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Xfinity Self Protection powered by xFi

Keep an eye on your home easily and on your own terms!

The Self Protection plan is the least costly and the most flexible of Xfinity Home security solutions. It works seamlessly with the innovative xFi Gateway that powers all your Xfinity services over a fast and reliable network. And, the xFi Advanced Security provides an added layer of protection to help keep your cameras and recordings safe online.

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Xfinity Self Protection Equipment

Xfinity Home security camera is the smarter choice!

Choose up to 6 Xfinity Security cameras for your home with Self Protection ─ they connect automatically to your xFi Gateway and Xfinity app ─ bringing you real-time updates from your home – indoors and outdoors.

  • HD Picture quality & Night Vision
  • Stay connected with two-way audio
  • Receive real-time updates with motion detection
  • Self-installation is easy, and you can also get a helping hand from professionals at HelloTech

Xfinity security cameras cost just $5/mo. each for 24 months.

Enjoy total ease with Kwikset Smart Locks

Let your friends and family in, even when you are not home. Add up to 3 Kwikset smart locks to your Self Protection plan at only $5/month each for 24 months.

Powered by the xFi Gateway, these smart locks integrate into your Xfinity app ─ giving you complete control of entryways via your mobile device, no matter where you are.

  • Get lock and unlock notifications in real-time
  • Upgrade your current compatible locks easily
  • You can rely on the auto-lock feature to keep your house safe even when you forget

Discover all-round ease with the Xfinity Smart Entry Kit

Why not enjoy double advantage with the Xfinity Smart Entry Kit ─ you’ll know who is at the door, and when to open the door. See it all, and control it all, via the Xfinity app!

The Xfinity Smart Entry Kit puts together an Xfinity Home security camera and a smart lock in a neat little package. It costs $9/mo. for 24 months ─ and so also gives you a small saving every month!

Get the complete picture with the Xfinity Video Doorbell

The Xfinity Video Doorbell is a great little piece of smart security equipment that lets you see and speak with whoever is at your door via the Xfinity app, anytime from anywhere.

  • Enjoy HD live video + Night Vision
  • Get an alert when motion is detected
  • 2-Way audio & head-to-toe view brings you a complete audio-visual experience

At $5/mo. for 24 months, it’s a must-have for a smart and safe life!

Get started with easy and affordable ways to look after your home. Add Self Protection for only $10/month with no term contract required.


Frequently Asked Questions about Xfinity Self Protection

Which smart home devices can be linked to Xfinity Home with the Xfinity App?

Xfinity Home links with a range of compatible smart home devices that are products of different brands. You can connect them through the xFi Gateway and control via the Xfinity App. These devices include smart locks, thermostats, lights, plugs and more.

How much does Xfinity Self Protection cost per month?

The Xfinity Self Protection plan starts at only $10 per month and does not have a term contract. But to sign up for the plan you must first subscribe to Xfinity Internet, and rent out the xFi Gateway. To determine if Xfinity Home offers are available at your address, call at 844-207-8721.

How good is the Xfinity Self Protection?

U.S. News ranks Xfinity Home security systems among the top 20 in 2022. Xfinity’s professionally installed and monitored security stands at #4. And the Xfinity Self protection review says it’s the 5th best self-monitored home security service you can get. To determine if Xfinity Home offers are available at your address, call at 844-207-8721.

Does Xfinity Self Protection come with professional installation for devices?

Xfinity Home provides you with easy-to-use self-install instructions, when you subscribe to the Xfinity Self Protection plan. You can install these easy to setup and easy to connect devices on your own without problems. But if you do need assistance you can also consult with HelloTech.

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