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After the success Discovery Network had, it launched another channel in 1996 named Investigation Discovery (ID) that solely focuses on crime events. There are a number of mystery novels out there giv ...Read More

If the brain isnt stimulated each day, it deteriorates. But, before that comes to pass, boredom is sure to have you begging for death. TV is the answer to it all. Good entertainment promises to keep y ...Read More

You may possess the Universal DISH Remote which has the power to control your entire home theatre and more, but to wield this immense power is another matter altogether. If you want your remote to get ...Read More

You may have a great cable plan with a channel lineup to die for, but as great as it maybe there will be times when you will find yourself wanting to watch the shows on the channels you dont have acce ...Read More

The wait is finally over! The veil has been lifted and now we know exactly what Sony has in store for its PS5 fans. Suffice to say, it wont disappoint. On June 11, Sony hosted a reveal event and shar ...Read More

Cord-cutting promised you the world by giving you complete control of the channels you subscribe to and the programming you watch. You can cherry-pick what you love and only pay for that. It is un ...Read More

CBS has been offering some of the best shows for quite some time, which is why it has such a huge demographic tuning in each day. Whether you are looking for comedy, drama, action or anything real ...Read More

Whenever the weekend hits and you want to laze around, you grab your smartphone and watch Netflix into oblivion. It is true that these streaming platforms are paving a prominent spot for themselves i ...Read More

What Channel is NFL Network on Spectrum? Americans are die-hard sports fans. No sport is more celebrated than the National Football and no League is more eminent than the NFL. Sure, baseball is Am ...Read More

MTV undoubtedly offers some of the best entertainment out there. Launched in 1981, it started off by airing music videos on shows hosted by TV personalities known as VJs or video jockeys. Over the ye ...Read More

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