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The Hallmark Christmas movie countdown began in October, and is hitting its peak as we near the Christmas Day. The good thing is if you are just catching up, you will find your Hallmark favorites on a 24-hour loop during the month.

The massive increase in its viewership and the subsequent incline in the channel’s ratings, during the months of November and December, speak volumes of the popularity of Hallmark Christmas movies. After all, who does not indulge in habitual watching of even cheesy-romantic and mushy-heartwarming movies when the spirit of Christmas comes to life all around you?

As unlikely as it may be, if you are new to the Hallmark Christmas Countdown, let’s welcome you to the magical world of Hallmark entertainment. Our blog today takes a look at how to stream Hallmark Christmas movies online, especially if you are a cord-cutting household! So, read on and find out all that you need to know.

How to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

This is surely not a concern in homes that are subscribed to a pay-tv service because nearly all cable and satellite TV service providers carry the Hallmark Channel in their starter or mid-tier TV plans. But if you are a cord-cutter home, and routinely rely on Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) services to take your fill of TV entertainment, you’ll have to find out about live streaming services that carry the Hallmark Channel.

So, just in case, you are looking for ways to watch hallmark Christmas movies this year without cable, below is a listing of the top live streaming options for you to consider. Take a look, and take your pick. So you too can watch Hallmark Christmas movies without cable and catch up on the best of titles aired since the countdown to Christmas began in October 2023.

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DIRECTV via Internet

The new streaming version of America’s top satellite TV service, DIRECTV via Internet, comes with 4 different plans, starting at $69.99/month. It is one of the best online platforms to watch free Christmas movies on Hallmark this year!

DIRECTV via Internet Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier plans, all carry the Hallmark Channel. The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel is also included in the starter Entertainment plan. However, the service makes it mandatory to sign a 2-year contract, which promises price protection for the duration.

DIRECTV via Internet offers good value for the price it charges — with up to 150+ live TV channels, 60,000+ on-demand titles, First Gemini device, Cloud DVR, DIRECTV App, and limited-time free access to premium networks. You won’t feel the need to subscribe to any other platform for additional entertainment with DIRECTV. So you better check out what movies to watch on DIRECTV this Christmas and make the most of your subscription.

Plus, it is compatible with a number of third-party devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast, as well iOS and Android devices.

YouTube TV

One of the most popular live streaming services, YouTube TV has an impressive lineup with 100+ networks included. The selection is great from the viewpoint of a home where popular entertainment and sports are hot favorites. No surprise then that the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Mysteries & Movies, and Hallmark Drama are part of the YouTube TV lineup.

Your subscription to YouTube TV includes unlimited Cloud DVR, six accounts, and three simultaneous streams. There are no annual contracts or hidden fees. Also, the service is compatible with a wide range of popular streaming devices. The best part is the current limited-time special offer gets you a $22 discount for the first 3 months, after which you’ll pay at the regular rate i.e. $72.99/mo.

YouTube TV also offers Max for live streaming – so, you can watch Elf (2003) this Christmas on Max too!

Sling TV

One of the most popular and affordable live streaming options on the market, Sling TV allows you to stream Hallmark Christmas movies when you add on the Lifestyle Extra mini channel pack to your subscription. None of the Sling TV plans, Orange, Blue, or Orange & Blue, carry the Hallmark channel in the primary channel lineup. But with the Lifestyle Extra pack, which is $6/mo. on top of your base plan, you can enjoy not just the Hallmark Channel but Hallmark Movies & Mysteries along with Hallmark Drama.

Just to add, you can subscribe to Sling TV Orange plan for $40 only per month! Also, if you subscribe to the Sling TV Orange plan now, you will get to enjoy a 50% off on your first month’s fee! Sling TV Orange offers access to 32 channels. And, includes a good number of American favorites like the Disney Channel, Comedy Central, Freeform, AMC, HGTV, ESPN, etc.

If you want more, you can upgrade to Sling TV Orange + Blue plan. It gets you to access to more than 45 channels for just $55 a month. Currently, a limited-time special offer is also available for this plan, which gets you a 50% discount on your first month’s fee! So, if you subscribe to the Sling TV Orange + Blue plan now, you will have to pay $27.50 only for the first month! How cool is that?


Another affordable live streaming TV service, that gets you 70+ channels for $25/mo. Philo is a relatively low-profile live streaming platform. And, some critics do count its selection of channels as rather limited due to its fewer news options, and a complete lack of sports and local broadcast TV.

But, all in all, with its careful selection of popular networks, on-demand library, unlimited DVR, and no annual contract stipulation, you get good value for your money. Plus, the Philo lineup carries not only the Hallmark Channel but Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama, which makes it ideal for Hallmark Christmas movies streaming during the holiday season!

The best part is there is no risk involved because you can start with a seven-day trial and explore whether or not it is the right pick for you.


fuboTV has earned quite a name for itself among live streaming services, with all the sports that it showcases. Its assortment of news and entertainment channels is not lacking either. With up to 250+ channels & 100+ sporting events, 1000 hours of Cloud DVR, 10 concurrent streams, and a long list of popular and premium add-on networks, fuboTV is a great choice. For cord-cutter homes where love for sports runs strong, the starter plan at $74.99/mo. is a value-packed choice.

There is no annual contract involved or any hidden fees. You can cancel the service anytime you want.


With a strong selection of sports networks, such as the NFL Network and NFL RedZone, dozens of popular entertainment channel e.g. A&E and Lifetime, and news channels like Fox News and ABC News included, the Vidgo lineup is quite complete. And yes, of course, it carries the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, as well as Hallmark Drama. That is why it is counted as one of the few live streaming services where you can watch Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Vidgo offers no-contract plans starting as low as $69.99 only per month for 110+ channels with on-demand and DVR. The best part? With Vidgo’s limited-time offer, you will get to enjoy a whopping discount of $49.99 on your first month payment, and will have to pay $20 only. Now that’s quite a discount!

Frndly TV

Another rather low profile, but pretty affordable live streaming service with plans starting at $6.99/mo. The assortment of networks in its lineup may not be the greatest, but the good thing is all 3 plans — Basic, Classic, and Premium — carry the 40+ live channels which the Frndly TV channel lineup offers.

So any plan you sign up for gets you access to the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries as well as Hallmark Drama. But, if you are interested in Cloud DVR and more than one simultaneous stream, you’ll have to pick either the Classic or the Premium that cost $9.99/mo. and $11.99/mo., respectively.

How to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies After They Air

On-Demand Access and Cloud DVR are the two ways you can watch Hallmark Christmas movies 2023 after their initial airing. As for On-Demand, it depends on what the network selects to include in the category. If you find what you missed, well and good. Otherwise, plan better. And put the Cloud DVR storage, which you get with your streaming subscription, to good use. This way you can ensure you won’t miss any Hallmark Christmas Movie favorites.

Here is a quick look at the live streaming services that offer you DVR access.

  • DIRECTV via Internet gets you access to 60,000+ on-demand titles with its starter plan, and if you’re a new DIRECTV customer, you can access unlimited DVR storage with any service plan. Otherwise, you’ll only get 20 hours of Cloud DVR, but you can upgrade to Unlimited DVR for $10/mo.
  • YouTube TV includes both on-demand access and unlimited Cloud DVR in its plans.
  • Sling TV offers Cloud DVR worth 50 hours of storage without an added cost. If you want, for only $5/mo. on top, you can upgrade to 200 hours. Moreover, the Sling TV on-demand library is a good way to catch up.
  • Philo includes unlimited Cloud DVR with its service plans, alongside an impressive on-demand library.
  • fuboTV offers Cloud DVR with all its plans, and its Pro plan includes 1000 hours’ worth of video storage on the Cloud. You can also access the On-Demand library to watch content on your own timeline.
  • Frndly TV service also gives you the option to include Unlimited Cloud DVR in your service plan. But, if you want to access that, you must pick the Classic or Premium plan. On-Demand is however available with all Frndly TV plans.

Hallmark Christmas Movies You Cannot Miss this Holiday Season!

The Hallmark Christmas countdown has already begun in October! Here’s a detailed overview of Hallmark movies schedule for Christmas this year—– it has all the movies you can enjoy in the coming weeks. Let’s take a look!

  • Saturday, November 25 (Double Feature): Christmas in Notting Hill & Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up
  • Sunday, November 26 (Double Feature): Our Christmas Mural & A Biltmore Christmas
  • Friday, December 1: My Norwegian Holiday
  • Saturday, December 2: A Not So Royal Christmas
  • Sunday, December 3: Christmas with a Kiss
  • Friday, December 8: Magic in Mistletoe
  • Saturday, December 9: Christmas on Cherry Lane
  • Sunday, December 10: Round and Round
  • Friday, December 15: The Secret Gift of Christmas
  • Saturday, December 16: Sealed With a List
  • Sunday, December 17: Friends & Family Christmas

Note: Just in case, you wish to know about Hallmark movie actors for the above-mentioned list, or have any other question regarding the movie schedule, please check out the official website of Hallmark.

Stream Hallmark Christmas Movies with Hallmark Apps

Hallmark itself facilitates fans with two options to stream the network’s content. Want to know? Keep scrolling to find out how to watch Hallmark Christmas movies with Hallmark apps!

Hallmark Movies Now

By subscribing to Hallmark Movies Now at $5.99/mo., or $4.99/mo. with an annual subscription, you can access the unlimited Hallmark library of commercial-free content. New content is constantly added, so there is always fresh content available to tune into. You can use the Hallmark Movies Now app on smart TVs and media players, smartphones and tabs, and on your PC.

The app supports both Android and iOS devices. There is just one caveat. When it comes to the Hallmark Christmas Countdown, you may not be able to watch the entire variety of titles aired on the network via Hallmark Movies Now.

Hallmark Channel Everywhere

The Hallmark Channel Everywhere is another way you can stream Hallmark Movies 2023 anytime, anywhere on a device of your choice. Log onto on your PC or use the network app on your smartphone. There is no added cost to streaming Hallmark content this way because you can access content only via your pay-tv subscription. If the Hallmark Channel is part of your cable or satellite channel lineup, you’ll be able to sign in with your provider credentials, either online or via the network app.

Looking for other movie options for this holiday season? Check out: How to Watch 25 Days of Christmas!

The Endnote

Christmas is all about hope, joy, and the sharing of it all. And Hallmark Christmas Movies are the most befitting add-on to all the festivities. While for pay-tv homes the question of how to watch Hallmark Christmas Movies arises only if their subscribed lineup does not carry the network, for cord-cutters it is a more serious question. They must know of their streaming service options to tune into Hallmark’s Christmas Countdown, and they must also ensure a fast and consistent high-speed internet connection is handy to make for a seamless streaming experience. Here’s how you can be the best host with Windstream Internet during the Holidays!

We hope the information we’ve shared today helps you catch up quickly and easily with what Hallmark Christmas movies! If by any chance, you are looking for a better internet connection and would like to get set up quickly and easily, call the experts at 855-349-9328 for advice and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does YouTube TV have Hallmark Movies and Mysteries?

Yes, YouTube TV has Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

Where can I watch Hallmark Christmas movies?

You can watch Hallmark movies on the following online platforms.

If you are subscribed to a pay-tv service, and your current lineup does not include the Hallmark Channel, you can always upgrade to a higher plan, or switch TV providers.

Where to stream Hallmark movies?

You can stream Hallmark movies on the following platforms.

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