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Looking for the Best Deals on TV and Internet?

Here Are Some Useful Shopping Tips

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Bring Home a TV and Internet Bundle

A bundle makes things convenient. Rather than subscribing to internet and TV from different providers, bundling allows you to get it all in one place and on one bill. It cuts down the hassle of dealing with a different group of customer care representatives for each service.

What’s more, some providers often offer multi-product discounts for the length of the promotional period―sometimes up to 2 years―while you get all the services you need!

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Don’t Just Look at the Price Tag!

Pricing is relatively standard throughout the industry. What distinguishes one internet-TV provider from another is internet service type, speed, data, channel lineup, etc. as well as the perks you get with each service.

So while it is necessary to look for affordable prices, you must also assess the value of each cable and internet bundle―inclusive of discounts on installation, free equipment and other exciting freebies.

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Check for Customizable Bundling Options

Some internet-TV providers make it a priority to allow customers total flexibility, and let them put together services just how it fits their needs.

For instance, Cox, Optimum and Xfinity let you match any internet speed with any channel lineup. For customers who prefer building their own bundle so that it suits their needs and wants just right, it is worth looking for providers that let you have such freedom.

Cable TV and Internet Packages

The Best from Our Top Internet-TV Providers

While you may occasionally find cheap cable and internet bundles, only a few internet-TV providers can truly boast an impressive nationwide footprint as well as stellar offers.

Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Xtream Powered by Mediacom, and Optimum are among the top internet-TV providers in the U.S. today. With established network infrastructures that span multiple states, these brands offer the best TV and internet deals, with perks that you won’t get with a local provider.

Xfinity from Comcast

$85/mo. In select markets. For 24 months with 1-year term contract. Automatic payments and paperless billing required. Taxes and fees not included.
  • Download speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • 125+ channels― FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, NBCSN, Nickelodeon, TBS & more
  • Live TV, On Demand, sports & streaming apps all in one place with Xfinity X1
  • TV Everywhere with Xfinity Stream app
  • FREE Peacock Premium
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$109.98/mo. For 12 months
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • FREE internet modem & antivirus software
  • 125+ channels―ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV & more
  • FREE Spectrum TV app
  • Thousands of on demand choices to watch when & where you want
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Xtream Powered by Mediacom

$99.99/mo. for 1 yr. Plus monthly local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $17.10 to $24.62, monthly regional sports charge ranging from $1.13 to $14.20. Installation, activation, modem rental, taxes & fees also apply. Price includes $10/mo. discount for autopay & paperless billing.
  • Up to 300 Mbps down & 20 Mbps up
  • 1500 GB (1.5 TB) monthly data
  • 170+ channels―local, entertainment, sports & music
  • TiVo intelligent guide & Xtream Voice Remote
  • TV Everywhere with the Xtream TV app
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Optimum by Altice

$115/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ Autopay & Paperless Bill
  • Up to 300 Mbps downloads
  • Unlimited data
  • Modem & Wi-Fi extender included
  • 200+ channels―TNT, HGTV, ESPN & more
  • Voice activated remote and 4K Ultra HD
  • TV Everywhere with Altice One app
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Cox Communications

$157.99/mo. For 12 months w/ 1-yr. term agrmt.
  • Up to 250 Mbps download speeds
  • Loads of monthly data (1.25 TB)
  • FREE online security powered by McAfee®
  • 140+ channels including popular networks like ESPN, HGTV, Hallmark, TLC, and TCM
  • Watch TV on the go with Contour app
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TV-Internet Offers in Your Area

Internet Types, Speeds, Channels, & More

A millennial enjoying music on a tab with reliable internet connection

A Lot Depends on Where You Live

Your location plays an important role in the availability of internet-TV providers, and what they offer in your area in terms of connection types, internet speeds, data, TV channels and even the variety of equipment. Price is another factor which is likely to vary with the region you are in.

Many factors such as the network infrastructure and its capacity as well as the dynamics of the local market, play a key role in what internet-TV providers may be able to offer in any given service location.

So when you start looking for cheap Cable and internet, focus on providers & offers available in your area.

The Fastest Internet Speeds Are in Urban America

In urban America, multiple wireline services are commonly available at any given address. The fastest speeds are delivered via Fiber as well as advanced hybrid coaxial cable networks. High-speed DSL is also a decent option when delivered over hybrid networks that use the latest advanced technologies, but is not as fast as fiber or cable broadband.

Multi-Gig speeds up to 5 Gbps are now offered via Fiber, albeit in select urban and suburban areas. Overall the widely accessible speeds range from 25 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig)― designed to cover light to heavy usage on multiple connected devices as is the demand of today’s digital lifestyle.

A millennial enjoying music on a tab with reliable internet connection

A millennial enjoying music on a tab with reliable internet connection

Internet Speeds in Rural America

The story is different in rural regions. While the effort to bridge the digital divide continues, wired high-speed internet choices remain limited―and most rural communities still do not have ready access to the fastest speeds and the best offers.

Coverage provided by Fiber and Cable networks is minimal. Wired service options are mostly limited to slow traditional DSL internet. So if you get a trusty wireline service with up to 25 Mbps for downloads, you should be happy you don’t have to resort to wireless forms of internet―satellite or fixed wireless.

How TV Channels May Vary with Where You Live

Cable TV channels vary quite a bit, depending on where you are located. All cable operators carry local broadcast TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and FOX but other channels in the basic lineup do vary with your geographical region. And so does access to regional sports networks.

As for popular Cable networks most watched in American homes, you may find these in the mid-tier or top tier channel lineups from most providers―in this classification we see less of a variation because of location.

A millennial enjoying music on a tab with reliable internet connection

A millennial enjoying music on a tab with reliable internet connection

How Perks & Prices May Vary with Your Location

Like internet types and speed offerings, perks and prices can vary even with offers from the same internet-TV provider―as with Xfinity. Whereas others like Spectrum and Optimum have more standardized offers, in terms of perks and prices, across their service territories.

It primarily depends on the dynamics of your local market―what’s the consumer demand is like, how competitive the market is, and how service providers make their offerings more unique to combat that.

Unlike it is in urban and suburban settings, rural markets are less likely to see the same value being offered through TV and internet bundles.

“Find Internet and TV Bundles Near Me!”

Compare Internet Offers from Top Providers

Provider Internet Service Type Key Service Features
Xfinity from Comcast Cable
  • Available speeds: 75 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, 800 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 1.2 Gbps
  • Data Allowance: 1.2 TB or Unlimited (Depending on your location and/or plan)
  • FREE access to over 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots when on-the-go
  • FREE Peacock Premium
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Spectrum Cable
  • Available speeds: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited
  • FREE access to Wi-Fi hotspots when on-the-go
  • FREE internet modem and antivirus software
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Optimum by Altice Cable/Fiber
  • Available speeds: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 5 Gbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited
  • FREE access to Wi-Fi hotspots when on-the-go
  • Modem & Wi-Fi extender included
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Cox Communications Cable
  • Available speeds: 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Data Allowance: 1.25 TB
  • FREE access to over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots when on-the-go
  • FREE internet security suite powered by McAfee®
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Xtream Powered by Mediacom Cable
  • Available speeds: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Data Allowance: 300 GB, 1500 GB, 3000 GB, 6000 GB
  • Standard in-home Wi-Fi
  • FREE internet security with Total DefenseTM
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Compare TV Offers from Top Providers

We bring you some of the best TV channel packages from across the U.S. on this platform so you can research, learn, compare, and order all in one place. Here are some of the most popular in the market right now―

Xfinity X1 TV―Popular

  • Explore an integrated TV experience with Xfinity X1―live TV, On Demand, DVR, and streaming apps all in one place
  • Hands-free TV control with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote
  • 125+ channels―a mix of everything you want―FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, NBCSN, Nickelodeon, TBS & more
  • Watch TV on your terms with Xfinity on-demand, and Xfinity Stream app

Spectrum TV Select

  • Enjoy one of the most value-packed starter plans in the market
  • 125+ channels―ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV and more
  • Enjoy access to Spectrum Originals along with thousands of on-demand titles
  • Watch your favorite shows at home or on the go with the Spectrum TV app
  • An impressive lineup of TV add-ons at great prices!

Optimum Core TV

  • Enjoy access to all your entertainment options in one place with Altice One―live TV, On Demand, DVR, and streaming apps
  • Amazing convenience with the voice-activated remote
  • 200+ channels―a balanced mix of popular cable networks―TNT, HGTV, ESPN and more
  • Watch TV on your schedule with Optimum on-demand, and the Altice One app

Cox Contour Preferred

  • Get the taste of an integrated viewing experience with the FREE Contour TV box―switch from live TV to streaming apps without changing inputs
  • The Cox Voice Remote makes things ever so convenient
  • 140+ channels―including ESPN, HGTV, Hallmark, TLC, TCM and more
  • Never miss a show with access to Cox On Demand and the Contour TV app

Xtream Powered by Mediacom―Variety TV

  • Enjoy flexibility and convenience with access to a variety of entertainment options on one platform with TiVo®
  • Xtream Voice Remote gives you hands-free control of your TV
  • 170+ channels―local, entertainment, sports & music
  • Xtream On Demand and the Xtream TV app never let you miss your favorite shows

What TV Channels Are Included in the Best TV and Internet Bundles?

The channel lineup you get depends on the service tier. Internet-TV providers usually offer a more basic starter plan followed by mid and top tier lineups―all come with different names and in different combos, but the higher the tier, the more popular Cable channels it includes.

All Cable packages carry local broadcast networks, along with educational, government, and public-access channels. But the number of popular networks varies between the starter, mid and top tiers. Some service providers also include one or two premium networks like HBO® and SHOWTIME® in their top tier packages.



These and more channels based on your regional location―such as Cozi TV, Court TV, METV, TBS, Univision etc.


A&E | AMC | Animal Planet | BET | CNN | Comedy Central | Cartoon Network | Disney Channel | Discovery | ESPN | E! | Food Network | Fox Sports 1 | FX | HGTV | Nickelodeon |National Geographic | TNT

These and more Cable favorites are included on top of what the starter plan from the provider offers.


American Heroes Channel | BBC America | BET HER | CBS Sports Network | Cooking Channel | Discovery Life | Discovery Family | Disney Jr. | ESPN U | ESPNews | Fox News | Fox Sports 2 | Great American Country | Hallmark Channel | NBC Sports Network

These and more Cable favorites are included on top of what the mid-tier plan from the provider offers―among premium entertainment networks you’re likely to see HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, SHOWTIME® and EPIX® depending on the offer.

Internet & Streaming TV Packages

Many internet service providers now offer quality-streaming options along with high-speed internet―a perfect recipe for cord-cutters. Some offers may also include a free subscription to a popular on-demand video streaming service. For homes where streaming dominates the TV regime, this is indeed a more practical option.

Xfinity Flex 4K

The Xfinity Flex 4K streaming device comes free with Xfinity Internet-only plans―complete with the voice remote. So you get more value for money in return!

Xfinity Flex allows you to stream content to your television. You can access all your favorite streaming video apps from one platform―Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more. Peacock Premium comes included in the price, albeit you do need a subscription for other streaming services.

Cox Contour Stream Player

When you subscribe to Cox Internet, you can include the Contour Stream Player for only $5/mo. more. The Cox Voice Remote comes along, but at no added cost.

The Contour TV streaming box grants integrated access to popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX and more. And you also enjoy the convenience of hands-free control with the voice remote. This internet and streaming TV deal includes Peacock Premium for FREE.

Optimum Stream

With a subscription to an Optimum Internet plan, you can include the Optimum Stream device for $5/mo. more and enjoy access to a variety of popular video streaming apps―Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and more. Plus there are over 50 free steaming TV channels such as Cheddar News, USA Today and others.

Optimum Stream lets you access over 5000 apps on Google Play―and comes complete with a voice-activated remote powered by Google Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some of the most affordable and value-packed Cable and internet deals with service providers such as Xfinity and Spectrum. Bundling makes things convenient as all your home services appear on one bill and you don’t need to deal with a different vendor for each. Plus with Xfinity you can also enjoy a multi-product discount for 12 or 24 months. For TV and internet bundles offered in your area call at 855-349-9328.

Yes. Service providers such as AT&T, Spectrum, and Xfinity offer the option to bundle your home internet with a cellular service plan. This not only makes life simpler for you, but you can often earn extra perks as well.

Spectrum is the top-most service provider known for its no-contract Cable and internet packages. Xfinity and Cox also let you pick a contract-free bundle, but at a slightly higher monthly rate. Find which no-contract Cable and internet offers are available at your address. Call at 855-349-9328 anytime.

Not all internet service providers offer streaming options. But with Spectrum, Cox, and Optimum, you can get a 4K streaming TV box which gives you integrated access to a variety of popular subscription video streaming apps. Cox and Optimum charge you $5/mo. for the device but Xfinity includes it for free. Call at 855-349-9328 to find out a suitable streaming TV and internet option in your area.

Internet and TV bundles vary in terms of price from one location to another. Just enter your ZIP code and run a quick search. Or call us at 855-349-9328 and let professionals help you find cheap Cable and internet deals in your area.