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Once you have your Spectrum Home Phone service installed, undoubtedly the next step is setting up your voicemail. With busy schedules and a long list of tasks demanding your attention, there’s no way you’ll be able to take every call that comes your way. And, you might just miss some important ones, landing yourself in trouble. For times like these, it pays to have someone take the message and forward it to you which is why life without voicemail is unimaginable nowadays.

For many though, even the slightest mention of technical work is enough to scare them into getting someone else to do the job. Sure the technical jargon is intimidating, but setting up your voicemail is no rocket science. We guarantee. So, if you’d prefer to get this work done in-house, here’s what you should do.

Getting Started with Your Spectrum Voicemail

If you are using your Spectrum Home Phone to set up your Spectrum Voicemail here is what you need to do:

  1. From your Spectrum Phone, dial *99
  2. Follow the automated instructions you receive. And create a four-digit number as your voicemail PIN. When you are doing this, remember that your PIN cannot contain sequential digits or more than two repetitive digits.
  3. You will then receive prompts to record your personal greeting. And, customize your mailbox settings.

Well, getting started with your Spectrum Voicemail setup wasn’t hard. Now anytime you want to check your voicemail, all you would need to do is plug in your permanent PIN, and you’ll access all your voice messages.

With so much information to keep track of though, remembering those four important digits isn’t all that easy. And it also makes the process of retrieving your messages less than convenient. Having to punch in the PIN code, again and again, can get annoying fast. So if you’d like to skip this step altogether, here’s what you should do:

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  2. Click on the phone icon to access the Voice Online Manager.
  3. In the Settings menu, go to Voicemail Settings.
  4. There you’ll see the Voicemail PIN option.
  5. Turn the PIN Skip feature on.
  6. And update.

There you go! Now you won’t have to type in the PIN every time you access your voicemail. But, remember, with the PIN SKIP feature switched on, you will still have to punch in your PIN when accessing the Spectrum Voicemail remotely. On the other hand, if the PIN SKIP feature is turned off, you will have to enter your PIN to access the Spectrum Voicemail even when using your home phone.

How to Change Your Spectrum Voicemail PIN

For the sake of security, it is advisable that we change our PINs from time to time. So, if at any point you feel the need to change your Spectrum Voicemail PIN, which you created when you first set up the voicemail service, here’s what you’d need to do:

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  2. Click on the phone icon and access Voice Online Manager.
  3. Go to the Settings menu and select Voicemail Settings.
  4. Next, access Voicemail PIN.
  5. And when prompted enter the new four-digit PIN that you’d like to set
  6. Once done, save changes.

Whether or not you prefer to keep the PIN SKIP feature turned off or on, a little diligence in this area can improve the security of your VoIP Spectrum home phone.

How to Record a Spectrum Voicemail Greeting

Recording a personal message on your phone is a tradition as old as voicemail itself. If you’d like to continue the practice, Spectrum Voicemail lets you do so with easy-to-follow steps. You can create a single voicemail greeting for all missed calls on your Spectrum Home Phone. Or a different one for handling different calls. Remember if you don’t set up a personalized greeting, callers will get to hear the default one. So, if you prefer an individual touch to the greeting, here is what you must do:

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account from your computer (Voicemail greetings cannot be recorded from internet-enabled mobile devices).
  2. Select the phone icon and access the Voice Online Manager.
  3. Go to Settings and then select Voicemail Greetings.
  4. Next, choose the Greeting Type.
  5. Record your personalized message and save changes.

Voila! Incoming missed calls on your Spectrum Phone will now be met by your very own personalized greeting(s)!

How to Listen to Your Spectrum Voicemail Messages

When you need to catch up on your voicemail messages, simply dial *99 from your Spectrum home phone. You can also use your Spectrum phone number (TN*) to access the voicemail. If the PIN SKIP feature is switched off, or if you are looking to access your voicemail remotely, you must punch in PIN#. Once done, you will reach the Main Menu. Press ‘1’ to listen to your voice messages.

For more details Visit Spectrum Voicemail

If you want to listen to your Spectrum Voicemail messages online, you’d need to sign in to your Spectrum account and do the following:

  1. Click on the phone icon. It appears in the top right corner on desktop computers and large screen devices. And, on mobile devices, you will see this icon in the top left menu.
  2. Go to the Voice Online Manager.
  3. Select the Voicemails tab.
  4. From here, you can pull up any voicemail message to listen to. You can Mark or Filter them as Heard or Unheard.

How to Delete Spectrum Voicemail Messages

A cluttered voicemail is a definite no-no. It clouds your mental space, creates distractions, and reduces your productivity. Deleting unimportant messages is of prime importance and here’s how you do it:

If you’re listening to your voicemail on your Spectrum home phone, just dial 3 after you’ve heard a voicemail message and you’re done with it. This way you can delete a message as soon as you have heard it. 

If you’re listening to your voicemail using an internet-enabled device, you must be already logged into your Spectrum Account. If not, sign in. And, go to the Voice Online Manager by clicking on the phone icon. In the Voicemails tab, you will see the option to Delete your voicemails.  

Getting Readable Spectrum Voicemail Messages

For times when there is too much noise, or you just can’t listen to the messages for any other reason, you can read them. Yes, that’s right. Spectrum not only collects your voicemail but transcribes it for you. You can access readable Spectrum Voicemail messages either via the Voice Online Manager, or designate up to 5 email addresses to receive them. But, remember that transcripts cover the first 45 seconds of the voice message, and supported languages include English and Spanish only.

Here is what you must do in order to receive readable Spectrum Voicemail messages:

  1. Log in to your Spectrum account
  2. Select the phone icon, and go to the Voice Online Manager.
  3. Go to Settings, select Readable Voicemail, and turn the feature ON.
  4. Add email addresses that you would want the voicemail to be forwarded to. And save the information.
  5. Each email address will receive a confirmation email. Open each and select the Confirm Readable Voicemail Notifications link. Spectrum will then confirm that readable voicemail is active for that email address.


How to Save Your Spectrum Voicemail on Your Computer

Having all the important messages saved on your computer has its own benefits. If you feel the need for a backup on your PC, go right ahead and save your voicemails. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Log in to your Spectrum account.
  2. Select the phone icon, and go to the Voice Online Manager
  3. Next, go to the Voicemails tab.  
  4. Here among other options like listening to the messages, using filters or marking them read or unread, and deleting them—you will also see the option to download them to your computer.
  5. Once downloaded, you can organize your voicemail messages any way you like on your PC.

There you go! You have a backup of all your important messages. Make sure you spend some time organizing the folders though, or you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for when you need it the most.

Final Words

Knowing your way around your digital Spectrum home phone service has its perks. Voicemail forms a key component of your experience so setting it up according to your preferences comes in handy.

We hope you found this guide useful. We’ve tried to keep it simple and clear—so you have no trouble navigating your way and figuring out the optional settings for your Spectrum Voicemail. If you still find yourself stuck somewhere, worry not. You can always speak to Spectrum. Spectrum professionals will make sure you are guided right, and your problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number gives access to Spectrum Voicemail?

If you’re using your Spectrum home phone, dial *99. The voicemail system will inform you of how many messages you have. To listen to your voicemail messages press ‘1’.

How do I access erased messages from Spectrum Voicemail?

If you want to retrieve your erased messages from the Spectrum Voicemail, you can do so only within 24 hours of deleting them. After that, they expire. In order to access erased messages, dial 99* from your Spectrum home phone. Even if the PIN SKIP feature is switched off, you will have to enter your PIN. Once you are in the Main Menu, press ‘6’ and follow the instructions to restore messages to the main mailbox.

How to adjust the number of rings before a call goes to Spectrum Voicemail?

It is up to you after how many rings you would want an incoming call on your Spectrum Home Phone to go to the Spectrum Voicemail. By default, it is diverted to voicemail after 5 rings. If you want to change this, sign in to your Spectrum account. Go to the phone icon, which will get you to the Voice Online Manager. Look for Settings. And then select the Number of Rings. Pick your number from 3-6. And then save changes.

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