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Call For spectrum Deals: 855-423-0918

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Getting started with Spectrum phone service is simple and easy―when you sign up for Spectrum Internet® and/or TV, just add it to your package at one great price―our services work seamlessly together, at keeping you connected and entertained.

Voice + Internet

$64.98/mo. for 12 mos.* with Auto Pay
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
  • More than 28 popular features like Block Unwanted Callers
  • Includes Voicemail & Call Guard
  • Internet speeds up to 300 Mbps
    (wireless speeds may vary)

Voice + TV Select Signature

$74.98/mo. for 12 mos.*
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
  • More than 28 popular features like Block Unwanted Callers
  • Includes Voicemail & Call Guard
  • 150+ channels including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV and more

Voice + Internet + TV Select Signature

$124.97/mo. for 12 mos.* with Auto Pay
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
  • More than 28 popular features like Block Unwanted Callers
  • Internet speeds up to 300 Mbps
    (wireless speeds may vary)
  • 150+ channels including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV and more

Offer, speed and channel availability may vary by location.

Why Choose Spectrum Phone for Your Home

Because You Get All This and More

A Reliable, and Clear Connection. No Dropped Calls

Spectrum phone gives you the reliability and clarity of a landline―you’re not likely to ask “Can you hear me now” during your call. Get heard loud and clear, and enjoy your conversations without interruption.

Simplicity & Safety

If you like to keep things simple and minimal, and only use your phone to make calls, the Spectrum phone service is your best option. It’s a simple arrangement, that also makes a critical difference to your family’s safety with instant tracing to 911 services.

Integrates into Your Home-office & Security System

Do you work from home, and use a fax machine? Spectrum phone is an all-round solution. Plus, an integrated landline is the more reliable option for most home security systems, while for some it is a prerequisite.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling at an Affordable Price

Spectrum Voice offers you unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and more―stay connected with family & friends at an affordable flat monthly rate―and save on your cellular service plan.

Manage Home Phone on-the-go

Voice Online Manager gives you flexibility, allowing you to manage your Spectrum phone with the ultimate ease. You are in full control of your landline, no matter where you are. Check your voicemail, view call history or manage Voice features―there is a lot you can access remotely.

You Can Move with Confidence

Not sure if your cellular service provider offers coverage where you are relocating to? Are you concerned you may have to hunt for the cell signal all over your new house? With Spectrum phone available at your new address, you have one less thing to worry about.

No Contracts. No Hassles.

At Spectrum we’re confident about the quality of our services and products. All our plans are no-contract. We don’t believe in binding you to our services if you’re not 100% happy. Cancel anytime you need to, without a penalty.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Spectrum offers you a 30-day trial period to check out the service(s) you sign up for. So, there is no risk. If you’re not fully satisfied with your experience, cancel within 30 days of service installation/activation, and we’ll refund you for qualifying costs.

happy man checking out spectrum fast internet plan

Save on International Calls with Spectrum Phone Plans

International calling plans from Spectrum Voice keep you connected with family and friends around the world, at a great price. We offer you two easy ways to stay in touch, depending on how often you make international calls.

  • Spectrum Voice International Calling plan is a great match for your needs, if you make international calls frequently. Add it to your home phone service, and connect in 70 countries at one low monthly charge of $5/mo.
  • And if you only make a few international calls in a year, you can take advantage of the low per minute rates with your Spectrum phone service―pay just pennies per minute!

Popular Features of the Spectrum Phone Service

Manage Your Everyday Communication Effectively & Seamlessly

Spectrum phone for your home is not just about unlimited nationwide calling and affordable international calling plans, it offers you a set of over 28 popular calling features that are unique to a landline home phone―at no extra cost. This is another big reason that makes Spectrum Voice worth adding to your Internet or TV package. Here is a look at some of the most popular ones:

Call Guard

Call Guard rids you of malicious robocalls. It uses an advanced tool to analyze call patterns and screens all calls in real-time. As a result it blocks robocalls and also sends Caller ID alerts for other telemarketing calls.

Forward Select Calls

With Spectrum Voice you’ll never miss an important call even when you’re not home. You can reroute calls to your home number from up to 30 contacts to your cell phone, office or another number.

Readable Voicemail

Not only does Spectrum phone include voicemail, the readable voicemail feature lets you receive full text transcriptions and audio files of your voicemails via email―catching up can’t be any easier.

Simultaneous Ring

The Simultaneous Ring feature keeps you connected to your Spectrum Voice service even when you’re on-the-go. You can choose up to 5 additional numbers to ring when your home phone rings.

Caller ID on Spectrum TV®

Watching your favorite show, and don’t want to leave the couch to attend the incoming call? With Spectrum phone and TV, the name & number of the caller will appear on the screen, and you can choose to attend or not.

Block Anonymous Calls

With this feature you can reject a call if the Caller ID information is hidden or blocked. Callers will be intimated about this, and advised to unblock their number before they try again.

Block Unwanted Callers

Choose up to 30 phone numbers to block. Calls from these numbers will be automatically rerouted, and a message will be delivered to inform you’re not taking calls at this time.

3-Way Calling

A very useful feature that lets you speak to two different parties at the same time. Not only that, you can even place one party on hold while you speak privately to the other, and then return to the 3-Way call.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spectrum Voice

What is Spectrum Voice?

Spectrum Voice is a reliable phone service that includes free, unlimited nationwide calling with no contracts, added taxes or fees. Call at 855-423-0918 for more details.

Spectrum phone service for homes costs Only $14.99/mo. for 12 mos.* when bundled with Internet or TV. To check available plans and packages at your address call at 855-423-0918.

Spectrum Voice uses VoIP tech to transport calls over our own private network. The advanced service can be installed via any in-home phone jack, and delivers the reliability and clarity of a landline.

Spectrum phone service for homes includes unlimited nationwide calling, and over 28 popular features at no extra cost. For more details call at 855-423-0918.

Yes, Spectrum phone service delivers the reliability and clarity of a traditional landline, as well as many popular calling features to help with today’s communication needs. To check for offers available in your area call at 855-423-0918.

For residential customers, Spectrum Voice is available for $14.99/mo. when bundled with Internet and/or TV. For plans and packages available in your area call at 855-423-0918.

Yes. Spectrum phone service includes voicemail among its many service features.

You can enjoy Spectrum phone service at a low flat monthly rate for the first 12 months. For more details call at 855-423-0918.

*See for terms and conditions.