clock sales support

Xfinity customer service is available 24/7/365 to attend to your questions. Even if you are not an Xfinity customer yet, you can call the Xfinity phone number. Subscribing to Xfinity can be the beginning of an extraordinary experience―great services coupled with quality customer care.

So, go ahead―check the Xfinity availability map, and explore what is on offer from Xfinity. Get what you think is best designed to fit your needs. Become a customer today and start a lasting relationship with Xfinity!

For English-speaking customers: 844-207-8721

For Spanish-speaking customers: 844-207-8725

Quick answers to common questions about Xfinity

Xfinity outage

How to check for an Xfinity outage?

Extreme weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause a disruption in your internet service. But, Xfinity gives you the tools to help stay on top of the situation―

  • Sign in to Xfinity My Account and navigate to Support. Then click on the Status Center option to check for an outage.
  • Register your mobile number for updates so you can receive real-time service updates.
  • Text OUT to 266278 (COMCST) to see if there is a service outage in your area.

How to troubleshoot my Xfinity services?

Xfinity is always around the corner to help you fix issues as quickly as can be― you can tap into any of these support channels depending on the nature of your question or concern.

  • Call the Xfinity tech support number and share your concern or do so via live chat
  • Sign into Xfinity customer support portal and navigate to pertinent content for DIY solutions
  • Go to Xfinity Community Forum to find answers and solutions from fellow-subscribers and experts.
xfinity services

Xfinity customer service: Enjoy exceptional
care, in-person or virtually!

xfinity store location

Do you prefer one-on-one interaction? Visit an Xfinity store location!

Drop at your nearest Xfinity store location or book an appointment beforehand. You’ll enjoy the innovative and engaging experience at any of our 500+ store locations.

Visit this page to find an Xfinity store near you.

Prefer virtual interaction? Stay prepared with the all-round Xfinity app!

Save time and energy―get your Xfinity account registered and download the Xfinity app. You’ll always be a click away from answers―check for an outage, contact a representative or find out the status of a service call.

xfinity app

Xfinity bill-pay made easy: You can do it anyway you prefer!

Sign into to pay your bill online―transfer payments from a checking/savings account or use a credit/debit card.

Make a one-time payment or set up autopay to draft payments directly from your bank account.

Download the FREE Xfinity My Account app to pay your bill using your Xfinity credentials.

You can set up a payment arrangement using your credit/debit card or bank account information.

Call at 1-800-Xfinity (1-800-934-6489) and follow the automated prompts to pay your bill using credit/debit card or a valid savings/checking account. You can also use this system to enrol in autopay.

  • Pay in-person using one of the Xfinity self-service kiosks at an Xfinity store location.
  • Visit a Western Union Quick Collect location to pay your bill.
  • Mail a check using the insert included in your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An Xfinity customer service representative is always available at 844-207-8721 to provide information regarding Xfinity services, guide you regarding service plans, and take orders. For assistance in Spanish, call at 844-207-8725.

Yes. The Xfinity app is totally free. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play, and let it take care of your Xfinity service, account or billing related needs, and more.

To report issues with your service, you can chat with the Xfinity Assistant anytime. Click here! to start a conversation. If needed you will be directed to a live agent.

You can speak to representatives of Xfinity Customer Service at 844-207-8721 around-the-clock. Check service availability or find out about the latest promotions in your area.

Xfinity Customer Service offers 24/7 support at 844-207-8721. Call to check service availability, and get information about the latest Xfinity deals in your area.

Yes. Xfinity provides 24/7 customer service. Contact Xfinity customer service representatives at 844-207-8721 anytime to check service availability and the latest deals at your address.

Yes. Speak to representatives at 844-207-8721 anytime and find out about the latest Xfinity promotions for new customers in your area.

Yes. Xfinity from Comcast provides 24/7 customer service. For new residential service setup, call at 844-207-8721 anytime.

Yes. Xfinity offers 24/7 customer support. For sales support call at 844-207-8721 anytime, any day.

Xfinity gives you more than one way to check for service outage. You can sign into your Xfinity My Account and go to the Status Center. You can also text OUT to COMCST i.e. 266278, and see if there is an outage in the area. Xfinity social media handles deliver the latest service updates; here you can interact with an Xfinity representative or the Xfinity community for the latest update.

You can reach out to a live Xfinity customer service representative at 844-207-8721 anytime, and ask questions about Xfinity services, offers and availability at your address.