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Do What You Love Online & Do it Fast!

TDS internet service brings you a variety of connection types and speeds. From DSL and cable to fiber optic broadband, TDS Telecom covers it all. Go as fast as 100 Mbps with high-speed DSL. Or pick fiber-powered cable broadband as fast as 300 Mbps. And, if you are lucky you can subscribe to futuristic speeds up to 1 Gbps over a 100% fiber optic network in select areas. With TDS fiber and cable broadband plans, where available, you get unlimited data. But, DSL connections come with a 250GB data cap. Not bad, because that is worth a good 100 hours of HD video content.

Power your home with dependable Premium Wi-Fi+. Mesh technology blankets your home in a stronger signal that is reliable enough to keep all your devices connected. Stay safe and secure with a range of online security products from TDS. You can even enjoy a free 30-day trial of TDS Internet Security.

The range of TDS internet prices is a good fit for every budget, and each plan is designed to bring you maximum return on your investment.


Watch What You Love the Futuristic Way

TDS TV comes with all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive TV service. You get a choice of three channel lineups. TDS TV Freedom, Expanded and Expanded Plus. The basic tier gives you 125+ channels while the top one brings 190+. Everything from local to popular networks and regional sports channels is on the menu. If you want to spice it more, customize with any of the premium networks so loved by America. For the sports obsessed there is healthy add on sports package on offer too.

Each plan comes with a FREE connected DVR service, TV Everywhere and access to on demand content. The wireless set-top box coupled with the connected TDS DVR is a remarkable combo. It allows you to control your TV experience the way you want. The TDS Companion App transforms your smartphone into a remote control device. So, you are never out of touch with your entertainment regime.

The advanced TDS TV home entertainment is powered by futuristic IPTV technology. It brings you crystal-clear picture quality and robust sound. And, also the most watched American cable TV networks you would not want to miss.


Your Flexible and Affordable Connection

Enjoy flexible and affordable phone plans with TDS home phone service. TDS Home Phone gives you a balanced mix of the past and the future. Because, it is a combination of a landline and wireless phone. The service allows 911 to locate you as the call goes out from a landline, letting Emergency services know your address. And, your connection does not die during a power outage. Rather, you just switch to a corded phone hooked up to the phone jack, and stay connected!

The variety of plans ensures you get exactly what you need. Choose a plan that gives you unlimited long-distance calling. Connect with family and friends in the U.S., Canada or the U.S. Territories without stressing about the bill. Or go with an unlimited local calling option if that is all you need.

Keep track of your daily communication with Voicemail, and enjoy the convenience offered by useful calling features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID on Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling etc. With crystal-clear voice, and many advanced calling features TDS home phone service is a sure bet!

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Enjoy the Benefits of Bundling TDS Services

Buying more does not always make you spend more. Not with TDS bundles at least. TDS Internet bundles bring you amazing savings. Package TDS internet, TV and phone whichever way you like. TDS gives you a variety of basic bundle options for under $100. The extent to which you save may vary from one bundle to another. But, all bundles offer discounted services. Some save you hard earned money for one whole year. While others get you 2-year long savings. Some TDS packages come with a 2-year Price Lock, others offer free installation and Bill Credit up to $200. The best part is you get only one bill to pay every month. So, you can cut the hassle of paying different bills to different vendors every 30 days.

With over 45 years of experience at connecting people in rural and suburban America, TDS gives you the best home service suite at the best price possible. Save time, energy and money. Subscribe to simple and straightforward TDS bundle plans!

TDS Telecom Customer Service Always at Your Disposal

Timely customer service is at the core of TDS Telecom. A swift and punctual customer support team assists subscribers facing technical issues, service availability concerns and looking to learn more about TDS Telecom’s service plans. You will no longer have to search for solutions to your problems alone when TDS Telecom customer service is a call away.

TDS Customer Servise Plan

TDS Telecom Packages

A Complete Service Suite for Your Home

Shop popular TDS deals for great overall value. Or customize one that fits both your needs and the pocket. Make TDS your provider of high-speed internet, in-home digital TV entertainment and trustworthy landline phone service that never quits on you. Take a look at available speed tiers, channel lineups and phone plans that you can mix and match to make your very own bundle!

Available Package Options TDS Internet Speed Options TDS TV Channel Lineup Options TDS Phone Plan Options
Internet, TV & Phone
  • 1 Gig Fiber Internet 1Gbps download and 400 Mbps upload speeds
  • Extreme600 Fiber Internet 600 Mbps download and 400 Mbps upload speeds
  • Extreme300 Fiber Internet 300 Mbps download and 300 Mbps upload speed
  • TDS TV Expanded Plus Programming with 190+ channels—NFL Network, Boomerang, Cooking Channel etc.
  • TDS TV Expanded Programming with 135+ channels—A&E, Comedy Central, HGTV, ESPN etc.
  • TDS TV Freedom Programming with 125+ channels—local, sports & cable networks, commercial-free music etc.
  • Classic Unlimited Voice Package with unlimited local and long distance calling & 10 calling features
  • Classic Voice Package with 30 minutes long distance calling per month, unlimited local calling, Voicemail & other features
Internet & TV
Internet & Phone
TV & Phone
Additional discounts and Special offers Free Pro Installation—Savings on TDS TV for 1 Full Year—Up to $200 one-time Bill Credit—and more!

TDS Telecom Availability

Want to Know if TDS is Where You Are?

With coverage in 25+ states, TDS enjoys an impressive footprint in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Michigan. The TDS DSL network has the most coverage with over 2 million able to access high-speed DSL from the provider. The Fiber service is available in select regions, however expanding. In some parts of its coverage area, TDS Cable uses an infrastructure of coaxial lines to deliver cable broadband.

  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • Utah
  • California
  • Maine
  • New Mexico
  • Vermont
  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Florida
  • Minnesota
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • New Hampshire
  • South Carolina
Coverage Area of TDS Telecom Services

About TDS Telecom

A Quick Overview & Some Fast Facts

TDS Telecom delivers high-speed internet, TV entertainment and phone services in rural, suburban and urban communities. Founded in 1969, TDS is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. The company has stepped up to the plate by incorporating latest networking technologies into its network infrastructure. TDS is thus able to deliver ultra-fast internet to a great number of subscribers under its cover. Not many telecom companies venture with such a variety of service types as does TDS. Its DSL network may be the most spread out, but the TDS Fiber service is fast expanding to more and more homes. Fiber optic broadband is becoming the top choice of internet users worldwide. And, TDS is not willing to remain behind times.

  • TDS is the 10th largest DSL provider in the U.S.
  • TDS Telecom offers DSL, cable, fiber and copper internet
  • TDS serves 1,300+ ZIP codes in 25+ states
  • TDS DSL is available to over 2 million
  • TDS Fiber is accessible to over 550,000
  • TDS Cable delivers broadband to 500,000+
  • TDS Copper is available to businesses in 35+ ZIP Codes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TDS internet cable or DSL?

An estimated 2.2 million people have access to TDS DSL internet which in terms of coverage, makes it the 10th largest residential DSL broadband provider in the USA. However, that is not the only internet type available from TDS. TDS telecom also offers a cable, copper and fiber internet service.

TDS offers unlimited data with Fiber internet plans as well as cable broadband, where these are available. But, DSL plans come with a 250GB data cap.

TDS offers 2 kinds of in-home Wi-Fi. Basic Wi-Fi and Premium Wi-Fi+. The latter uses mesh networking technology to provide you with a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. TDS WiFi+ works to minimize dead zones by rebroadcasting the signal from not just one point where the router is placed, but through multiple access points around the house. The high-end equipment uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi signal and route the traffic efficiently.

Serving nearly 900 rural, suburban and metropolitan communities across the country, TDS Telecom is among the largest service providers in USA in terms of coverage. TDS Inc. employs an estimated 9,400 people. With approximately six million connections nationwide through TDS Telecom, U.S. Cellular, TDS Broadband Service, and OneNeck IT Solutions LLC., TDS has been named to many Forbes listings to date.

To check if TDS offers service at your address, you can call at 844-343-1172. TDS professionals will be able to guide you what offers exactly are available at your address. And, also help you determine which of the available plans will work the best for you.

TDS Telecom offers budget-friendly plans with quality services. Flexible in terms of customization, TDS bundles are particularly packed with value. Whether you subscribe to a standalone or bundled internet plan, prices are very competitive and each offer brings you more than the full value of your investment.

TDS internet modems come fully supported by TDS Tech Support and are pre-activated too. If however you are using your own modem you will have to call TDS to activate the service. You can call at 844-343-1172 for guidance.

If you are looking to activate your HD set-top box you can do so by logging into your online TDS account. Go to Manage Devices, where you will find a list of equipment. Find the one that is yours, input the serial number printed at the back of HD set top box you own, and activate.

TDS stands for Telephone and Data Systems. TDS Telecom is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc.