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The hottest Xfinity deals for new customers

Get more speed, more choice & more value!

Xfinity cable deals are appealing to say the least. When your home needs fast and reliable internet, and cable TV with all the innovative bells and whistles ꟷ we have the answer for you! Take a look at some of the hottest Xfinity deals for new customers ꟷ and pick one that fulfills your needs.

Xfinity Internet + TV

Stick to the essentials at the best price!

$49.99/mo. for the first 12 months with 1-year Term Contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes & fees not included.
  • Fast & reliable connections for all your devices
  • Download speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Download TV shows & movies with our Xfinity Stream app
  • 10+ channels including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS

Xfinity Internet + TV

Want more? Faster speeds and more entertainment for everyone!

$80/mo. for 12 months with 1-year Term Contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes and fees not included.
  • Fast & reliable connections for all your devices
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Live TV, On Demand, sports & streaming apps all in one place
  • Say it and see it with the award-winning Voice Remote
  • 125+ channels― FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, Nickelodeon, TBS & more

Xfinity Internet + TV

Get the best of both worlds. Super fast speeds and unlimited TV!

$105/mo. for 12 months with 2-year Term Contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes and fees not included.
  • A reliable connection even when everyone’s online
  • Download speeds up to 600 Mbps
  • Live TV, On Demand, sports & streaming apps all in one place
  • Say it and see it with the award-winning Voice Remote
  • 185+ channels― Nat Geo Wild, TeenNick, Disney Channel, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network & more!

Spend less & get more with Xfinity promotions

Xfinity offers generous deals & value perks

Subscribe to Xfinity Internet ꟷ and get the smart Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote ꟷ at no extra cost! That’s tons of entertainment packed into one little box and more!

Subscribe to Xfinity Internet or X1 TV Enjoy classics, new shows & movies, exclusive originals, live news, docuseries, sports highlights & kids’ programming ꟷ with Peacock Premium all included!

Save with discounts ꟷ sign up for a term agreement & earn a Term Contract discount. With autopay and paperless billing discount, you save $10 every month. And when you bundle services, there is a Multi-product discount to be enjoyed!

Pair Xfinity Mobile with your Internetearn up to $400 in savings per year. Plus enjoy top ranking customer satisfaction and value. You get to access America’s most reliable 5G network for up to half the cost of Verizon!

Xfinity Rewards ꟷ We thank you with a mix of special perks just for being our customer. Start with a great Xfinity deal on the Internet. And join Xfinity Rewards as soon as the new service is up. From simple delights to awesome experiences, you get to unlock more rewards, the longer you are with us.

Get the coolest Xfinity offer for cord-cutters

Xfinity Flex 4K is all FREE with Internet!

For customers who don’t wish to buy TV service, we have just the right solution. As an Xfinity Internet customer you get our Flex 4K streaming device all FREE ꟷ it’s a not-to-miss Xfinity deal for serious streamers!

All your favorite streaming apps

Enjoy entertainment from over 250 OTT services. Flex includes all the most popular subscription-based apps such as ꟷ Netflix, Prime Video, HBO MaxTM, Peacock Premium and more!

One integrated guide

Discover new favorites across all your entertainment options ꟷ whether it is exclusive to a streaming app or service, paid content or free!

Our Voice Remote

The award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote makes the world of streaming less complex. You get to the content you are looking for quickly and easily ꟷ no more guess work!

Free entertainment

The Flex catalog focuses on adding value to your subscription and offers tens and thousands of free choices from Peacock, Xumo, Pluto, Tubi and more!

Watch live TV

Want to watch live channels? The innovative Flex channel guide also pulls live content from services such as Peacock, Cheddar, Xumo and others. Like so, you always have more to lean on!

Easy upgrade

You always have the ability to take your Flex 4K experience up a notch. Upgrade to a selection of packages from Xfinity TV and get instant access to live channels and on demand content.

Looking for Xfinity promotions on standalone services?

Here are the most popular and affordable Xfinity offers!

Xfinity Internet


for 24 months. No Term Contract. Taxes not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

  • Max. download speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Unlimited data with WiFi equipment included
  • Download shows/large files or stream on multiple devices
  • Free Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box
  • Tons of content at no extra cost, including Peacock Premium

Xfinity X1 TV


No Term Contract. Taxes and equipment not included. Price exclusive of broadcast TV & regional sports fee; price subject to change. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

  • Local broadcast TV channels & popular cable networks
  • 125+ channels like FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, Nickelodeon, TBS
  • Enjoy live TV, On Demand, sports & streaming apps all in one place
  • Includes Peacock Premium at no extra cost

Xfinity Home


No Term Contract. Taxes and equipment not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

  • 24/7 professional monitoring with fast response times
  • Real-time alerts
  • Cellular backup
  • Monitor activity & control your system with the Xfinity Home app
  • Get total flexibility with no long term contracts―easily switch between security solutions

Xfinity deals for students

Help yourself keep up with classes & each other

Xfinity understands it is difficult being a student ꟷ its an almost-always under pressure lifestyle to keep up with, and yet achieve goals. So, Xfinity offers students a break ꟷ with carefully designed deals ꟷ when it comes to accessing fast and reliable internet.

All you need to do is confirm you’re a college student to become eligible for exclusive Xfinity deals for students ꟷ once that is verified by Xfinity, you can start enjoying being online for work and fun via the advanced Xfinity network.

Get the speed that is right for you. And let our Advanced Security protect your online experience. Plus there is the Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box complete with Peacock Premium ꟷ all on us!

Exclusive Xfinity offers for students get you up to a $100 Visa® Prepaid Card alongside fast Internet! What’s more ꟷ you can earn another $50 when you switch and bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile!


Xfinity promotions for the Military

In gratitude of your service…

We value all our customers, but even more so if they serve in the military. Your service to the country does not go unnoticed by Comcast whether your currently serving or a veteran.

All you have to do is to purchase a residential Xfinity offer, and get started to verify your military status for a special reward.

Xfinity deals for the military personnel offer perks such as up to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card when you sign up for an Xfinity service with a minimum term contract. You may also be eligible for a one-time $25 Xfinity coupon that can be credited to your bill, or used toward your Xfinity On Demand rental or purchase.

Make Xfinity deals more affordable

Here is how you can lower your bill

While Xfinity deals get you an amazing value for your money, if you are on a budget and want to keep it as low as possible, keep this in mind ꟷ

  • Think about using your own internet equipment. The xFi Gateway is every bit worth it for the $14/mo. rental fee, but Xfinity lets you BYOD. So if you can handle technology, go ahead and use your own modem/router.
  • Unless your home needs a service, don’t include it in your Xfinity package deal. Stick to what you require, whether its primary services or add-ons. For instance, go for an Xfinity cable deal if you watch TV everyday. Otherwise a super fast Xfinity Internet connection can do the trick for you, especially with all the perks it gets you.
  • Don’t forget ꟷ Xfinity gives you a Term Contract discount when you sign an agreement for 1 or 2 years. Unless you are planning to move, it makes sense to save more with a term commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long does an Xfinity promotion last?

Xfinity promotional rates last for a limited time period. This can be a 1 or 2 years period depending upon the Xfinity deal you choose.


How much do Xfinity plans cost after the first 12 months?

Xfinity offers vary in pricing as well as applicable terms and conditions from one region to another. However if you subscribe to an Xfinity deal with a term commitment, there will be a hike in the monthly service charge after the end of the promotion term. For details check offer availability in your area via ZIP search tool here. And read through the price information for the offers you are interested in.


How often are Xfinity deals and promotions available?

Depending on the region you are in, you can find Xfinity deals for new customers that are flexible and attractively priced. You can determine availability of Xfinity promotions in your area by using the ZIP search tool here.


How much does a Comcast deal for internet cost?

The cost of any Comcast deal for the internet varies with the region you are in. Xfinity from Comcast offers promotional deals as well as plans with no term commitment. And depending on the offer you choose, the price will vary. Check out the cost of Xfinity Internet plans for your region and determine offer availability at your address here.


How can I get an Xfinity package deal in my area?

You can explore Xfinity package deals, check out the service features, perks and pricing here. And use the ZIP search tool to determine availability in your area.

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