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Christmas comes with the magic touch that opens up your heart to share at all levels. Even cookie-cutter stories and overkill of emotions can have an effect. You could be intoxicated by the cheers to the point where you find yourself adoring movies that you’d otherwise not care about. And with good reason. For movie watchers, Christmas is the time of the year when there is plenty of fish in the river.

Are you looking for happy endings with minimal substance and paper-thin characters? Or want to enjoy the best holiday movies like Elf and A Christmas Story? Whether you have a refined taste in entertainment or you love to watch cheesy stuff, a heap of unique and typical Christmas movies are available for you to chill with on Netflix.

Whatever adds to the fervor of Christmas for you, Netflix has it in the long list of best Holiday movies and Christmas specials in its library.

So, get ready to make the most wonderful time of the year more fabulous with your best Christmas movies on Netflix and its entire exhaustive content library.

Netflix – Your One-Stop Shop for Christmas Titles

Netflix is your one-stop shop for watching almost every type of Christmas movie. You can take your pick from new-age stories, such as Love Hard (the catfishing story turned rom-com) to quirky rom-coms like Single All the Way, and much more! These Christmas movies on Netflix are gifts that the popular streaming platform bestows upon its subscribers every Christmas, and they are packed with heart-melting stories and a hundred reasons to laugh.

Without question, Netflix not only sets trends but stays on top of all that is in vogue, astutely aware of its viewers’ preferences. The reason why it can include such diverse content for you to celebrate with every year. Even the “movie snobs” get the opportunity to boast of their count of hit Christmas movies with a Netflix subscription.

So for everyone who is looking to find what to watch on Netflix during the run-up to Christmas day, here are the top picks that’ll make it all the more fun. Pick a Netflix Original or a pile of classic Christmas movies on Netflix. From feel-good and heartfelt movies to watch-in-one-night TV series, you won’t have to scramble around for Christmas titles, as the following list is all you need to find the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

Love Hard

In the mood to add a sweet and bubbly rom-com to your watch list? Here it is then! Starring Nina Dobrev as an optimist romantic, and Jimmy O. Yang as a catfisher, Love Hard is a hilarious catfish Christmas rom-com you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The plot is full of interesting twists and turns that set off when Nina decides to surprise her boyfriend with a visit over Christmas, only to discover her online beau had been using an ex-friend’s picture on his profile. Watch what happens when Nina demands to be set up with Jimmy’s ex-friend, Tag, whose picture he had been using on his profile.

Single All the Way

Another rom-com from Netflix, Single All the Way features Jennifer Coolidge, in a story based on the ups and downs in the love life of a queer couple. Watch what life throws at Michael Urie when he convinces his best friend Philemon Chambers to pretend to be his boyfriend during his trip home over Christmas. The delightful queer love story ranked #6 on Netflix’s top 10 weekly ratings during its debut week.

Fireplace for Your Home

While pessimists may remark practically it is like watching a screensaver, and movie critics may argue an hour-long video of a fireplace isn’t really a film. For all such sayings, the “golden cliché” suffices. After all, seeing is believing. Isn’t it?

Fireplace for Your Home, the Classic, and the Birchwood Editions are remarkably unobtrusive fillers, which subtly add to the festive mood. Even in those awkward in-between moments when you cannot agree on what to watch next, or when celebrations get so loud, it is no longer the time to tune into a movie. Get a real fireplace to spark and crackle in 4K UHD, adding high-definition warmth to the ambient mood in just the right proportion!

Robin Robin

A short musical stop-motion film, featuring the story of a little robin raised by mice, this is one of the best Christmas movies made. The young Robin wants to adjust to her “family”, but all the same, wants to know who she is, and how to fly. Watch this perfect short, made warm and fuzzy by the ingenious clay animation techniques that Aardman Animation is so well reputed for. And, you’ll find out if little Robin gets her Christmas Star wish fulfilled.

A Boy Called Christmas

Well, if you have watched and loved fantasy films with a Santa origin, this movie would be a treat for you and the family. With cold and dark as well as warm and light feels, the movie reimagines the journey of young St. Nicholas as he goes on to find the purpose of his life.

Starring Kristen Wiig, Sally Hawkins, Toby Jones, and Henry Lawful, this movie is a heart winner. With the best of special effects and outstanding performances, especially that of Lawful who plays Nikolas, this movie answers a whole bunch of “Santa questions” for the young ones.

Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

If you want to feel great this Christmas, Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square can be the right pick for you. Loaded with crazy songs this movie is a writing masterpiece. And, with a star of Dolly Parton’s caliber, whose charms bring people together from across all divides, you can be sure everyone is going to have a great time. The Emmy-award-winning TV movie is crafted to draw in just about everyone with its sincere sharing of the joys of Christmas.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

This Christmas musical fantasy film was originally released by Netflix in November 2020. Originally planned as a stage production, the film is a fresh Holiday Classic for the more underrepresented audiences in the U.S. The movie depicts all the markings of a perfect Christmas story. Having suffered the lingering woes of the betrayal of his apprentice, and loneliness following the death of his wife, Jeronicus Jangle drifts away from his daughter too. But, one stroke of fate brings hope back into the life of the old, once joyous, toymaker. Watch how his granddaughter, Journey, makes miracles happen for grandpa Jangle!

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Operation Christmas Drop

Another Christmas rom-com from the house of Netflix. But the plot of this one is built around DOD’s longest-running humanitarian airlift operation. Erica, a congressional assistant, is assigned to an investigation into the Guam airbase, in order to find reasons for its shutdown. But once there, she encounters Andrew, who shows are around the base and demonstrates why the tradition of airlifting goods to small islands for Christmas must continue. For anyone who loves to watch a Christmas story that depicts the military, you’ll have fun watching the romance blooming between Erica and Andrew.

A Christmas Prince

Released in 2017, the movie now has 2 sequels. And this Christmas you can watch the trilogy on Netflix. A Christmas Prince, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. Still, a favorite among viewers since its release in 2017, the movie and its sequels make for a charming Christmas viewing with family and friends. Watch Amber move on from being an inspiring journalist to marrying into the royals and giving birth to the royal baby — with all the twists and turns of the plot, and the ups and downs in Amber’s romantic life.

More on Netflix

From the best Christmas classics to funny Christmas movies on Netflix, the content library is rich with all the fixes you will need this season. It’s like you will never not have an answer to “what movies to watch on Netflix” – as there will always be something!

Here is a list of old and new Christmas movies on Netflix you must not miss out!

Family Christmas Movies on Netflix

  1. Angela's Christmas
  2. Jack Whitehall: Christmas with My Father
  3. Best. Christmas. Ever.
  4. Family Switch
  5. I Believe in Santa
  6. The Princess Switch
  7. Alien Xmas
  8. A Family Reunion Christmas
  9. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
  10. Christmas on Mistletoe Farm
  11. Christmas Inheritance

Kids Christmas Movies on Netflix

  1. Klaus
  2. The Christmas Chronicles
  3. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two
  4. The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday
  5. Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker
  6. The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus
  7. The Claus Family
  8. Trolls Holiday
  9. Happy Holidays from Madagascar
  10. The Grinch

Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix

  1. Holiday in the Wild
  2. Christmas With You
  3. Let It Snow
  4. The Knight Before Christmas
  5. The Noel Diary
  6. Holidate
  7. Falling for Christmas
  8. A California Christmas
  9. The Holiday Calendar
  10. Angel Falls Christmas
  11. A Christmas Miracle for Daisy

Wrapping It Up!

Christmas is all about hope, joy, and the sharing of it all. And the top Christmas movies on Netflix are the most befitting add-on to all the festivities. Netflix subscribers get the best of the on-demand world with a content library that’s rarely ending. Use your Netflix subscription to browse through the vast range of genres and watch the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

Make sure you are equipped with the right internet connection to be able to stream Christmas movies on Netflix. If by any chance, you are looking for a better internet connection and would like to get set up quickly and easily, call the experts at 855-349-9328 for assistance.


How Much Is Netflix a Month?

Netflix plans start at $6.99/month. The prices vary based on several factors, including video resolution, number of concurrent streams, inclusion of ads, audio quality, and many other features.

What Is Netflix Password Sharing?

Netflix only lets people residing in the same household share the password of one Netflix account. The Netflix password-sharing policy requires extra users of the account to pay an additional $8 per month fee on top of the Netflix subscription.

Which Cable Provider Airs the Best Movies on Christmas?

Nationwide service providers such as Spectrum, Xfinity from Comcast, and DIRECTV include popular and premium movie channels in their TV bundles and deals. Providers like Spectrum and DIRECTV provide special offers on premium networks and services like Max, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and more. Call 855-349-9328 to find available offers in your area.

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