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The Spectrum TV App is one of those remarkable perks that come along with a Spectrum subscription! Whether you are tired of binge-watching on the TV while sitting at one spot for hours or just want to watch TV on the go to add some fun to your road trips, Spectrum heard you!

Get Spectrum TV and Watch On-the-Go!

The Spectrum TV App turns all screens into a TV screen by letting you watch your favorite TV content on various internet-enabled devices. If you want to know what exactly is the Spectrum TV app and how can you use it to take your binge-a-thons to the next level? Keep reading to find out!

Spectrum TV App

So, when you crave for HD quality TV channels yet do not want to spend heftily, or when you imagine subscribing to a high-speed internet connection with the lowest ping, and a home phone service that lets you stay connected with family and friends without breaking the bank, rest assured Spectrum has already heard you! Not only does Spectrum excel in the provision of these household telecom services, rather it brings you a little something extra too.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate streaming experience with Spectrum TV !

The Spectrum TV App is one of those remarkable perks that come along with a Spectrum subscription! So if you wanted to watch TV on the go, once again, Spectrum heard you! Now, what exactly is the Spectrum TV App? Let’s find out!

What is the Spectrum TV App?

Spectrum TV App is a tool that has come to redefine the way you watch TV while adding a ton of ease into your everyday life! By downloading the Spectrum App onto your phone or tablet, you can watch live TV, access a hoard of content On-Demand, record with Spectrum DVR, or get any of the 80 TV network apps without spending an extra penny.

Besides, you can tune into your DVR settings, schedule upcoming recordings, and sift through content offered by different channels like HBO Now and HBO Go and so much more!

What makes Spectrum TV App Worth It?

Okay, so now that you’ve installed the Spectrum TV app on your devices, it’s time to start streaming! Of course, watching TV at home is fun but with Spectrum TV app handy, you can watch your favorite TV shows, as you go. Just a fully charged phone or tablet and access to high-speed internet is all you need to turn your unexciting subway rides back home into fun time with the Spectrum TV app.

After all, with the Spectrum TV app, you can access an array of options that can be explored to stream video content during hours that otherwise tend to be filled with boredom. What is it that you do not have within your reach via this app - more than 80 channel network apps, the Live TV feature, the ability to access your DVR recordings, and the 50,000 On Demand titles – you could not ask for more avenues to take your pick from, and you could not wish for a more convenient way to brighten up your boredom.

Gone are the days when your TV watching consisted of 90% of aimless channel surfing and 10% of actually watching a TV show. With Spectrum TV App you can get straight to business and binge-watch your favorite TV shows and movies, any time you want – filtering your favorites was never so quick or convenient before.

The Spectrum TV app is best enjoyed with a high-speed internet connection, and if coupled with Spectrum Internet, the TV app becomes the total catch that you can’t afford to miss! At home, your wall-to-wall Spectrum in-home Wi-Fi lets you turn any room into your TV lounge, and when on-the-go you can connect to any of the millions of Wi-Fi hotspots available from Spectrum to make the best of your TV app.

How Much Does the Spectrum TV App Cost?

Who says good things don’t come free? The Spectrum TV app is a feature-enriched and fun-packed smartphone app that all Spectrum subscribers can download and use for free! Yes, you read that right! With the Spectrum TV app, Spectrum TV lovers can binge-watch their favorite movies and TV shows to their heart’s content anywhere, anytime at no additional costs. All you need is an internet connection, a compatible device and that’s all! You can watch Live and On-Demand TV shows while you’re lazing at home or when you are out and about.

Minimum Requirements to Use the Spectrum TV App

If you are a new Spectrum subscriber and want to use the Spectrum app then you have to create a Spectrum username and password first by visiting to sign in to the Spectrum TV app. Once you’re done it’ll take about 24 to 72 hours for your newly generated username to get activated and then you can log in to your Spectrum TV app. Apart from creating a username, here are some things you need in hand to make the most out of your Spectrum TV app:

What Devices are Compatible with the Spectrum TV app?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they did!

The Spectrum TV app is not limited to a handful of devices. Want to know what devices are compatible with the Spectrum TV app? Here is a list of all the devices you can use the Spectrum app with:

Amazon Devices

Spectrum TV app can be used with all Amazon devices. However, in the case of Kindle Fire, the first-generation version is an exception; you can download the Spectrum TV app and use it in all the later versions of Kindle Fire. If you’re curious to find out whether your Kindle supports the Spectrum TV app, simply go to settings, then the device, ‘about’, and check your ‘System Version’. If it’s starting with a number > 6, you have a Kindle Fire version that supports the Spectrum TV app. So, you’re good to go!

Android Devices

All smartphones and tablets running on Android 5.0 or higher support the Spectrum TV app.

Download Spectrum TV App for Android

iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Mini or an iPod Touch, running on iOS 11 or higher, you can download the Spectrum TV app from the App Store and get right to streaming your favorite shows!

Download Spectrum TV App for IOS


The Spectrum app is available for download on all Roku devices, except for the first-generation ones. If you have a Roku 1 or any device up to Roku 4, Roku Express, Roku Express, Roku Premiere and Premiere, Roku Ultra, or Roku Streaming Stick, you can use the Spectrum TV app and make your access to TV entertainment hassle-free.

Xbox One

Spectrum TV App can be used on all versions of Xbox One.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TV models that were released in 2012 or later support the Spectrum TV app.

Vizio Smart TV

While other smart TVs let you access only a few pre-installed apps, the Vizio Smart TV allows you to download the apps you prefer. You can install the Spectrum TV app on your Vizio Smart TV to stream your favorite content and relish a cinema-like experience at home.

Spectrum TV app for PC

The best thing about the Spectrum TV app is that it can be downloaded on a bunch of devices to let you watch your favorite entertainment content at any place, any time. Even though the Spectrum TV app is not available for computers, you can install it by using a neat trick, legally of course! The Spectrum TV app can be installed and run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X powered desktop PC, macOS, or laptop. The Spectrum TV app for PC lets you enjoy all the juicy content and perks of Spectrum TV on your desktop PC or laptop. Before we shed light on how you can install and watch Spectrum TV on your laptop, first let’s look into some of the prerequisites.

Spectrum TV app for PC Minimum Requirements

How to Install the Spectrum TV app for PC?

You can download the Spectrum TV app on your PC by following the quick and easy steps given below:

Spectrum TV App Not Working? Don’t worry!

If at some point your Spectrum TV app stops working due to some small glitches then there is nothing to worry about as they can be solved in a jiffy. If your Spectrum app is not working try checking and refreshing your internet connection to see if you are connected. Once done you can restart the Spectrum TV app and it should open right away. However, if the problem persists, you can wait for a couple of minutes to restart the app and try again.

What Fun-packed Channels you can Watch on the Spectrum TV app?

The Spectrum TV app lets you enjoy access to 80 channel apps so that you can watch live TV on your handy devices anywhere you like. Just connect your smartphone, PC, or any other compatible device to the internet and watch your favorite sports, shows, news, movies, and much more on your mobile devices. Here are some of the juicy channel apps that you can access via the Spectrum TV app to satiate your thirst for entertainment while you’re on the go or just lazing at home:

Spectrum TV app for PC Minimum Requirements

What Other Features Does the Spectrum TV App Have?

Spectrum TV app also has the ‘Send to TV’ feature. To make the most of this feature, all you need to do is simply locate the ‘Send to TV’ icon on your Spectrum TV app. Then, go to settings and choose the cable box that you want to send the content to. Having done that, press the ‘Send to TV’ button. Your Spectrum app will start controlling the set-top box at your home. You can now tune into a specific TV channel and watch without any interruption. If the content that you intend to ‘Send to TV’ is On-Demand, you can use your remote control to sift through the content and select what you want to watch.

Can only Spectrum TV subscribers Use the Spectrum app?

Apart from subscribers of Spectrum Cable TV, the Spectrum app can also be accessed by cord-cutters who opt for Spectrum TV streaming services for more economical TV entertainment.

If you are a TV buff at heart, but you have subscribed to the Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA) Program due to budget constraints then you will be glad to know that SIA allows you to bundle up your low-income internet subscription with Spectrum TV service that suits you.

Just look for a low-tier plan and bundle it up with SIA to enjoy access to the Spectrum TV app just like any other Spectrum TV lovers can!

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Spectrum TV App is your one-stop shop to fulfill all your entertainment needs! Since Spectrum believes in fully prioritizing its customers, therefore, if there’s any question in your mind, trust that Spectrum will ensure to provide you with a solution. Spectrum’s highly professional customer support representatives will strive to offer carefully devised solutions to meet the problems you face and what you will end up with is 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

So, don’t waste more time and start using the Spectrum TV app. This app won’t cost you anything but what you’ll end up with is a true Spectrum experience unlike any other. Get this app with the Spectrum TV bundle of your choice and unwind during your past-time by watching something new or continuing watching a show from your favorite channels like Freeform, HBO, CBN, and many others from where you left-off, like how it’s meant to be!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I use the Spectrum TV app?

You need at least 10 Mbps internet speed on a proper functioning device. Make sure all dues are cleared so the app works efficiently. The app will show channels based on location. You will be able to access all channels on the home network.

What devices are compatible with the Spectrum TV app?

Spectrum TV app is compatible with the following: Android devices, iOS devices, Amazon devices, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV, Xbox One and Roku.

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