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Affordable Cable TV and Internet Bundles

Bundles are the top source for a discount on cable and internet packages. The most convenient way to shop for home services is to compare the internet TV options available at your address. The price you pay for a TV internet package changes per provider, and depends on where you live. Internet speed and the number of TV channels change as well. You can browse this page to find cheap cable and internet bundles available in your area.

TV and Internet Providers Comparison

When it comes to basic packages, TV and internet bundles are priced relatively equally throughout the industry. But while pricing may be standard, internet speeds, TV channels, and package discounts are not. Initial prices for TV and internet packages range anywhere from $70/mo. to over $100/mo.*

*Pricing not based on any specific package

TV and Internet Packages and Prices

Most TV internet customers are always on the lookout for cheap cable and internet. While you will occasionally find great deals on cable and internet bundles, very few internet TV providers can match the year-round savings and national footprints of AT&T, Spectrum, and Xfinity.

These three providers offer numerous TV and internet packages that the smaller providers can’t compete with. They’ve done this by creating a large nationwide network that makes it easier to offer more affordable internet TV options.

Internet Speeds & Prices

Location is by far the biggest factor when searching internet speed and price. Most urban areas, throughout the U.S., depending on size, are serviced by at least 3 internet providers. This comes with an existing infrastructure, which translates into faster speeds and better reliability. These providers typically offer fiber internet, cable internet, or high-speed DSL internet.

Rural areas typically see a drop in internet speed and reliability. This is simply based on the way the internet is delivered. But those delivery methods have improved, and are now providing faster and more reliable internet speeds. Rural internet providers have typically revolved around satellite internet and fixed wireless internet.

Nationwide speeds range from about 3 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, with some areas receiving 2,000 Mbps and at least one provider with 1,000 Mbps, but those last two are extremely limited to specific areas. The most common speeds range between 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig). These speeds are designed for heavy online usage (streaming, gaming, etc.) on multiple devices.

Provider Internet type Download speeds* Price†
Xfinity Cable 100 Mbps - 1,000 Mbps $34.99 - $84.99
Spectrum Cable 100 Mbps - 940 Mbps $49.99 - $109.99
AT&T Fiber 300 Mbps - 940 Mbps $45.00 - $60.00
Cox Cable 50 Mbps - 940 Mbps $39.99 - $99.99

*Not all speeds available in all areas.
† Prices are subject to change.

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Basic TV Channel Packages

Plenty of TV providers offer a nice selection of channels in their basic package. But few can match Spectrum's Select 125+ channel basic package. And you can have all these channels for just $44.99/mo. An upgrade to either mid-tier Silver or top-tier Gold package will get you tons of premium content.

Cox may offer only 75+ channels in their basic cable TV package, but it's not for a lack of quality. The Cox TV Starter lineup includes local stations and some of the most popular cable networks on television. And of course, any upgrade will enhance the premium add-ons. But you can get this basic option for only $25/mo.

The AT&T TV Entertainment package provides 65+ basic, yet essential channels. This also includes some free premium channels (SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® ) for the first 3 months of service. This package also includes on-demand, app access, and other features. You can get this package for a low introductory price of $59.99/mo.

Xfinity’s Digital Starter is their answer to basic cable. This is priced at $70.99/mo. for 140+ digital channels. You can actually find cheaper prices with fewer channels within Xfinity, but you’ll have to bundle basic TV with internet.

Sports fans, especially football, always lean towards DIRECTV. This is because of the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is exclusive only with DIRECTV. And with plenty of sports networks and TV packages to choose from sports fans always find what they want.

Basic channel lineups are different with every provider. And often, the quantity of channels does not equal quality channels. Some providers cram the channel lineup with fillers that are never watched. And some providers still charge an extra fee for HD channels.

Your best bet is to find a TV package with channels you watch and then bundle that package with internet. You will find better savings with a bundle than purchasing two separate services.

Internet and Streaming Packages

As long as your service provider has an app, anyone with cable and internet services can stream TV content to a device. But what about those customers that don't want a cable TV subscription? They need something to stream.

Instead of losing these customers, some cable providers have started offering their own streaming services. These streaming packages are perfect for the cord cutter. But for streaming it’s important to have fast internet service. And Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and Cox all offer high-speed internet and streaming services.

Customers typically choose streaming to cut the cost of their monthly bill. As you’ll see, the cost is considerably lower than cable or satellite TV. It’s also easier to cancel a streaming subscription. But, you won’t get as many channels and most streamers subscribe to multiple streaming services, nullifying any savings. Let’s take a look at the streaming services offered by Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and Cox.

Spectrum TV Essentials

Spectrum's Live TV streaming service. It costs only $14.99 per month, but you have to be a Spectrum internet customer to join. The channel lineup includes more than 60 popular networks and on-demand programming. That's high-speed internet and on-the-go streaming for $64.98/mo.

Xfinity Flex

The Xfinity Flex streaming device for Xfinity internet customers. The device is free for Xfinity internet users. This streaming TV box allows you to stream content to your television. Besides the available Xfinity content, a subscription to Peacock Premium comes with the service. Flex also includes other popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. But you do need subscriptions for those streaming services.

AT&T WatchTV

AT&T’s streaming service includes over 35 channels but doesn’t include local channels or the regional sports networks. It’s only $15 a month but you get it for free with a qualifying AT&T Unlimited & More plan. Watch TV is a cut-down version of DIRECTV Now. It has a lot fewer channels, however, and lacks key features, including the cloud DVR. AT&T pitches Watch TV primarily as an add-on for its mobile subscribers.

Cox Contour Stream Player

As with the other providers, Cox requires a subscription to Cox Internet Essential or higher and their Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway. However, there are no Live TV channels included with this service. The Contour Stream Player is $5/mo. And allows you to stream apps, like Netflix and Prime, to your TV. And, Cox also offers one of the best available Wi-Fi systems for streaming video.

TV channels included with TV and internet bundles

Each channel lineup will depend on the package. Most internet TV providers have multiple plans that include a lower tier, which is your basic cable, a mid-tier, and a top-tier. Now they all come in different shapes and sizes and have cool names, but the higher the tier the more popular the channels.

Basic cable packages will almost always carry local broadcast networks, along with education, government, and public-access channels, plus a handful of popular cable networks. Mid-tier plans will carry basic channels plus almost all of the popular cable networks. And the top-tier will include basic, mid-tier and a variety of premier networks like CINEMAX®, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, etc., plus extra sports packages.

Basic cable channels

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • C-SPAN
  • CW
  • FOX
  • HSN
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • Telemundo
  • Univision

Popular cable channels

  • CNN
  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • E!
  • Fox News
  • History
  • HGTV
  • MTV
  • TNT
  • USA

Premium channels

  • EPIX®
  • HBO®
  • STARZ®

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Last updated: Dec 9, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Some TV internet providers allow you to bundle wireless phone plans with internet or TV packages - specifically AT&T and Spectrum. This is mainly because not all TV internet providers have wireless phone capabilities. Which is why most bundles include home phone instead of wireless. Plus, these services – Internet, TV, and Home Phone – are more easily bundled because they all are delivered to your home through the same system of cables.

AT&T has 100 Mbps and 65+ channels for $84.99/mo. Cox has 150 Mbps and 140+ channels for $109.99/mo. Spectrum has 200 Mbps and 125+ channels for $89.98/mo. Xfinity has 200 Mbps and 140+ channels for $79.99/mo. Mediacom has 60 Mbps and 125+ channels for $79.99/mo. Optimum has 200 Mbps and 220+ channels for $65.00/mo. Suddenlink has 100 Mbps and 225+ channels for $55.00/mo. These are just a few of the cheap cable and internet bundles available, but not necessarily in your area.

CenturyLink, Optimum, Suddenlink, Spectrum, and Xfinity all offer cable and internet with no-contract options. Of course, the features are different with each provider and they’re not available everywhere. With Spectrum you get ultra-fast internet and unlimited data. Some don’t have unlimited data. And some providers offer gig speeds while others do not. To see what’s available in your area, enter your ZIP code or give us call at 1-855-349-9328.

Not every service provider offers internet and streaming-only TV bundles. Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and Cox are the big providers where you’ll find the best prices on TV and internet bundles with streaming TV capabilities.

This all depends on your ZIP code. But the following internet service providers cover most of the country and have inexpensive high-speed options. Xfinity offers 100 Mbps for $34.99/mo. Spectrum offers 100 Mbps for $49.99/mo. AT&T offers 100 Mbps for $35.00/mo. Cox has an offer for 50 Mbps for $39.99/mo. Mediacom offers 100 Mbps for $49.99/mo. CenturyLink offers 100 Mbps for $49.00/mo. For more options, enter your ZIP code to find other offers in your area.