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Spectrum Internet® + TV + Voice

$124.97/mo. for 12 mos.

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Spectrum Internet® & Cable Packages

Fast Internet and All-Round TV Entertainment

Spectrum offers standalone internet and TV plans. And, you can also subscribe to Spectrum TV® and Internet packages. Each service is designed to deliver the maximum value for your money either way.

Spectrum internet® speeds start at 300 Mbps in most service regions. And in select residential neighborhoods, you can get the Gig service, powered by Spectrum’s hybrid fiber-coaxial network. All internet tiers give you unlimited data. And, save you the anxiety of overage fees. Speed and reliability with no data caps are the hallmarks of Spectrum Internet service!

Spectrum offers TV on your terms. You get the variety you’d expect, and the freedom to choose whichever way you want. The TV Select lineup gives you a great mix of networks, local and popular, to cover all TV essentials and then some. Add-on channel packs, like the Entertainment View and Sports View, bring you ways to include what you love and not have to pay for what you don’t watch. And premium networks, available as à la carte add-ons, give you the flexibility to include your own must-have(s) ─ whether it is HBO MAXTM or STARZENCORE®.

Join the Spectrum Family. Subscribe to Spectrum Internet and Cable packages for affordable quality!

Single Play Spectrum Internet® & Cable TV Plans

Spectrum Internet®

for 12 months

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  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • FREE internet modem & anti-virus software
  • FREE access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home WiFi
  • No risks with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Spectrum TV® Select

$59.99/mo.for 12 mos.

Offer Details
  • 125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Channels include ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • Enjoy thousands of On Demand choices to watch when and where you want
  • No risk with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Spectrum Packages with Internet, TV & Voice

Earn More Savings & Fulfill Your Needs

Spectrum TV® and Internet packages take your digital experience up a notch. And, when you pair the two services, you earn the advantage of discounted pricing on both. There is yet more discount, and value on offer if you subscribe to Spectrum Voice®. The home phone service costs only $14.99/mo. for one full year when you bundle it.

If you do not need more than one service to take care of your needs, a standalone plan sure makes sense. But, if your household requires the use of more than one service, it is only wise to bundle them up under the same trusted roof, and earn more savings.

You can take your pick from 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Spectrum packages. Either way, you’re charged a year-round discounted price. That too, with no compromise on quality!

Have a look at the range of Spectrum packages, key service features, and prices.

Spectrum Package Max. Download Speed Channel Count Phone Plan Promo Price
Internet + Voice 300 Mbps x Unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Mexico, Canada & more $64.98/mo.
for 12 months when bundled
Offer Details
TV Select + Voice × 125+ Unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Mexico, Canada & more $74.98/mo.
for 12 months when bundled
Offer Details
Internet + TV Select 300 Mbps 125+ x $109.98/mo.
for 12 months
Offer Details
Internet + TV Select + Voice 300+ 125+ Unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Mexico, Canada & more $124.97/mo.
for 12 months when bundled
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Spectrum Package Deals

Bargain Prices That Fit Your Pocket

Spectrum has been an essential part of millions of households and businesses across America for a good while now. Research shows Spectrum services are popular especially among millennials, and women. Fans describe Spectrum services as “Hi-tech, Practical, Everywhere, Ahead of the curve and Sophisticated”.

Spectrum deals get you standalone services at competitive prices. And, become more soft on your pocket, and bigger in value, when you get a bundled Spectrum deal. Squeeze the maximum value for your money with discounted service rates that stay locked in for 12 months! Contact Spectrum professionals at 1-844-481-5997 and subscribe to a Spectrum package deal today!

Spectrum Channel Packages

The Best at Beating Boredom Blues

TV entertainment is the single most effective way to kill boredom. And, when you have a choice as wide open as with Spectrum TV, boredom will think twice before it strikes.

Spectrum brings you a great mix of TV networks with its Select channel lineup. The Spectrum channel package is carefully designed to fit different sets of entertainment needs on its own, and also as a solid base plan which TV buffs can build onto just like they want it.

Spectrum TV Select is one of the most affordable and rich base-level plans you’ll find in the market. It gives you over 125 channels, local broadcast and popular cable TV networks. And, there is a variety of carefully designed add-on channel packs for you to pick from, as well as premium networks. Spectrum gives you complete freedom to personalize the Select plan just how you like it the best.

Spectrum Channel packages What is Included? Price
TV Select
(Base Plan)
125+ channels with FREE HD―local broadcast TV & popular Cable networks like ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, and MTV $59.99/mo.
for 12 mos.
Entertainment View
A collection of 80+ popular channels including OWN, Cooking Channel, NFL Network and more $12.00/mo.
Sports View
20+ sports channels including NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone, Golf Channel and ESPN College $6.00/mo.
Latino View
Over 70 Hispanic channels showcasing the best programming from Mexico, Latin America and Spain $12.00/mo.
International channel packs
Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese and more Varies with the pack
8 channels of award-winning shows and movies, plus On Demand. Now access more on the HBO Max™ app. $15.00/mo.
SHOWTIME 6 channels of Emmy Award-winning shows and tons of movies, plus SHOWTIME® On Demand. $10.00/mo.
STARZ & STARZENCORE From bold original series to the best movies, STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE® is the ultimate destination for obsess-able TV. $9.00/mo.

Find the Right TV with Spectrum Packages

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Charter Spectrum™

An Overview of Facts and Figures

Charter Spectrum™ is proud to be one of the most widely available service providers in the U.S. With an upgraded hybrid fiber-coaxial network, Spectrum is able to deliver reliable high-speed Internet to over 100 million citizens in more than 9,400 ZIP codes. While fiber optic internet from Spectrum is available to businesses in over 5,800 ZIP codes.

Following Charter’s merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable in 2016, Spectrum has come to rank #2 among cable service providers in the U.S. Its over 31 million consumer base is spread out in urban and suburban regions on both the East and West coasts.

Tracing Steps Back in History

The good nationwide repute earned by Spectrum is a product of its dedication, resilience and ardor. Let’s have a look at the highlights of Spectrum’s journey through history.

1993 - Spectrum’s foundation was laid as Charter Communications®

1995 – Charter bought controlling interest in Crown Media Holdings and acquired Cable South

1997 – Charter joined forces with EarthLink in a bid to deliver high-speed internet in Los Angeles and Riverside, California

1998 – American business magnate, Paul Allen, bought a controlling interest in Charter Communications, and Dallas-based Marcus Cable was acquired

1999 – Charter Communications went public on NASDAQ

2000 – Charter acquired select AT&T cable markets including Reno, Nevada and the City of St. Louis

2001 – Charter signed a deal with MSN to offer content and services from MSN to Charter broadband subscribers

2009 – Charter endured financial restructuring under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and reemerged

2011 – Paul Allen stepped down, and Charter signed a multi-year deal with TiVo® to use its platform for content delivery

2012 – Thomas Rutledge joined Charter Communications® as the new Director, President and CEO

2013 – Charter acquired some Cablevision systems

2016 – Charter acquired its long-term rival Time Warner Cable, as well as, the Bright House Networks

A Look at the Present

After the many highs and lows on its way, and a number of acquisitions, this is where Spectrum stands today.

Number of Service States 41
Population Covered 102+ million
Services Spectrum Internet®, TV, Voice, and Mobile
Types of internet connections offered Cable & Fiber Optic
Customer Relationships 31 million
Broadband Internet Customers 28 million
Video Subscribers 16 million
Voice Subscribers 10 million
Mobile Lines 2.3 million
Spectrum Networks Delivering Sports & News 33
Over 750,000 Miles of Network Infrastructure
Passing by 53 million homes in Spectrum Service States

Breathe Life into Your Smart Devices with Spectrum Internet®!

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Spectrum Internet® Packages

Fast Speed & No Speed-breakers!

Spectrum Internet reaches you over a coaxial cable network that draws on the power of an extended fiber optic backbone. With the roll-out of DOCSIS 3.1, it became possible for Spectrum to offer super-fast cable broadband speeds. Today, the Gigabit service is also part of the provider’s impressive portfolio.

Spectrum Internet offers standardized speed tiers. And, prices are simple to understand. Starting speeds are the fastest for the price. You stream smoother, game harder, and download faster without breaking the bank. Each internet plan gets you a free internet modem, which cuts on the rental cost. And, a free security suite with tools to detect and remove infections found in your device(s). Internet security from Spectrum is equipped with Parental Controls as well.

What makes Spectrum Internet a tough competitor to surpass is the unlimited data allowance. Rest assured, you won’t face a sorry moment while in a video conference with your boss.

Last but not least, with Spectrum Internet packages, you get FREE access to over half a million WiFi hotspots nationwide. No matter which Spectrum service region you are in, you can always connect to high-speed internet on-the-go.

Spectrum Internet® Plan Max. Download speed Max. Upload Speed Price
Spectrum Internet 300 Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
10 Mbps $49.99/mo.
for 12 mos.*
Offer Details
Spectrum Internet Ultra 500 Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
20 Mbps $69.99/mo.
for 12 mos.*
Offer Details
Spectrum Internet GIG 1000Δ Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
35 Mbps $89.99/mo.
for 12 mos.*
Offer Details

* Internet Speed availability depends on area.

Spectrum Cable Packages

Give You Budget-Friendly TV Choices

Spectrum TV® gives you a range of choices, and delivers the most HD content for the price. From the best in news, comedy, and family programming to premium entertainment and popular sports networks—content from every genre is on the Spectrum Channel Lineup.

Affordable Spectrum cable TV packages give you access to free Primetime On-Demand. You can watch your full TV lineup, and up to 60,000 titles on-demand whenever you want. And, with the free to download Spectrum TV® App, you will never miss on favorites when you are on-the-go.

On-Screen TV guide gives you a way to browse recordings, recently watched programs, favorites, watch-lists, Video-On-Demand, and recommendations all in one place. You can also monitor screen time for the young ones with Parental Controls.

Spectrum TV packages can be customized as you like. Spice up your TV Select with an add-on subscription to premium networks if you are a TV buff. Or the Spectrum Sports View channel pack, if you are a sports fanatic. International programming is also available to add to your primary subscription: Latino, Japanese, South Asian, German, Italian, and other channel packs with networks from around the world!

Popular Spectrum TV® + Internet Packages

Internet + TV Select

$109.98/mo.for 12 mos.

Offer Details
  • 125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Channels include ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • Watch your favorite shows at home or on-the-go with the Spectrum TV® App
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Enjoy freedom with no data caps
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Internet + TV Select + Voice

$124.97/mo.for 12 months when bundled

Offer Details
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Free access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home WiFi
  • Enjoy 125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Channels include ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • Free Spectrum TV app
  • Home phone with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
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Spectrum Packages FAQs

Spectrum TV® App is a mobile application that lets you watch live TV and more wherever you are and whenever you want.
The most affordable Spectrum cable package is Spectrum TV® Select. For $59.99/mo. (for 12 months) you can watch more than 125 TV channels and Primetime On-Demand.
Yes. You can subscribe to Spectrum TV service without bundling it with the internet. Spectrum TV Select is one of the best base-level plans you can find in the market. It gets you 125+ channels for $59.99/mo. (for 12 months). And you can pick any of the affordable TV add-ons to extend the scope of your lineup if you want more. For instance the Entertainment View channel pack or the Sports View. To find out about Spectrum offers in your area call us at 1-844-760-4220.
Typically, Spectrum bundles include a TV service, internet and voice services.
The base plan Spectrum TV Select costs $59.99 a month (for 12 months). Spectrum offers you complete flexibility to build onto the Select lineup with add-on channel packs and à la carte premium networks. To find out about Spectrum TV offers in your area call us at 1-844-760-4220.

Spectrum offers TV Select as a base plan which you can personalize with add-on channel packs and premium networks. TV Select and TV add-ons are priced reasonably, and allow you to pick exactly what you watch. To find out about Spectrum TV offers in your area call us at 1-844-760-4220.

Spectrum offers TV Select as the base-plan for customers to personalize according to their preferences. The variety of channel packs and à la carte premium networks is affordable, and helps you pick what you watch and drop what you don’t. To find out about Spectrum TV offers in your area call us at 1-844-760-4220.

ΔSpeed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit Spectrum.net/modem.

Charter Communications, Charter Spectrum, Charter Spectrum TV, Charter Spectrum TV Select, Charter Spectrum Internet, Charter Spectrum Internet Ultra & Charter Spectrum Voice, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Charter Communications.

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