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‘Tis the festive season and nothing gets better than a hot cup of cocoa on a cozy couch with Holiday movies that feel like a warm hug from your childhood, or a whiff of refreshing yet nostalgic Christmas memories that can teleport you to the best of times. Whether you watch a classic during this season or catch the hottest Christmas releases on Netflix, you will find yourself looking forward to a list of Christmas movies that can enrich the season.

Christmas movies like Elf and A Christmas Story are just as essential as lit-up trees and neatly wrapped gifts. To help you get in the Holiday spirit and have the time of your life, we have curated a very thorough list of Christmas movies that you must watch this year. Plus, you will find some great streaming and TV options via which you can enjoy watching movies and so much more!

What to Watch this Holiday Season – A Complete List!

Best Christmas Classics

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life
  2. White Christmas
  3. The Christmas Chronicles
  4. Die Hard
  5. The Holiday
  6. Scrooge
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. The Grinch
  9. Elf
  10. A Christmas Carol
  11. Holiday Affair

Best Christmas Movies for Kids

  1. Klaus
  2. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  3. Arthur Christmas
  4. Frosty the Snowman
  5. The Polar Express
  6. Home Alone
  7. A Year Without Santa Claus
  8. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
  9. Frozen
  10. Smallfoot

Best Christmas Movies for Couples

  1. The Holidate
  2. Love Actually
  3. When Harry Met Sally
  4. Love Hard
  5. The Apartment
  6. Christmas in Connecticut
  7. Serendipity
  8. Let It Snow
  9. The Knight Before Christmas
  10. An Affair to Remember

Best Christmas Movies for Friends

  1. A Bad Moms Christmas
  2. Krampus
  3. Single All the Way
  4. The Night Before
  5. Falling for Christmas
  6. Who Killed Santa
  7. Four Christmases
  8. Little Women (2019)
  9. The Princess Switch
  10. The Best Man Holiday

Best Horror Christmas Movies

  1. Black Christmas
  2. Gremlins
  3. Silent Night, Deadly Night
  4. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
  5. Anna and the Apocalypse
  6. A Christmas Horror Story
  7. Better Watch Out
  8. The Lodge
  9. The Retaliators
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Best Comedy Christmas Movies

  1. Best. Christmas. Ever!
  2. Dashing Through the Snow
  3. Boxing Day
  4. Bad Santa
  5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  6. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
  7. Almost Christmas
  8. Spirited
  9. Happiest Season
  10. Office Christmas Party

Where to Watch the Best Christmas Movies?

With our extensive list of Christmas movies, you also need to find the right platform to watch amazing Christmas movies with your friends, family, or for a lone night in. From Netflix’s original Christmas movies to Spectrum TV’s exhaustive on-demand library, here is everything you need to know about the best ways to watch Christmas movies this Holiday season.


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Recently, HBO rebranded its OTT streaming platform from HBO Max to simply, Max. Not just the name, but the streaming platform itself too has undergone a lot of upgrades that are worth mentioning. From a larger library of content to an addition of a separate 4K library, Max has much greater value to offer. Even better is the fact that its pricing has not changed significantly, allowing you to enjoy the most premium prices at affordable rates.

Here is what you get with Max:

  • Original Max content that you would be the first to watch
  • Offline downloading feature that lets you stream your favorite titles even without the internet
  • Up to 4 simultaneous streams are allowed for family households
  • Includes a range of content like anime and theater exclusives
  • 24/7 live news with CNN Max section
  • Selected library of 4K UHD content with Dolby Atmos for the ultimate entertainment
  • Offers a cheaper subscription plan that includes ads for users on a budget

Max Subscription Plans

There are 3 simple and straightforward Max subscription plans. From an ad-based plan to an ad-free subscription to the ultimate ad-free Max plan, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. However, you can also enjoy limited-time free with Max if you opt for the AT&T and DIRECTV bundles and plans, and enjoy not only Max but also other premium networks such as STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

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Here are the subscription plans offered by Max:

Max Ad Lite

  • Ad-supported plan
  • 2 concurrent streams
  • 1080p video quality

$9.99/mo. or $99.99/year

Max Ad Free Plan

  • 2 concurrent streams
  • 1080p video quality
  • 30 offline downloads allowed

$15.99/mo. or $149.99/year

Max Ultimate Ad Free

  • 4 concurrent streams
  • 100 offline downloads
  • 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos on select titles

$19.99/mo. or $199.99/year


Netflix has been one of the biggest names in the world of streaming services. It started as a video rental service, only to come up with a much more advanced and convenient solution to Americans’ entertainment needs — on-demand video streaming. From globally popular Netflix originals to having the biggest classics of all time in its library, Netflix leaves no stone unturned in the world of entertainment.

When it comes to holiday season festivities, Netflix does everything it can to create some of the most vibrant and unique Holiday movies for its subscribers. It also houses some of the most popular American Christmas movies in its library.

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Netflix has made history on several memorable occasions — its recent one being the Squid Games nomination in the Emmy’s as the first-ever non-English show to win ever. From Money Heist to Stranger Things, to a psycho-thriller like You, Netflix knows what it is doing.

Even though there has been a recent Netflix password-sharing fiasco, Netflix still seems to be offering value for its subscribers’ money. Contrary to popular belief, Netflix password sharing simply allows multiple users living in the same household to use one account. This arrangement makes all the sense for families and roommates. The password sharing only restricts people living in different households from using one account.

  • Allows up to 4 concurrent streams
  • Includes offline mobile download option
  • Includes top-tier Netflix original content
  • Personalized recommendations for easy viewing
  • Let’s you create multiple user profiles to maintain personalized content libraries
  • 4K HDR available on premium subscription
  • Access to mobile games

Netflix Subscription Plans

Standard with ads

  • 2 concurrent streams
  • 1080p resolution available
  • Allows offline downloads on up to 2 devices



  • No ads
  • 2 concurrent streams
  • 1080p resolution available
  • Offline downloads are available on up 2 devices at a time
  • Add an extra member for $7.99/mo.



  • No ads
  • 4 concurrent streams available
  • 4K HDR resolution available
  • Netflix spatial audio
  • Offline downloads supported on 6 devices at a time
  • Add up to 2 extra members for $7.99/mo. each



DIRECTV has held a strong position as America’s favorite satellite TV provider since 1994. Today, it has evolved into an industry giant that has kept up with technological advancements and offers the most comprehensive entertainment solutions to Americans.

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You can choose to connect to DIRECTV via Satellite or via Internet to watch Christmas movies on your TV — at your convenience. Both connection types offer the greatest perks and benefits, with service features that give the biggest bang for the buck. DIRECTV via Satellite is a viable option for rural residents and TV buffs who would like to enjoy the exhaustive channel lineup.

Meanwhile, DIRECTV via Internet is great for households that have an internet connection of at least 25 Mbps or higher, and need to enjoy light entertainment in the most crisp and clear video quality — as high as 4K HDR!

With DIRECTV packages, here are some features that can elevate your Holiday season entertainment experience:

  • Personalize the service with the DIRECTV Movies Pack to enjoy Hallmark Movies, Sony Movies, Lifetime, and many more
  • Get the free DIRECTV App that gives access to live TV and up to 90,000+ on-demand titles
  • Enjoy generous DVR cloud storage to never miss your favorite movie or show on live TV
  • 4K HDR for select networks
  • Use the voice-activated remote for hands-free control over your TV
  • Great options for sports lovers with access to local and regional live sports networks
  • Special offers on premium networks like Max for a well-rounded streaming experience
  • Over 75 channels including popular networks like CNN, Disney Channel, AMC, and many more
  • 90+ bonus channels for Satellite customers
  • Includes First Gemini device
  • Includes DVR service


for 24 months plus taxes and fees.

w/ 24-mo. agmt. Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies. Requires AutoPay and Paperless Bill.

  • Over 105 channels including specialty sports networks like MLB Network, ACC Network, NBA TV, and BTN
  • 95+ bonus channels for Satellite customers
  • Includes First Gemini device
  • Includes DVR service
  • Special offer on premium networks


for 24 months plus taxes and fees.
w/ 24-mo. agmt. Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. and Regional Sports Fee up to $15.99/mo. are extra & apply. Requires AutoPay and Paperless Bill.

  • 140+ channels including popular networks like CBS Sports Network, STARZ ENCORE®, FX Movie Channel, NHL Network, Discovery Channel, and many more
  • 130+ bonus channels for Satellite customers
  • Includes First Gemini device
  • Includes DVR service
  • Special offer on premium networks


for 24 months plus taxes and fees.
w/ 24-mo. agmt. Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. and Regional Sports Fee up to $15.99/mo. are extra & apply. Requires AutoPay and Paperless Bill.

  • 150+ channels including premium networks like MAX™, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and STARZ®
  • 190+ bonus channels for Satellite customers
  • Includes First Gemini device
  • Includes DVR service
  • Special offer on premium networks


for 24 months plus taxes and fees.
w/ 24-mo. agmt. Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. and Regional Sports Fee up to $15.99/mo. are extra & apply. Requires AutoPay and Paperless Bill.

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Apple TV+

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If you are looking for a heavy load of original content and a vast library, Apple TV might not cut it for you. However, for the most unique and refreshing content lineup, Apple TV is an extraordinary pick. It is packed with a variety of premium features, available at a rather affordable price that is lower than industry standards. This makes Apple TV+ a fairly good choice for those looking for a rather exclusive entertainment library.

Apple TV+ has produced some notable Christmas movies and shows that one can enjoy with family or friends. It even has entire shows that have specially dedicated Christmas episodes that hit the right spot.

Apple TV’s relatively smaller content library is backed by a glitch-free and smooth user interface that makes the entire experience worth the subscription fee of $9.99 per month. The service stands out as one of the most convenient options, especially for iOS users, thanks to some of its brilliant features, including:

  • Enjoy up to 6 concurrent streams
  • Select content supports 4K HDR with immersive Spatial Audio
  • Consistently growing content library
  • Completely ad-free
  • Allow downloads for offline viewing on iOS devices

Apple TV Subscription Plans

Apple TV Subscription

  • 7-day free trial period
  • Stream on streaming devices, smart TVs, Apple devices, and many more platforms
  • Share 1 subscription with up to 5 people


Disney Plus

Disney has been an integral part of our lives while growing up. There’s no doubt that the name rings nostalgic bells and we can’t help but think of our favorite characters from the past. But the Disney Plus streaming service is more than just a blast from the past.

The on-demand streaming service by Disney is a must-have for households with children and young adults. It is the perfect stop to start streaming the most vibrant Holiday movies in 4K HDR video quality, over an easy-to-use app interface.

Even with all the competition in the streaming industry, Disney Plus stands tall as one of the most value-adding streaming services, offering multiple subscription tiers to meet the entertainment needs of every American household.

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While the platform’s content library is rich with Disney classics, it is also the best place to catch every popular hit from Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars. Plus, you can bundle it up with other services like Hulu to enjoy even greater cost benefits.

Here are some notable features offered by Disney Plus:

  • Content ratings that allow a more personalized and accurate recommendation system
  • 4K HDR support for select content
  • Offers exclusive Disney titles that you might not find elsewhere
  • Allows select content to be downloaded and watched offline
  • Enjoy personalized recommendations with up to 7 separate user profiles
  • Comes equipped with smart parental controls that allow family-friendly entertainment
  • Allows up to 4 simultaneous streams

Disney Plus Subscription Plans

Basic with ads

  • Ad-supported plan
  • 4K UHD resolution available



  • No ads
  • 4 concurrent streams
  • 4K UHD resolution available
  • Offline downloads are available on select content


Wrap Up!

The Holiday season is almost incomplete without classic Christmas movies like Elf and A Christmas Story. These movies have been around for the longest of time, and still do not fail to amaze the viewers. With such a long list of Christmas movies to watch, you must explore all the feasible streaming options to enjoy these movies to the fullest.

Whether you choose the DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet option, or go for the pioneer of on-demand streaming service called Netflix, make sure you have considered your entertainment needs properly. You must consider factors like the number of concurrent streams, monthly price, downloading option, and device compatibility.

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