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Entertainment Buzz

Celeb news, series and movies you shouldn’t miss, and glittery events to keep an eye on.

By Samantha Iris | Entertainment Buzz |

Enjoy New Year’s Eve with Spectrum TV

With Spectrum On Demand, there will be a rich library of live TV programming and on demand movies to make this New Year’s Eve special!

By Samantha Iris | Entertainment Buzz |

Watch these Christmas Shows on TV with Mediacom!

Catch all the amazing Christmas shows on TV with a Mediacom cable TV subscription. Read more for the complete Christmas Shows 2023 schedule.

By Samantha Iris | Entertainment Buzz |

What Movies to Watch on DIRECTV This Christmas?

Here is a complete list of the best Christmas movies on DIRECTV. To subscribe to DIRECTV packages, call 855-737-0235 and enjoy redefined TV entertainment!

By Samantha Iris | Entertainment Buzz |

Catch Up With These Christmas Movies this Festive Season

From Elf to Home Alone, check out this list of Christmas movies to enrich your Holiday season with entertainment, joy, and togetherness.

By Rose Walker | Entertainment Buzz |

Spooky Screenings: All-Time Best Halloween Movies & TV Shows

Looking to watch something exciting this spooky season? Here is a list of the 23 best Halloween movies and TV shows to stream this Halloween.

By Aiden Radd | Entertainment Buzz |

How to Compare Streaming Services | Your Guide to Choosing the Right Streaming Service

When you compare streaming services, consider factors like content library, user-friendliness, additional features, and price. Learn more in this blog!

By Zion Harris | Entertainment Buzz |

How to Watch the MLB World Series 2023

Learn about the best ways to watch the World Series 2023 on TV with or without cable.

By John | Entertainment Buzz |

How to Watch the Tour de France 2023

Don’t know how to watch the Tour de France 2023? Learn all about how to watch the biggest bike race of the season with

By Aiden Radd | Entertainment Buzz |

Memorial Day 2023 – Best Deals You Can Get

Are you looking for good Memorial Day sales 2023? Check out our comprehensive list of the best Memorial Day deals that will surely save you some money.

By Aiden Radd | Entertainment Buzz |

Where to Watch The Walking Dead

Are you wondering where to watch The Walking Dead? Read our guide to learn where you can catch the latest episodes of The Walking Dead without any hassle.

By Macy Davis | Entertainment Buzz |

The Flash Movie 2023 | Gear Up for the Action-Packed Premier

The Flash movie is set for a theatrical release on June 16th, 2023 in the USA. Here is everything we know about the movie!

By John | Entertainment Buzz |

How to Watch Iowa State Football with Mediacom Cable TV?

Watch the Iowa State Football game on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, FS1, and Big Ten Network. All included in the Mediacom channel lineup!