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Best Cheap Internet Service Providers


Xfinity offers the best promo prices, and more discounts when you bundle services.

  • Speeds start at: 75/10 Mbps
for $19.99/mo.*
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Spectrum is the best no-contract option that gives you a generous contract buyout offer too.

  • Speeds start at: 300 Mbps/10 Mbps
for $49.99/mo.*
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AT&T delivers the best fiber internet, with top-rated customer satisfaction, at a great price.

  • Speeds start at: 300/300 Mbps^
for $55/mo. plus taxes*
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^Speeds based on wired connection. Actual speeds may vary. For more info, go to

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Optimum offers great value with its fiber-backed unlimited internet & WiFi for the price

  • Speeds start at: 300/20 Mbps
for $40/mo.*
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Compare Top Cheap Internet Plans

Let’s have a look at some of the cheap internet plans from top internet providers in the industry. We’ve listed providers based on their availability across the U.S., and plans highlighted here have been chosen based on lower price and a good speed to cost ratio. Keep in mind these are starting or mid-tier plans, and in most cases the promotional price you see is valid for a fixed term only, so we’d say you pay attention to the fine print.

Provider Service Type Max. Download Speed Monthly Service Charge Cost per Mbps
img Fiber-backed cable internet 400 Mbps $50/mo.* $0.13
img Fiber-backed cable internet 300 Mbps $49.99/mo.* $0.17
img Fiber 300 Mbps^ $55/mo. plus taxes* $0.18
img Fiber-backed cable internet 300 Mbps $40/mo.* $0.13
img Fiber-backed cable internet 300 Mbps $44.99/mo.* $0.15
img Fiber-backed cable internet 100 Mbps $50/mo.* $0.50
img Fiber 300 Mbps $39.99/mo.*
for 12 mos. with AutoPay
img Fiber 100 Mbps $39.95/mo.* $0.40
img Fiber-backed cable internet 600 Mbps $40/mo.* $0.07
img Fiber-backed cable internet 500 Mbps $39.99/mo.* $0.08
img Fiber 300 Mbps $30/mo.* $0.10
img Fiber 300 Mbps $49.95/mo.* $0.17
img Fiber 400 Mbps $$39.99/mo.* $0.10
img Fiber-backed cable internet 500 Mbps $45/mo.* $0.09
img Fiber-backed cable internet 600 Mbps $40/mo.* $0.07

^Speeds based on wired connection. Actual speeds may vary. For more info, go to

Which Is the Cheapest Internet Service Type in Your Area

When shopping for cheap home internet, you may find offers you didn’t know about. And, it’s also possible some internet deals you thought were available are not.

In metros like San Francisco or Dallas, chances are you’ll find fiber internet among other wired service options. In suburbs developed over the last 20 years or so, high-speed DSL & cable internet is more easily available. And if you are located in an underserved rural area, fixed wireless or satellite internet may be your only options.

Get a better idea of the service cost of different types of broadband. Any service plan under $60/mo. hits the benchmark for affordable internet.


Approx. Average Monthly Cost:


Nationwide Coverage:


Is It Cheap?

Cable internet prices vary quite a bit among providers, but it is still one of the most affordable and popular internet service types.


Approx. Average Monthly Cost:


Nationwide Coverage:


Is It Cheap?

As fiber network coverage continues to expand across the country, prices are becoming more affordable for more users.


Approx. Average Monthly Cost:


Nationwide Coverage:


Is It Cheap?

The most costly infrastructure makes it the most expensive, but its available coast-to-coast, even where no other service reaches.

Fixed Wireless

Approx. Average Monthly Cost:


Nationwide Coverage:


Is It Cheap?

It’s wireless, but much cheaper than satellite internet, and is becoming more easily available, and more popular in rural areas.


Approx. Average Monthly Cost:


Nationwide Coverage:


Is It Cheap?

DSL internet is a cheaper option as far as price, but not for the speed it gets, unless you can access its high-speed version.

Find the Cheapest Internet Plans in Your Area

Shop Popular and Cheap Internet Plans

Fast internet in a value-packed promo deal

Xfinity Internet 200 Mbps

from $30/mo.*
  • Readily available across 36 states
  • Internet delivered over Xfinity 10G network
  • FREE access to over 20 million WiFi hotspots nationwide

A great starting speed at a great price

Spectrum Internet 300 Mbps

for $49.99/mo.*
  • Readily available across 41 states
  • No annual contracts
  • No data caps
  • FREE Internet modem & security

Super-fast, super-reliable & super-affordable

AT&T Fiber 300 Mbps

for $55/mo. plus taxes*
  • Readily available across 21 states
  • 100% fiber internet
  • No contracts, no data caps
  • WiFi equipment & security included

Affordable, unlimited, fast internet

Optimum Internet 300 Mbps

from $40/mo.*
  • Readily available across 21 states
  • No data caps
  • No annual contracts
  • WiFi equipment included

Cheap Home Internet Can be Cheaper

Look for a contract buyout offer

If you find yourself compromising on your internet connection only because of a hefty early termination fee, explore more.

Look for a cheap internet provider that also lets you enjoy a contract buyout offer, such as Spectrum & Optimum!

Find ways to cut on equipment rental

Most internet providers offer equipment at a monthly rental. And, almost all let you BYOD―a great way to save if you’re tech savvy.

Otherwise go for cheap internet plans from AT&T & Optimum, that include WiFi equipment in the price.

Choose to self-install the service

Professional installation is a one-time cost, but adds a sizeable amount to your first bill. If you’re tech-savvy, go with a self-install―it costs much less, and may also be free.

Otherwise look for specials & promos that offer a discount or waiver on pro-install.


See Other Ways to Get Cheap Internet

The FCC Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Low-income households can benefit from a $30/mo. credit towards their chosen internet plan―regular or low-cost―from a provider like AT&T, Spectrum or Xfinity, that participates in the ACP

Lifeline Support Program from FCC

If you do not qualify for ACP or none of the providers in your area participates in the program, you may be eligible for the $9.25/mo. credit on internet via the Lifeline Support Program.

Low-Cost Internet Access from Service Providers

Get high-speed internet for up to $30/mo. via low-cost internet access programs run by service providers like AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, and Mediacom Communications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers don’t like contracts but if your price is locked for a year or two with a contract, there are no surprises that hit you. Plus some providers like Xfinity give you a term contract discount. It is just important to make sure you read the fine print carefully.

Instead of downgrading, first you must explore cheap internet services in your area that may be offering the same speed for a lower price. To find and compare all cheap internet plans in your neighborhood call at 855-349-9328.

As per FCC regulations, low-income households can benefit from a discounted internet service. Many nationwide providers partner with the FCC in its Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and also run their own low-cost internet access programs. To learn about ACP call at 855-349-9328.

If you are looking for the cheapest fiber internet, AT&T offers up to 300 fast speeds^ for $55.00 a month plus taxes*. MetroNet Fiber and Ziply Fiber are other cheap high-speed internet options, but their availability is more limited. To check cheap fiber internet deals in your area call at 855-349-9328.

*Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d. Limited availability in select areas. Call or go to to ck eligibility. Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. One time install chrg may apply.

See Broadband Facts:

^Speeds based on wired connection. Actual speeds may vary. For more info, go to

If your internet usage is light, and you are eligible to benefit from the FCC internet subsidy programs, you can check to see which providers partnering with the FCC serve your area. For more information call at 855-349-9328.

In terms of monthly cost, DSL internet is still the cheaper option in the market based on its average cost in the U.S., however slow speeds mean a higher cost per Mbps. Cable and fiber internet may have a higher average monthly cost, but you get higher speeds and more value. For more information call at 855-349-9328.