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Having a trusty cable TV connection is important to living a full life—a reliable service that allows you to watch your favorite sports, gets you the latest in news, and helps you at fighting boredom—quite without breaking the bank. A subscription to a TV plan may have been a luxury in days gone by, but in this age, TV plays a critical role in our everyday life. Which makes it quite an essential service for any household.

Finding the right fit, however, can be a real hassle. With so many providers, each offering a multitude of packages, it can become overwhelming. What’s more, you also have to factor in things like where you are located before you get your heart set on a plan. Otherwise, it will be a bummer to learn the provider you have shortlisted doesn’t even offer services in your neighborhood.

So, if you happen to be looking for a cable TV plan that gives you a great channel lineup at affordable rates, and a service that brings flexibility and convenience to your TV watching regime, your most sure bet is none other than Spectrum Select.

Charter Spectrum™ is one of the biggest names in the industry with more than 16 million happy video subscribers. You too can join their ranks. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you find yourself interested in what the Spectrum Select plan has to offer read on.

Spectrum Select Plan Features

With the benefits it offers, the Spectrum Select package has no competition. And, it’s not just the price that users find appealing. The Spectrum TV plan comes without a contract, and with a one-year Price Lock. If you are currently subscribed to another plan and want to switch, Spectrum cable TV service even offers to buy out your existing contract. Meaning you won’t have to bear the brunt of an early termination fee, rather Spectrum will pick the tab for you, up to $500. And, that’s not all!

Spectrum TV Select offers more than 125 channels of which a substantial number is in HD. The service also gives you access to the Spectrum TV app, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies on any internet-enabled device of your choice—smartphone, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One. The best part though is the huge on-demand library. Boasting of thousands of shows and movies. You can binge to your liking whenever and however you like. Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

Well, if you agree then here’s more for you.

Spectrum Select Channel List

The reason Spectrum Select is so popular has to do with how the Spectrum Select channel list is curated. It does not only offer a wide variety of channels but gives you a great mix of local and popular TV essentials. Whether your family compromises of like-minded people or polar opposites, whether it’s just adults at home or kids of different ages too, Spectrum Select channels make for a hit choice. There’s always something for everyone to watch—live or on-demand.

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Spectrum TV Select Channels for Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie to unwind to after a tough week? We’re sure you do and if you have Spectrum Select, you’ll be able to watch many such movies with ease. Committed to entertainment, Spectrum offers some great movie channels. Whether it is suspense you seek, a thriller, some rom-com, or science fiction, they have it all!

Going to the cinema every time you crave a good movie session is simply not practical. And, with the COVID outbreak doing rounds, it is wise to stay away from such dark and enclosed spaces anyway. So, if you’re disappointed that you’re missing out on the fresh and the new, wave that worry goodbye. With the movie channels included in Spectrum TV Select lineup, you’ll have access to many acclaimed, Oscar-worthy movies that your heart desires. All you need to do is visit one of these popular American favorites:

    • AMC
    • FX Movie Channel
    • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

If you’re not able to catch the movie you are after at the time of its broadcast, head to the on-demand library and chances are you’ll find it there!

Spectrum Select Channels for Sports

The Spectrum Select channel list is rich in sports networks. After all, isn’t America so in love with all things sports?

From flavors of college sports to a great mix of other sports programming and entertainment on ESPN & ESPN2, and Major League Baseball games on FS1—you’ll not be left wondering what to watch to get the familiar adrenaline rush that all sports fanatics are so eager to experience. And, that’s not all.

You get added variety with games covered on the NBC Sports Network—NHL on NBC, NFL on NBC, Premier League on NBC, Golf Channel on NBC, Motorsports, Olympic Sports, and Rugby. While the SEC Network on Spectrum TV Select vows to bring sports fanatics 45 games of SEC football, 100 men basketball & 60 women basketball games, 75 baseball games, 50 softball games, and more events from the SEC’s 21 annual sports.  

Music Choice™ on Spectrum Select Channels

The right notes can perk you up no matter what mood you’re in. Humming a tune can help you de-stress. And, swaying to the rhythmic beats can help uplift your emotions. That’s the magic of good music. No wonder music is essential for having a good time. And, getting to hear a good melody is a privilege one shouldn’t take lightly. Spectrum understands this which is why they’ve made sure to include a good variety of music channels in the Spectrum Select channel list.

Offering you a mix of the current music, from pop culture to rock and more, along with classical music, you’re sure to find what you like. The Music Choice™ channels in the Spectrum Select TV plan will surely prove to be worth your while.

Educational Channels on Spectrum TV Select

The best way to learn is while having fun and with certain TV channels you get to experience just that. Mindless entertainment appeals to tired minds, but those seeking stimulation, often find it a waste of time. Luckily there are channels that give you content to quench your curious mind and guess what, the Spectrum Select plan offers you a selection of those. Watch documentaries and learn about the research being conducted in various fields of study. Here are the popular channels you’re sure to enjoy watching with your family:

    • The History Channel
    • The Discovery Channel
    • Animal Planet
    • National Geographic

News Channels on Spectrum Select

Catching the headlines every day keeps you abreast of what’s happening around the world. Ignorance may have been bliss in times gone by, but with information as widely available as today, staying in touch with current affairs is more of a responsibility than a choice. What’s more, with so much fake news out there you’ll do better by not relying on one network as your source. The more you diversify your news intake, the better you’ll fare. And so, you’ll be happy to learn the Spectrum TV Select plan includes a number of news channels. Here are some of the most popular you’re sure to tune into every day:

    • BBC America
    • CNN
    • CNBC
    • C-SPAN
    • C-SPAN 2
    • C-SPAN 3
    • MSNBC
    • HLN
    • FOX News Channel
    • The Weather Channel

The Complete Spectrum Channel Lineup for the Select Plan

There’s so much more to Spectrum Select than the paltry few channels we’ve mentioned above. Some channels simply cannot be placed in the genre boxes and categorized as effectively. But, they are widely popular and bring valuable content to the table—both in terms of shows and movies on a range of subjects—making for a great selection to pick from. And, if you still want more, you can add on to your primary subscription. Before we get to that though, here is the complete Spectrum Channel Lineup for the TV Select plan, with the exception of Music Choice™ channels that we mentioned earlier. Also, the selection of local networks tends to vary from one region to another. So, this listing does not include the local networks you will find in the Spectrum Select Channel List for your ZIP code.


    • ABC
    • A&E
    • AMC
    • ASPiRE TV
    • Animal Planet
    • BBC America
    • BET
    • Bloomberg Television
    • Bravo
    • C-SPAN
    • C-SPAN2
    • C-SPAN3
    • CMT
    • CNBC
    • CBS
    • CNN
    • Comedy Central
    • Daystar
    • Discovery Channel
    • Disney Channel
    • E!
    • ESPN
    • ESPN2
    • EWTN
    • Food Network
    • FOX Business Network
    • FOX News Channel
    • FOX Sports 1
    • FX
    • FXX
    • Galavisión
    • Hallmark Channel
    • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
    • HGTV
    • HLN
    • HSN
    • HSN2
    • IFC
    • INSP
    • Investigation Discovery
    • Jewelry TV
    • LOVE
    • Lifetime
    • MSNBC
    • MTV
    • Magnolia Network
    • National Geographic
    • NewsNation
    • Nickelodeon
    • Oxygen
    • Paramount Network
    • QVC
    • QVC2
    • REVOLT
    • SEC Network
    • Shop Zeal 1
    • Shop Zeal 3
    • SonLife
    • SundanceTV
    • SYFY
    • TBS
    • The Weather Channel
    • TLC
    • TNT
    • TV One
    • Travel Channel
    • truTV
    • USA Network
    • VH1
    • WE tv

The above-listed networks put together with the local channel lineup and Music Choice™ channels bring you a tad bit more than 125. As we said earlier, the Spectrum channel lineup tends to vary from one region to another. So, we’d recommend you make sure to inquire about the channel list specific to your ZIP code. At the very least, you may want to make sure your absolute favorites are available.

Spectrum TV Select Channel Add-ons

If the Spectrum Select channel list leaves you craving for more, let’s tell you Spectrum gives you the opportunity to add premium entertainment and sports networks to your plans.

The Spectrum TV Sports Pack gives you sought-after sports networks such as the NFL Network, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, MLB Strike Zone, NHL Network, and more. For another $6 per month, you can pick the sports networks that are a must-have for you.

If you’ve a Spectrum Select TV subscription, you can add any of the following networks and mini-packs to your package.

Premium Add-on Network


Entertainment View


Sports View


Latino View


HBO Max™






Final Words

We hope you found all that you came looking for here. This complete guide on Spectrum TV Select has endeavored to cover varied aspects of the service that you’d need to know about. To subscribe to Spectrum TV Select along with the amazing add-ons, call Spectrum Sales Support at 1-844-481-5997 and speak to a professional capable of assisting you the best. With that said, let the entertainment begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum TV Select offer local channels?

The Spectrum Select TV plan offers a number of local and regional channels for you to watch. To subscribe, give Spectrum Sales Support a call at 1-855-423-0918.

How much does the Spectrum Select package cost?

Spectrum Select Package is quite competitively-priced and costs $59.99 a month for the first 12 months of your subscription.

Is Spectrum TV Select the most basic Spectrum TV package?

Yes, the Spectrum Select plan is the most basic that Spectrum Cable TV service has on offer. However, it includes channels like HGTV, Disney, ESPN, and more, so you’re guaranteed quality entertainment.