Bundling is Now an Affaire Grande with Grande Communications

Enjoy 3-In-1 Bundles from Grande Communications at Extraordinarily Affordable Rates

RatesWhy settle for a single Grande service when you can get all three? With price tags so affordable there’s no way you should miss out on Grande’s top-notch 3-in-1 offers, designed especially to meet varied consumer needs. Gone are the days when you spent hours and even days, searching for the brand that would meet with all your TV, internet and home phone needs, while fitting your pockets.

Because guess what? With Grande Triple Play Bundles, you can enjoy perennial internet speeds, watch thousands of On Demand titles, and make endless calls to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Interested in finding out which Grande offers are available in your area? Well, look what do we have here!

  Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3 Offer 4 Offer 5 Offer 6
Internet Up To 300 Mbps Up To 300 Mbps Up To 600 Mbps Up To 1 Gbps Up To 1 Gbps Up To 1 Gbps
TV 40+ (Digital Basic) 220+ (Preferred TV) 220+ (Preferred TV) 40+ (Digital Basic) 220+ (Preferred TV) 295+ (Premier TV) Tivo® Included
Price $69.59/mo.* $128.12/mo.* $129.24/mo.* $103.59/mo.* $144.24/mo.* $170.23/mo.*

*24-Month Internet & Phone Pricing Equipment priced separately. Not all offers are available in all areas. Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

It Takes Two to Make Life your Easy With Double Play Bundles From Grande Communications

But, what if you require only internet and TV to meet with your daily internet-related and entertainment needs? Well, if that’s the case then again, Grande has you covered! With Grande Internet and TV bundles you can surf, game, and stream, all the while watching your TV favorites, yet never having to fret over the cost you incur.

Grande Communications Double Play bundles are available in 7 different variants. If you’re a person that likes to enjoy internet and TV without overspending, then you’ve come to the right place. Because, with Grande Communications, you can enjoy uncompromised speeds and a plethora of HD TV channels, while saving big!

Got you tempted, didn’t we? Here is all that you need to know about Grande’s Double Play bundles:

  Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3 Offer 4 Offer 5 Offer 6
Internet Up To 300 Mbps Up To 300 Mbps Up To 600 Mbps Up To 1 Gbps Up To 1 Gbps Up To 1 Gbps
TV 40+ (Digital Basic) 220+ (Preferred TV) 220+ (Preferred TV) 40+ (Digital Basic) 220+ (Preferred TV) 295+ (Premier TV) Tivo® Included
Price $56.09/mo.* $114.62/mo.* $115.74/mo.* $90.09/mo.* $130.74/mo.* $156.73/mo.*

*24-Month Internet Pricing. Equipment priced separately. Not all offers are available in all areas. Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Grande Internet Is All about Consistency, Speed, and Affordability

Grande is an exclusively Texan internet service provider with a coverage area, enveloping over 1 million people in the Lone Star State. Grande Internet in available in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, San Marcos, Greater Temple, and Waco.

When it comes to being straightforwardly affordable, Grande knows it better than anyone else. With Grande Communications Internet you get to enjoy the best quality service designed specifically for entertainment-savvy Texans. The best part is internet offers from Grande Communications, bring you consistently fast speeds at prices that are so budget-friendly, your pals elsewhere in the U.S. would come to envy you. So what are you waiting for? Get your share of Grande Services now and start enjoying high-speed internet delivered to you over Grande’s state-of-the-art network.

  Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3
Download Speed Up To 300 Mbps Up To 600 Mbps Up To 1 Gbps
Upload Speed Up to 20 Mbps Up to 35 Mbps Up to 50 Mbps
Features Standard Home Wi-Fi Security & Support Email Address Standard Home Wi-Fi Security & Support Email Address Standard Home Wi-Fi Security & Support
Price $35.99/mo.* $49.99/mo.* $69.99/mo.*

*24-Month Internet Pricing. Equipment priced separately. Not all offers are available in all areas. Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Grande Communications Service – A Class Apart

Grande is a truly Texan company. The values of this great state form the basis of the corporate culture at Grande Communications. The company was founded in 1999 and has grown to become the popular choice among Texans ever since. Families, self-employed workers, college students, and businesses subscribe to Grande Services for one reason – value for money! They get to experience truly high-speed internet for a price they can easily afford.

Two decades of experience has allowed Grande Communications to become a leader in customer care. The promptly available Grande Customer Service will always satisfy you. The people who will be helping you are based right here in Texas, so you get the most reliable, professional care from locals who know the ins and outs of the issues you might be facing concerning your TV, internet or phone service.

Here is Why You’ll Fall in Love with Grande Services

Wondering why you should choose Grande as your internet, cable TV, and digital home phone provider? Here is why the existing customers say they love the Grande Services they receive:

Grande Internet

Fiber Rich Grande Internet

Grande Communications internet infrastructure is heavily fiber based, which is great for consumers. Fiber technology delivers the fastest download speeds while improving other technical metrics of internet performance. That’s why most Grande customers get starting speeds up to 300 Mbps speeds, whereas competing service providers are still stuck at 100 Mbps download.

The connection coming to your home may not be fiber, but rest assured, your wires connect to a carefully crafted and well maintained fiber network, so you can have the best possible online experience, at all times.

Grande Voice

Grande Unlimited Voice

Do you have family or friends in Canada and Mexico? You must be always on the look out for ways to stay in touch with them, no? Well, now you can talk to them to your heart’s content, without worrying about excessive charges. Grande Digital Home Phone offers you unlimited free minutes, as well as low per minute rates for 200+ countries worldwide.

Also, different digital home phone service users can port their number over without any fuss. With more than 15+ handy calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and more, Grande Digital Home Phone is here to make your daily communication all the more hassle-free.

Grande TV

Watch TV Anywhere You Are with Grande TV On-the-Go

Even when you’re not at home and cannot lounge around in front of your TV, you can watch your Grande TV channels via the free Grande2GO™ app. All you need is an internet or data connection to get access to Live TV, movies, and series. Grande2GO is a wonderful way to entertain yourself whenever you’ve got the time to watch TV away from home.

If you’ve subscribed to any premium network such as SHOWTIME® or STARZ®, you can also watch those channels via the app. The Grande2GO™ app works on laptops, Android as well as Apple devices.

Kiss your boredom goodbye with TV from Grande Communications!

Grande TV On Demand

Watch Whatever You Want with Grande TV On Demand

When you’re a Grande TV subscriber, you get access to an extensive library with thousands of On Demand titles that you can start viewing as soon as you become a Grande user. Many of the movies that you’ll find on Grande TV On Demand are fresh-out of the cinemas, in fact just months old. If you missed the theatrical release of any title, now’s your chance to catch up on it!

Grande TV On Demand also includes closed captioning or subtitles for most movies on its platform. This is a feature that adds to your entertainment options on top of Live TV and other streaming services, which you may have subscribed to. The On Demand search feature allows you to find something fun to watch from among available genres. Find currently available On Demand movies.

Grande Premium TV

Premium Networks on Grande TV

Are you looking for the most amazing premium networks that you can watch without going heavy on your pockets? Then guess what? Grande Communications has heard you! Grande TV offers you the option to subscribe to the top rated channels in the country for rates that you’re sure of not finding elsewhere. Top channels like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax® and more, are available to Grande customers.

Plus, Grande TV brings you crème de la crème of all the TV channel lineups, so you can treat yourself to your favorite networks for the series, movies, and shows so loved by the entire America!

Grande Communications Offers High-Quality Grande Equipment

Grande internet service comes with the perk of running on equipment that more than exceeds the industry standards, ensuring complete peace of mind. You’ll never suffer from service degradation due to substandard equipment or faulty installation. That’s a Grande promise!

Grande Home Wi-Fi

Grande Enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi

Amazon’s Eero device is available to use with Grande Communications Internet to cover your home, apartment or town house, with Wi-Fi signals. No longer will family members and guests complain of not being able to get full signal strength and slow speed in particular parts of your residence. There’s no better way to boost Wi-Fi signals!

You can add Grande Enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi for just $9.95/mo.* The price is inclusive of 1 base Eero and 1 beacon Eero. However, if you’re planning to make additions to your Eero Devices, then for just $5.00 per device per month you can get access to that.

*Experienced speeds may vary.

Grande Wi-Fi and Modem

Grande Standard Wi-Fi and Modem

This device has an in-built modem as well as router. It is DOCSIS 3.0 compatible, which is among the latest standards for high data rate file transfer. This means, you can now stream HD videos, upload hefty files on your work servers, make video conference calls, and more. Everything is hassle free with Grande Standard Wi-Fi & modem for just $12.99/mo.*

Grande 1 Gig Modem

Grande Standard Wi-Fi & 1 Gig Modem

For subscribers of Gig internet, the all-in-one device brings together the functionality of an internet modem, Wi-Fi router, and phone modem. The result? The benefits of your supercharged internet connection are maximized. The device is based on DOCSIS 3.1 standard, known as the most advanced technology to date.

Grande Tivo

Grande TV + TiVo

Grande TV service is compatible with TiVo DVR device. Now you get the most advanced 6 tuner HD-DVR in the industry to enjoy your favorite content the way you like. The TiVo device will learn your viewing habits and recommend you new series, shows and movies based on your preferences.

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