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How to Use Xfinity Internet Speed Test

To take the Xfinity Wi-Fi Speed Test is pretty simple and straightforward. Click on the “Start Test” option to launch your session. The speed test tool measures the amount of time taken to establish the connection, also referred to as “Latency”. The internet speed test for Xfinity also sends and receives a tiny amount of your data to measure your download and upload speeds.

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Simple Tips for Accurate Xfinity Speed Test Results

Several factors can and will affect the results of your internet speed test– even minor details like the time and day you run the test. That is why it is recommended you run the Xfinity internet speed test a few times over a period of 1 to 2 days, and keep track of the results for a more representative average.

Here are a few tips that can help you get a good Xfinity Wi-Fi test:

Perform the speed test over an Ethernet cable

Wi-Fi is generally slower than a wired connection which is why speed claims by providers are usually accompanied by a disclaimer that states that the advertised speed is based on a wired connection. Hence, it is best to run a speed test over the latest gen Ethernet cable.

Disconnect any idling devices

Before you run a speed test, ensure that no device is hogging up the bandwidth or slowing the internet speed. Disconnect all idling or uselessly connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, wireless cameras, and more.

Press pause on other online activities

Whether it is heavy webpages, videos, streaming, or other activities, it is better to close them all down before you start the speed test. This will give a more accurate result and help you reach a conclusion on your desired speeds.

Empty your browser cache

Browser cache can severely slow down your network if it is not cleared often enough. Hence it is a good idea to empty and clear it out before you run a speed test and get rid of any chunky temporary files that may be causing your network to slow down.

Restart Your Modem/Router

This is the simplest yet most effective trick in the book to set technical glitches right, immediately! Restart all your internet equipment and other connected devices to your network. Let your equipment take a breather and then start with it all over again!

 Xfinity internet speed

Xfinity Internet Speeds

One of the best things about Xfinity is that it offers a wide range of internet speeds ranging from 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps in most areas. There is also a 6 Gbps speed tier which is available in very limited areas as of now. Xfinity’s internet speed test will show you that the internet speeds, pricing, and availability vary a lot between locations. Most customers are aware of the plan when they sign up but do not regularly follow up on the speeds they are receiving which can sometimes lead to spotty connections and other problems.

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Xfinity Internet Speed Recommendations

Everyday Online Activities Minimum Download Speed Requirement
Emails & Web browsing 1-5 Mbps
Streaming HD content 5-25 Mbps
Streaming 4K content Online gaming competitions 40-100 Mbps
Streaming 4K content
Online gaming
Large file downloads
200 Mbps

What Can You Do With Xfinity Internet Speeds?

Xfinity internet services are available in multiple tiers of service, which you can choose from depending on your needs. For a little reference, here is a description of all that you can do with specific Xfinity speed tiers.

Xfinity Internet

75 Mbps – 200 Mbps

For smaller households with little internet use, the 75 Mbps and 200 Mbps plans can support multiple devices for essential activities. Browse internet, get to your emails, stream music, video and more.

Xfinity Internet

400 Mbps – 800 Mbps

For slightly larger families with under 10 devices for work and play, these mid-tier plans are the best. Enjoy HD & 4K video streaming, competitive gaming, and a whole lot more.

Xfinity Internet

1000 Mbps – 1200 Mbps

For larger families with a highly connected smart homes, this is an ideal pick. Connect as many devices as you want. Enjoy 8K video streaming, smart home devices, and everything else.

Popular Xfinity Internet Plans

Xfinity plans can vary across areas of its distribution – available specials, promotions and pricing for the most part. This makes upgrades and other things slightly tricky. Here is a quick look at all the plans and pricing available for Xfinity in different areas. For upgrades or more information, call 844-207-8721.

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Xfinity Internet Plan Max Download Speeds Pricing
CONNECT 75 Mbps $30/mo.
for 12 months. No term contract. Taxes & equipment not included. Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
CONNECT MORE 200 Mbps $25/mo.
for 24 months. No Term Contract. Taxes not included. Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
FAST 400 Mbps $50/mo.
for 24 months. No Term Contract. Taxes not included. Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
SUPERFAST 800 Mbps $65/mo.
for 24 months w/2-year term contract. Taxes not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.
GIGABIT 1000 Mbps $75/mo.
for 24 months w/2-year term contract. Taxes not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.
GIGABIT EXTRA 1200 Mbps $80/mo.
for 24 months w/2-year term contract. Taxes not included. Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to test my internet speed for Xfinity?

Just launch our Xfinity speed test tool and check your network’s upload and download speeds. Ensure that other devices are not idling while connected to your network and there is no bandwidth-intensive activity ongoing because that can affect the results of your test.

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Xfinity internet speeds range from 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps in most areas, with a 6 Gbps speed tier available in certain regions. For more information on Xfinity internet plans, call 844-207-8721.

The results of your Comcast speed test should be comparable to what you are paying for with your Xfinity plan. If you find any discrepancy or learn that your home usage has increased, please speak to a representative of Xfinity Customer Service at 844-207-8721.

Xfinity by Comcast serves 36 states across the country, with high-speed internet, flexible term agreements, and other perks. To determine availability in your area, speak to an Xfinity customer care representative at 844-207-8721