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The forms of entertainment have evolved quite dramatically with the digital era fast moving from one novel innovation to another. We no longer have to lug a bulky book around to entertain ourselves while traveling—Kindle made sure of that. We no longer have to pay an enormous fee for a Broadway show to feast on premium entertainment—TV services offering premium content guaranteed that. And we no longer have to stick to a couch with our face glued to a box in order to get entertained by our beloved screen-stars—the multitude of TV streaming services and apps powered by unlimited internet access at home and outside warranted mobility.

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As every other company continued to dish out a digital streaming service that let the user stay mobile and entertained at once, traditional TV services offered by cable companies such as Charter Spectrum™, Xfinity, and Cox found their standing more and more exposed to the danger of becoming extinct. But these companies indeed soldiered on, keeping up with the fast-paced innovations in the industry, introducing high-tech features to their TV services including a broad range of device compatibility, Video On Demand, DVR, parental controls, HD programming, TV Everywhere apps and so much more.

Still, who could beat on-the-go streaming services and apps that came without conventional strings? Well, Charter Spectrum™ certainly did, and quite splendidly too—albeit a little quiet when the Spectrum streaming service launched a couple of years ago.


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No contract, no equipment fees.


Spectrum Streaming Service: What Is It?

Spectrum streaming service has been designed for existing subscribers of Spectrum Internet® and offered as an alternative to competing over-the-top (OTT) services, which may target and appeal to the Spectrum consumer.

The service lets you stream Spectrum live TV as well as on-demand—and offers an impressive variety of channels from the provider cable lineup. You pretty much get all core features the Spectrum cable TV service entails. You can view content on any screen via the Spectrum TV app—whether it is in the comfort of your home or while you enjoy time out at a roadside café. And all that comes at a cost far less than what a conventional pay-tv service would make you incur.

Who is Spectrum Streaming Service Right For?

The idea of streaming Spectrum TV works particularly for the audience that finds Spectrum TV expensive, and is also on the lookout for a mobile way of staying entertained. Spectrum furnishes for them an economical counterpart array of its cable TV plans—Spectrum TV Essentials, TV Choice, and Spectrum TV Stream—eligible subscribers have 3 well-tiered low-cost streaming plans to choose from to keep themselves entertained anytime anywhere.

So if you are subscribed to Spectrum Internet, and have been contemplating an IPTV service, take a look at how the Spectrum streaming service can help you acquire a much cheaper and more personalized form of entertainment through its varied plans.

Spectrum Streaming Plans & Prices

Spectrum TV Choice

As implied by its name, the service offers subscribers the choice to tailor the entertainment plan in line with individual preferences. Apart from the select major broadcast networks included, you can get 10 networks of your choice from legions of options—which takes customization to the next level—all for under $25/month. The price is good for 24 months—following which the prevailing standard rate kicks in.

Spectrum TV Stream

Spectrum TV Stream comes with a channel lineup of 25 prominent networks, including FOXABC, NBC, and CBS. While some other American favorites that you can watch with Spectrum TV Stream include: A&E, FX, HGTV, and Comedy Central. And guess what! This all-around streaming option also comes for under $25/month.

Spectrum TV® Essentials

The incredibly low price of the service i.e. under $15/month is a delightful surprise to Spectrum Internet consumers without a pay-tv service. Considering the price point, the channel lineup offered by Spectrum TV Essentials is a whopping 60 and offers holistic programming that covers lifestyle, news, entertainment, and kids.

Spectrum Streaming Service: The Channel Lineup

Spectrum TV Choice Channels

As we said, Spectrum TV Choice lets you take your pick of 10 networks from among 65 on the menu—

    • Popular broadcast TV favorites like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.
    • The most-watched cable networks such as USA Network, Bravo, E!, TNT, CNN, LMN, FXM, MTV, Discovery, and Hallmark.
    • Sports networks like ESPN & ESPN2, FOX Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, and NFL Network.
    • And, last but not least, the premium entertainment pack which includes HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE, TMC—you can add it on for $15/month for 24 months.

All that is at your disposal to customize your Spectrum TV Choice plan!

Spectrum TV Stream & Essentials Channels

As for Spectrum TV Stream and Spectrum TV Essentials, there is one caveat—neither offers an option to include sports programming as such. These Spectrum streaming service plans are perfect for solitary individuals who love to enjoy downtime on their own, do not aspire for too extensive or expensive a channel lineup, and definitely do not mind the absence of sports programming.

Here is a listing of Spectrum live TV networks—what you get in these 2 Spectrum streaming plans are taken from among these popular Cable networks—in varying numbers of course—as we said earlier.

American Heroes Channel
Animal Planet
BBC America
BBC World News
BET Soul
BET Jams
CMT Music
Comedy Central
Cooking Channel
Destination America
Discovery Family
Discovery Life
Food Network
Game Show Network
Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Drama
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
HDNet Movies
Investigation Discovery
Lifetime Movie Network
MTV Classic
MTV Live
MotorTrend Network
Nick Jr.
Nick Music
Outdoor Channel
Paramount Network
Science Channel
Sundance TV
The Weather Channel
Travel Channel
TV Land

Spectrum Streaming: Cool Service Features 

Watch via Spectrum TV App

Depending on the Spectrum streaming plan you are subscribed to, you will be able to access the full extent of your Spectrum channel lineup via the Spectrum TV app on all internet-enabled compatible devices—iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Amazon Kindle Fire Tabs, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, and most streaming players.  

Variety of Genres to Choose From

Whether you want to watch the latest NFL game, you are in a mood for light-hearted comedy, or your kids want to watch their favorite cartoons—you get to select from a broad range of categories. Sports, entertainment, lifestyle, kids—you name it, and Spectrum streaming has it. Depending on your chosen plan, there may however be certain genres unavailable to you.

There is one thing though—when you are not connected via Spectrum WiFi, content availability is relatively limited. But, then that is where millions of out-of-home Spectrum WiFi hotspots come to your rescue—and help you save on mobile data too.

Spectrum On Demand

Enjoy your access to the diverse Spectrum On Demand library with thousands of movies and TV show titles to watch on your own schedule. Make the most of your robust Spectrum in-home Wi-Fi to fuel your binge-watching via the Spectrum streaming service.

Never Miss a Show with Cloud DVR

The optional Cloud DVR service is available to subscribers who are not using a Spectrum receiver. The Cloud DVR lets you record and stores your favorite shows for later—end your day with theatre quality, pocket-friendly TV entertainment with ultimate convenience and flexibility.

All-in-One Customized Spectrum Streaming

As we said, Spectrum streaming offers premium channels among its myriad of entertainment options. Whether you are an HBO® fan or The Movie Channel aficionado, you get to stream your favorite content via the Spectrum TV app.

Subscribe to 5 premium networks i.e. HBO®, The Movie Channel®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®,  at the cheap rate of $3 per network per month for 24 months when you subscribe to Spectrum TV Choice. And you are all set for a streamlined TV experience with Spectrum streaming.

Remember, you can also access the network apps for any of the channels included in your lineup. Stream your favorite content anywhere, switch between these channels via the app—and if premium channels are included in your subscription, instead of acquiring the channels app you can use your Spectrum credentials to access content via the Spectrum TV app.

How to Get the Spectrum TV App?

The Spectrum TV app is free to download from your device app store. Watch Spectrum live TV on all your compatible devices at the same time. All you need is a Spectrum username and password—learn how to do that in quick steps. Launch the app, sign in with your Spectrum credentials and start watching. It is simple. Wrapping Up

If you have felt deprived of entertainment choices with Spectrum due to the fear of paying exorbitant costs, Spectrum has got just the solution for you. Well-tiered Spectrum streaming service plans. Choose to set up in-home entertainment without all the extravagant bells and whistles—at affordable rates—if you so wish. Or use the Spectrum streaming option to fit your individual needs.

Spectrum Internet is reputed for its speed and reliability in 40 states—when you put Spectrum streaming service and the convenience of Spectrum TV app in the picture with broadband, it becomes quite a bargain deal.

Find yourself interested in subscribing to Spectrum Internet—so you can enjoy Spectrum live TV streaming service? Speak to Spectrum Sales Support representatives at 1-855-423-0918 to check offer availability in your area. For the Spanish speaking, you can call numero de Spectrum i.e. 1-844-487-2710—the Spectrum TV Choice lineup includes some great Spanish options too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels are on Spectrum TV Stream?

With Spectrum TV stream you can get access to 25 popular networks including broadcast TV like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Cable TV networks like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HGTV, BBC America, and more. To pair your pick of Spectrum streaming service plans with Spectrum Internet calls us at 1-844-481-5997.  

How much does Spectrum streaming cost

While you can get Spectrum TV Stream and Spectrum TV Choice for under $25, the Spectrum Essentials package costs you under $15.

How do I stream Spectrum TV?

To stream your Spectrum live TV you need your Spectrum username and password to log into the Spectrum TV app on your internet-enabled compatible device. Sign in and start streaming via your Spectrum in-home WiFi.

How do I watch TV on my computer with Spectrum?

It is easy to watch TV on your computer. All you need is your Spectrum credentials—username and password. Go to WatchSpectrum, sign in, and start watching. You can also access on-demand content via the web on your PC.

What are the 25 channels on the Spectrum TV Stream?

Spectrum TV Stream offers a lineup of 25 channels that includes the popular broadcast TV— Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS and the most-watched prominent cable TV networks.  

What does Spectrum Streaming include?

Spectrum streaming service plans include:

  • On-Demand movies and shows from networks included in your line up
  • Premium network add-ons
  • Spanish networks
  • Cloud DVR
  • Incredible bundling option with Spectrum Internet

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