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Clearwave Internet Plans & Prices

Enjoy the fastest upload and download speeds over our 100% Fiber network―for work, play and everything in between―you can count on the superior bandwidth & premium reliability we deliver to ensure you’re always connected!

Fiber 250

for 12 months

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  • Up to 250 Mbps download & upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Great for streaming
  • No annual contract

Fiber 500

for 12 months

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  • Up to 500 Mbps download & upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Perfect for families
  • No annual contract

Fiber 1 Gig

for 12 months

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  • Up to 1 Gbps download & upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Amazing for gamers, HD downloading & 4K streaming
  • No annual contract

*Includes $15/month discount for new subscribers. Prices subject to change after 12 months. Taxes and fees not included.

Why choose Clearwave Fiber for your home?

Clearwave Fiber is not just about fast internet speeds―the service gives you more than one reason to choose it for your home connection―and sets you up for an exceptional experience of all the advantages that 100% cutting-edge Fiber technology has to offer.


Super-fast symmetrical speeds

Commonly accessible hybrid Fiber connections are only able to deliver uploads up to 50 Mbps. But with Clearwave you get to enjoy upload speeds as high as for downloads.

Build and upload your content faster, share on social media in a jiffy, or make cloud backups without an interruption.


Superior reliability & bandwidth

With a Fiber to the Home connection you can enjoy full advantage of the inherent reliability of Fiber technology, over Clearwave’s state-of-the-art network infrastructure.

And, there is never a shortage of bandwidth―everyone can happily stream and game on their favorite devices all at once. The service gives you every reason to rejoice!


Unlimited internet on unlimited devices

You don’t need to keep a track of who is connected and streaming HD video while you’re trying to download an important email―Clearwave Fiber is built to deliver an enhanced internet experience.

Clearwave Internet speeds support multiple devices with remarkable ease. And there are no data caps or overage fees to worry about either!


No annual contracts

Clearwave understands customers prefer to avoid contractual obligations when signing up for a home internet service. The reason why none of the Clearwave Fiber plans require you to sign an annual contract.

So, if you do not like getting entangled in long-term commitments, Clearwave Fiber plans make an ideal choice for your home.


Exceptional local customer support

Customer support is an integral aspect of any consumer service―and Clearwave understands this.

With Clearwave Fiber Customer Service you’ll find exceptional local support for all your questions and concerns―right from the time you contact us to place an order through the life of your customer experience.

Clearwave Fiber

Enjoy an exceptional experience of home Wi-Fi

Speed, stability and range icon

Speed, stability and range

The Clearwave Fiber router delivers a seamless Wi-Fi experience that you can rely on for speed, stability and range.

And with our Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi, everyone can enjoy an ultra-strong connection anywhere in the house―make any room your work-at-home office!

Control your Clearwave home Wi-Fi with ultimate ease icon

Control your Clearwave home Wi-Fi with ultimate ease

The Clearwave Fiber Wi-Fi App that comes with the router, allows you to easily manage your home network from anywhere, anytime―set profiles for people and places in the house, check out the bandwidth you are actually getting or create guest networks & more.

Enjoy protection from online threats icon

Enjoy protection from online threats

Our Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi includes advanced security―that ensures your entire home Wi-Fi network and connected devices stay protected.

Parental controls allow you to set access schedules, filter content by age, type or app, and much more!

Stream on with Clearwave Fiber

Fast and reliable Clearwave home internet speeds, delivered via a 100% fiber optic network, introduce you to an incredible streaming experience―and with the Clearwave 1 Gig plan you can even enjoy streaming your favorite 4K content.

From live TV to streaming favorites, sports, shows, and movies―you are in control. Watch content on multiple devices anywhere in your home all at once!

Clearwave Fiber makes it possible for you to part ways with traditional pay-TV and only pay for what you want to watch!

Friendly Altice Customer Service representative
Friendly Altice Customer Service representative

Go on a winning spree with Clearwave Fiber

Passionate about gaming, and looking for a connection that delivers an immersive experience? Connect with Clearwave Internet―go on a winning spree with our Fiber 1 Gig plan!

Equal uploads and downloads and unlimited data when combined with premium reliability and superior bandwidth, set you up for seamless gameplay.

Say goodbye to lag, ping spikes, and jitter, and hello to an all-new experience of online gaming with Clearwave Fiber!

For an immersive gaming & streaming experience

Sign up for Clearwave Fiber 1 Gig!

for $85/mo.

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About Clearwave Fiber

Founded in January 2022, the Clearwave Fiber venture is spear-headed by a leadership team that holds a combined experience of 120+ years in the industry. We’re committed to serving the millions across U.S., who still have to deal with crawling internet speeds that hamper their individual and collective abilities to thrive.

This is why we’re laser-focused on deploying a 100% Fiber Internet service that reaches out to 500,000 homes and businesses across the country by 2026. And, we aim to become the internet provider of choice for the rapidly increasing number of homes and businesses that our network passes by.

It’s internet speed and reliability you’ll love from people you can trust!

Friendly Altice Customer Service representative
Friendly Altice Customer Service representative

Where is Clearwave Fiber available?

Clearwave Fiber is a leading internet service provider committed to serving communities across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States.

More and more homes and businesses in our growing footprint are now able to access our future-proof 100% Fiber connection, as we continue to reach out to thousands of previously underserved locations.

To check if you’re located within the reach of the Clearwave Fiber network, speak to a representative of Clearwave Customer Service.

There’s no better time to switch―flip to 100% Fiber TODAY and get the home internet you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearwave Fiber is rapidly expanding its 100% fiber-optic network to more and more locations across Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Kansas. The service provider aims to reach out to over 500,000 locations and is investing millions in this endeavour. To check if Clearwave Fiber is available in your area call at 866-393-5831.

Clearwave Fiber offers speeds starting at 250 Mbps and delivers 1 Gbps for downloads and uploads via its top tier plan. There is a 500 Mbps speed tier in-between. To check availability and for more details call at 866-393-5831.

No. Clearwave Fiber internet plans do not have a data cap. All plans include unlimited data, and there is no overage fee or speed throttling. This way you can enjoy the full advantage of 100% Fiber internet speeds.

Clearwave Fiber internet plans start at $65/mo. for 250 Mbps downloads, and the top tier 1 Gig plan costs $85/mo. To check availability and order call at 866-393-5831.

To check if the Clearwave Fiber internet network passes by your neighborhood, call at 866-393-5831 anytime.

Clearwave Fiber was launched in January 2022 as a joint venture between Cable One and its affiliate investors. The new entity holds the Cable One subsidiary Clearwave Communications, and is focused on rapid expansion of a pure fiber-optic network in areas that were previously underserved.