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The best Spectrum deal yet! With Spectrum One you'll enjoy high-speed Internet, best-in-class security with Advanced WiFi and a Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line―all at one great price!

No contracts. No hassles. No risk.

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Internet + Advanced WiFi + Mobile

$49.99 /mo. for 12 mos. when bundled

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Spectrum Packages

Internet + Advanced WiFi

$54.99/mo.for 12 months

Offer Details
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
    (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Stream video or play games across multiple devices throughout your home
  • No data caps
  • Advanced WiFi gets you stronger, faster connections with WiFi 6 technology plus enhanced security & privacy!
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Internet + TV Select

$109.98/mo.for 12 mos.

Offer Details
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
    (wireless speeds may vary)
  • No data caps
  • 125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Channels including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV and more
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Internet + TV Select + Voice

$129.97/mo.for 12 months when bundled

Offer Details
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps
    (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Free access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home WiFi
  • Enjoy 125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Free Spectrum TV app
  • Home phone with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
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Spectrum Packages for Latino Customers

For its Spanish speaking audience, Spectrum offers everything you may be looking for. The most Spanish language HD channels with plenty of family favorites. Multiple choices to access TV entertainment. Thousands of popular titles On Demand. Super-fast internet speeds with unlimited data. And, perks such as a FREE internet security suite and modem. With all that and more from Spectrum packages, you’ll count yourself lucky! Find the package of your choice on Spectrum Español.

Contact Servicio al Cliente de Spectrum or visit Spectrum Español to get your answers!

Mi Plan Latino + Internet

$89.98/mo.for 12 mos.

Offer Details
  • 140+ channels with FREE HD
  • Enjoy 75+ Spanish channels & 65+ English
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • FREE access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home WiFi
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Why Spectrum Services?

Premium Networks on Spectrum

Premium Entertainment

The most demanded premium channels, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE®, CINEMAX®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, and EPIX® are reasonably priced on Spectrum. You can add on one or more premium networks à la carte to your Spectrum TV plan―customize your in-home entertainment to keep everyone happy!

The Spectrum Sports View package is a bargain add-on for sports lovers. For $6 more per month, you can expand the variety of the sports networks available to you. This value packed add-on includes some great premium sports choices.

Secure Web Browsing

Security Suite

What should I expect from my Spectrum? It is fast and reliable Internet. Fast, and reliable but not secure? That’s not good. Spectrum Internet® offers better speeds with greater reliability, and with security that is hard to beat! Get protected with the FREE Spectrum Security Suite!

Take Spectrum TV Anyhwere

TV on-the-Go

Find it hard to keep up with your favorite programs when commuting or traveling? The Spectrum TV® App gets you entertainment on-the-go. Whenever you want, wherever you want. Your Spectrum cable is always with you, on your tab or on your phone.

Spectrum Internet + Voice

For Fast & Reliable Connections

$69.98/mo.for 12 mos. when bundled.

Offer Details
  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Free internet modem & antivirus software
  • No data caps
  • Home phone with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico & more
  • Up to 28 popular features like Block Unwanted Callers
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TV and other devices Using  Spectrum TV App

Spectrum Goes the Extra Mile For You

$500 Contract Buyout*

Switching providers has never been easier. Spectrum offers Contract Buyout—up to $500◊. Order a new Spectrum service and get seamless internet, HD channels, and unlimited voice calls.

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Spectrum WiFi Hotspots

Even when you’re out for work and fun, you can get access to tens of thousands of wireless hotspots across the country. Save your mobile data with Spectrum.

Spectrum Sports Packages

Avid sports fans rejoice! Consume the best of sports action throughout the year with the Spectrum cable TV service. Even boxing and WWE events are available on Pay-Per-View. Spectrum offers PPV en Español (PPVE) so you can watch the Spanish versions of major PPV events including sports and others.

International Programming

Looking for foreign language programming in the United States? Spectrum TV® has got you covered. Get channels in Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese. Or subscribe to networks from Mexico, Latin America and Spain. Spectrum brings you in-language programming from South Asia too!

Nationwide Spectrum Availability

As the coverage list shows, Charter Spectrum™ is available in most states across the country. Coverage within a particular state may vary by ZIP code. If you are located in any of the states listed below, call at 844-481-5997 and find out if you can get Spectrum’s services in your city, town, or county.

Why Customers Love Spectrum Bundled Services

Many Spectrum customers opt for bundled services. This choice gives you more convenience and customizable options for the package that fits your budget and needs.

Spectrum Services Go Better Together

TV, Internet, and phone are needs of every household. Get all your services from the same provider! Spectrum Bundles can save you time, effort and money. Combining TV, internet, and phone under Spectrum gets you a single bill at the end of the month. Bundle your services with Spectrum to get HD channels, fast Internet speeds, and unlimited talk time!

Spectrum Voice®: Options Unlimited

Got something to say? Spectrum home phone service lets you speak your mind. Why should you worry about the clock when expressing yourself? Whether you’re calling within the US or someone abroad, you have the freedom to talk without limits.

Experience phone like never before with a never-ending feature lineup—unlimited calling, readable voicemail, backup in emergencies and many more.

Spectrum Internet®: Reliable, Fast and Secure

Expect the internet to be fast, reliable and secure? Spectrum Internet® gets you exactly what you need. Uninterrupted fast speeds up to 300 Mbps and security with Spectrum anti-virus software.

Spectrum Internet is based on state-of-the art latest technology so that you can connect multiple devices without any hassle. You can surf, stream, and play online games all at the same time and that too without any lag. Because, the Spectrum network delivers enough bandwidth for today, and whatever comes next!

Spectrum TV®: Unlimited Entertainment

Spectrum TV® offers a wide variety of channels that get you non-stop entertainment. Start with the affordable TV Select plan. It offers over 125 channels including local broadcast and popular Cable networks. Enjoy more HD, more On Demand, on more devices.

Plus Spectrum offers you the freedom to customize with add-on channel packs or à la carte premium networks you love. Entertainment View, Sports View, Latino View, HBO Max™, STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, EPIX® and TMCTM ─ Spectrum TV truly fulfills all your entertainment needs!

The Spectrum Family Grows

And, so the Spectrum Family grows—offering services to over 30 million people in more than 40 states. This is a testament to the quality and reliable services that Spectrum offers. The Family has grown faster since Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, and Charter Communications® came together to form this spectrum of services—offering reliable internet, non-stop entertainment, and unlimited nationwide dialing. With Spectrum, you are always online, entertained, and connected.

This merger gets you faster internet speeds and free WiFi hotspots around the country keeping you online all the time. Spectrum TV® gets you a long list of channels offering movies that pull you to the edge of your seat, songs you can dance to, and sports that match your passion. Charter Spectrum™, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House bring you the best—Spectrum!

Now, the only question you need to ask is, “Is Spectrum near me?”

Spectrum Local Pages

Spectrum Services FAQs

There are only a few other providers which come as highly recommended as Spectrum. Its huge customer base across the country is proof that Spectrum’s offers are superior to competition. To explore Spectrum offers in your area call us at 844-481-5997.
It is a library full of on demand content from networks you’ve subscribed to in your Spectrum TV plan. Access to Spectrum Originals is also included. You can watch On Demand content on your own timeline, and even on-the-go via the Spectrum TV app.
Digital Video Recording (DVR) is a service which allows you to record shows from different channels in your Spectrum channel list for convenient viewing in your own time. The DVR service can be included in any Spectrum TV plan at a reasonable price. You can choose to get the service for one or more HD boxes depending on your needs.
Charter Spectrum™ services include: fast and reliable Spectrum Internet®, an epic cable TV service, and unlimited nationwide calling via a home phone service. For details on Spectrum offer availability call us at 844-481-5997.
You get the best value for your money with Spectrum packages. Spectrum packages with Internet, TV and Voice start at the promo price of $129.97/month (for 12 months when bundled). Call 844-481-5997 for more information on Spectrum deals available at your address.

To access 5G, 5G compatible phone and 5G service required. Not all 5G capable phones compatible with all 5G service. Speeds may vary.

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