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If you are one of the thrifty lots, evading hundreds of bucks in payment for the sake of a cable TV network connection, yet diligently maintain a subscription to the fantastic high-speed internet service from Charter Spectrum™, you would be delighted to know Spectrum has brought in another entertaining temptation to the table, which you would have a hard time resisting.

Well, essentially speaking, Spectrum service is now delivering you cable TV programming making use of a streaming service that it decided to name Spectrum TV Essentials - one which comes cheap, to say the least - simply because the drive behind the development of this rather quietly introduced service was to ensure the provision of a high-value video option to Spectrum Internet (Spectrum español internet) customers only. The service was aimed at quenching the need for low priced entertainment- only bundle and has done remarkably well since launch in April 2019, albeit to start with, the subscription to the service remained through direct mail or phone.

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In this time and age, Spectrum has certainly upped the ante in the OTT industry by joining the steaming hot streaming race via the introduction of Spectrum TV Essentials. This streaming service from Spectrum brings in more options for subscribers to personalize TV entertainment as per their preference - a myriad of lifestyle, entertainment, news and kids programming choices are available to every subscriber among the 50 channels on offer.

What’s There to Know about Spectrum TV Essentials?

Without a doubt, Spectrum TV Essentials has gained quite a momentum in a rather short time – primarily because the streaming service bundle has proven to be highly economical especially when compared to its corded counterpart. The ginormous entertainment features of cable TV entertainment, furnished with the service, have also played part in the rising popularity of the new Spectrum Bundles.

TV Essentials has an all-round channel lineup that includes Discovery, AMC, Bloomberg TV, Destination America, Comedy Central, Weather Channel, Cooking Channel, Nickelodeon, and a lot more. The service does entail Spectrum owned local channels in its plan, however, their availability is limited to New York City, Orlando, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Tampa, and a few other areas.

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The latest streaming service has won the hearts of entertainment aficionados but as far as diehard lovers of sports, the Spectrum TV Essentials has little to offer. The reason why the service comes at under $15 is that no hefty broadcast retransmission consent fees for expensive sports programming are incurred by the provider.

Sadly, you will not find some local channels on this streaming service e.g. Fox, NBC, CW, CBS, Univision, Telemundo, and ABC, alongside the lack of sports programming and most premium channels, however, the highly economical price-point it comes with, will not leave you disappointed if your televisual enthusiasm is limited to standard entertainment of which there is plenty in the following Spectrum channel lineup:

Spectrum TV Essentials Channels Lineup

Comedy Central Discovery Hallmark Channel Hallmark Drama
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Lifetime Lifetime Movie Network AMC
American Heroes Channel A&E AXS TV BET
BET Her BET Jams BET Soul BBC America
Paramount Network HDNet Movies MotorTrend Network Logo
VH1 IFC Viceland
Discovery Discovery Family Discovery Life DIY
Food Network Destination America HGTV Cooking Channel
History FYI Animal Planet CLEO TV
Outdoor Channel Science Channel Travel Channel TLC
Game Show Network OWN Bloomberg
Kids Entertainment
Nickelodeon Nick Music Nick Jr Teen Nick
Newsy Cheddar
BBC World News Weather Channel WEtv NewsmaxTV

How Can I Watch Spectrum TV Essentials?

Spectrum has ensured compatibility with plenty of devices in as far as its cable TV service and the provider has followed suit when it comes to the streaming service launched a year ago. You can stream Spectrum TV Essentials on iPhones, Apple TV, Androids, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, and Xbox One via Spectrum TV App. The downside is this app is not yet supported by PlayStation, Android TV, Nintendo, Vizio or Google Chromecast among a few others.

As for the user experience, with the Spectrum TV app, your experience is highly streamlined - you can browse any selection of movies and TV shows by network or by genre. Furthermore, by creating a ‘watch list’, you can bundle all your favorite content in one place too. And as with Spectrum Cable TV (Spectrum TV español), the app allows you to watch TV Essentials on-the-go – connect to a Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot and tap into your personalized world of entertainment whenever and wherever you wish!

What you must remember is, TV Essentials subscription allows you to stream only on a single device. So if you are an individual who would rather have the entertainment device to themselves, this is an ideal choice for you. And if you are one with a family that loves to banter together while watching their favorites in their TV lounge, this streaming service will work wonderfully for y’all!

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What Perks Does Spectrum TV Essentials Come with?

Watch Anywhere Anytime

Wondering how to pass time while on the subway? With Spectrum TV app, using your Spectrum TV Essentials credentials you can watch your favorites even while commuting back and forth from work. It’s easy-peasy. Log into the channel app and stream so you don’t miss out on what transpires in the next episode of your favorite series.

Video On Demand

Spectrum TV Essentials is endowed with features similar to that of Spectrum Cable TV – so it comes with an On-Demand library of its own that lets you tap into whatever you might have missed out on.

Picture & Sound Quality

With the streaming service, the majority of shows are available in top-notch 720p high definition quality, which is good enough. Moreover, you can watch some shows in 1080p HD.

Some Features We Are Eagerly Anticipating

Cloud DVR

Spectrum TV Essentials does not currently come with a DVR feature, it is however expected that Spectrum would roll out the additional feature in the coming months.

Protection for Children

If you are worried your kids will come across content not suitable for their age, Spectrum has a superb solution for you when it comes to the cable TV service. While you are not able to keep a stern eye on them 24/7, you can still avert risk by implementing Parental Controls on your cable TV service from the provider. This valued feature is not yet available for the streaming service from the provider however it can be rightfully expected soon.

More Impressive Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is pretty impressive for the price-point, however, if a wider spectrum is encompassed and the Spectrum TV App is supported by more smart devices, the popularity of the streaming service may as well experience a surge. If you use any of the smart devices we listed earlier on, you are good to go with a subscription to Spectrum TV Essentials.

It all depends on your network quality, however courtesy of its adaptive streaming functionality, the service is set to minimize hiccups by aligning the streaming function with available connectivity level.

The sound quality is not that majestic – you won’t get Dolby Digital sound but you will experience a good stereo sound quality.

How to Subscribe to Spectrum TV Essentials?

You are eligible for a subscription to this streaming service only if you are a current Spectrum Internet customer since the streaming service essentially comes in a bundle. If you are indeed one, you can contact Spectrum Customer Service and grab the offer.

All in All

Spectrum TV Essentials is a fantastic streaming option that doesn’t bludgeon your budget. Perfect for individuals and households alike, with entertainment options available in several genres i.e. lifestyle, news, entertainment, and kids. Since the service comes bundled with the internet, it is available to current Spectrum subscribers only – that may appear a little restricting but the truth is given Spectrum is the one provider with the fastest starting speeds, it makes perfect sense. Reliable and steady fiber-backed speeds will ensure you get to enjoy a seamless streaming experience all the way with Spectrum!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find Spectrum TV Essentials in US?

You can find the service in New York City, Orlando, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Tampa, and a few other areas. To know more about availability, call Spectrum support at 1-844-481-5997.

What devices are compatible with Spectrum TV Essentials?

You can stream Spectrum TV Essentials on iPhones, Apple TV, Androids, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, and Xbox One via Spectrum TV App.

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