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Entertainment Buzz

Celeb news, series and movies you shouldn’t miss, and glittery events to keep an eye on.

By John | Entertainment Buzz |

Top Movies to Watch on Hulu in February 2023

In an era where Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + seem to be running rampant, Hulu is making admirable strides in this space. Hulu has cemented itself as one of the bigg ...

By John | Entertainment Buzz |

Watch Dallas Cowboys Games on Spectrum TV Channels

As the NFL 2022-2023 season comes around, the air is abuzz with excitement as always. Among the much-awaited games are those of the Dallas Cowboys – ranking in the top six, this season. Watching the ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Which Movies to Watch on Mediacom TV This Christmas?

There is no other time like Christmas. As soon as December begins and the winds turn cold and crisp, a certain magic settles upon the air. And, what better way to enjoy this holiday cheer than m ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

What Movies to Watch on DIRECTV This Christmas?

As the days get shorter and the winds turn crisp with the December magic slowly creeping in, there is a festive glow in the air. Year after year, Christmas continues to be the season of rejoicin ...

By John | Entertainment Buzz |

7 Netflix Christmas Movies to Enjoy in 2022

As December enters in a flurry of snow and cold winds, up goes the Christmas decoration in most American homes. Amid hot cocoa and Christmas shopping, there is plenty to do in December. Families com ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

How to Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi – A Detailed Setup Guide

Wherever in the world you may be located, the internet has taken over almost everything – and not necessarily in a bad way. The internet has revolutionized the way we live, taking most of our daily ac ...

By James Chadwick | Entertainment Buzz |

The Scariest Halloween Movies to Watch

As we head further into the fall season – with days getting shorter, the breeze becoming cooler, greenery gradually wilting away, and the nights becoming longer, now forms the perfect atmosphe ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV

In 2022, subscribing to a new streaming service is just as confusing as ever. Almost all top services advertise unique features, quality content, great user experience, and affordable pricing ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Your Guide to Watching 4K Content in 2022

Long gone are the days of black and white TV programs, replaced instead with crystal-clear images brought to life on wide TV screens. With the high standards continually improving, the grainy pict ...

By Aiden Radd | Entertainment Buzz |

Best Internet Speed For PC Games

Table of Contents History of Gaming Gaming Internet Speed Requirement Some Popular Games and the Best Internet Speed for Them What Affects Your Internet Speed for Gaming Bringing It Al ...

By Aiden Radd | Entertainment Buzz |

Best Internet Speed For Streaming Amazon FireStick

Table of Contents Best Internet Speed for Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Choosing the Right Internet Providers How to Set Up Your Fire Stick Perks of Using an Amazon Fire Stick Is Amazon Fi ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Best TV Deals and Packages for May 2022

The month of May is around the corner, and so are these TV deals and packages! Hear ye, hear ye! We have an announcement to make. The month of May is almost here ...