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Get the scoop on the latest technologies. Tips and tricks, how to buy and use tech to improve your life.

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

Here’s What You Need to Know About Internet for Apartments

Apartment life is quite different and comes with its characteristic conveniences. This means that new renters often don’t have to deal with the usual hassle, such as lawn mowing, garbage collection, ...

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

What Internet Speed Do I Need To Work From Home?

The internet is an essential part of our lives today for learning, entertainment, and a whole lot more. It is especially important for people working from home – with all the video conferences, ...

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

The Ultimate Guide to Internet Router Performance

Slow internet performance is annoying, especially if it interrupts a good movie that’s about to disclose an important character reveal. Or maybe the connection slowed down just when that massive u ...

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

How to get Cable on TV without a Box?

Browsing the internet and watching TV are common leisure activities; so much so that these are a part of modern culture. Everything from learning, formal education, work, and even shopping can be do ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

Explore AT&T Fiber Internet in San Diego, CA

San Diego is one of the most populous cities in California and one of the most popular too. You may know it for its glorious sandy beaches, great weather, and deep-sea port, but San Diego is so mu ...

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

How to Get Phone Services in Rural areas?

Telephone services came to commercial use in the late 1800s and technology has become an important part of our lives today. Over the years, plenty of research and work has gone in to refine the ...

By James Chadwick | Tech Chatter |

Everything You Need to Know About Firewall for Home Router

How essential is your home network security? Well, your home network is never perfectly guarded. Despite proper settings and prudence, even the most tech-savvy people are exposed to dangers such a ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

The Best Internet Providers in Kingsland, GA

Kingsland in Camden County, Georgia is a small city both in terms of area and population, but a perfect choice if you want to raise a family away from the hubbub of busy metropolises. Although the c ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

Exploring the Best Internet Providers in Jacksonville, FL

Exploring the Best Internet Providers in Jacksonville, FL   Jacksonville is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Florida and is one of the largest and most populous cities in the U.S.  As with mu ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

Rural Internet Providers in Indiana ꟷ Towns with the Best Broadband Access

Table of Contents Residential Internet Access in Indiana Enjoy Wired Broadband Access in These 20 Rural Indiana Towns Top 5 Rural Indiana ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

Quick Fixes for an Agonizingly Slow Internet Connection

Table of Contents Fix No. 1 Fix No. 2 Fix No. 3 Fix No. 4 Fix No. 5 Fix No. 6 A Quick Recap All Things Concluded Your browser d ...

By John | Tech Chatter |

Mediacom in Ridgecrest CA Brings You Value-Packed Services

Ready to move to Ridgecrest, California? Well, you’re lucky because there’s Mediacom in Ridgecrest, CA here, all set to breathe life into your new home with its high-speed internet and contemporary ...