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Let’s admit it, you cannot enjoy your TV-watching spree to the fullest unless you have a high-functioning TV remote. After all, it is an extremely crucial aspect of television that serves as the gateway to controlling your entertainment experience—enabling you to switch channels, adjust volume, and access numerous other TV features instantly.

Being a Spectrum TV user, luckily, you can access a plethora of unique TV features via Spectrum remote. It is one of the most versatile remote control devices on the market that has become an essential tool for millions of cable and streaming TV subscribers across the US.

So, whether you are a traditional infrared remote user or are more into advanced radio frequency models, the Spectrum remote will surely elevate your TV and streaming experience! The best part? Spectrum TV remote is very easy to set up and program to your television – all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. Read on to learn more!

How to Program Spectrum Remote to Your TV

First things first, you need to select your Spectrum remote to receive customized programming instructions and codes for your specific TV equipment. You will get a user manual and instructions for programming Spectrum remote to your TV and various other devices,

  • If you don’t know the model number of your remote you can carefully remove the battery cover and find it printed inside. Once you have identified it, you can start the Spectrum remote setup.
  • If you face any issues while programming your remote, refer to the Spectrum Remote Control Troubleshooting guide for assistance.

The Spectrum Guide swiftly detects your TV set’s brand and walks you through the Spectrum remote programming process. You can then control your TV and audio devices via simple push commands. If, however, your TV brand is not identified or if you like everything DIY, you may want to read through the Spectrum remote Setup steps to complete your mission.

Follow these steps to program your Spectrum Remote to TV
  1. Power on your TV.
  2. Find the code for your TV manufacturer from Spectrum’s remote guide page
  3. Simultaneously press the Menu + OK buttons until the input button blinks twice.
  4. Press the TV power button on the remote once.
  5. Hold down the number code for your TV model until the TV turns off.
  6. That's it for programming your Spectrum remote. If it doesn't work, repeat the steps.

How to Pair Spectrum Remote through Radio Frequency

Programming Spectrum remote to your receiver via radio frequency can be done in a few simple steps. When you work through the Spectrum remote setup this way, you can use your Spectrum remote even when the receiver is out of view.

Go through the following steps to pair your remote and receiver via radio frequency:

  1. Find the MENU button on the remote, and press it.
  2. From the menu that displays on the left-hand side of your TV, choose SETTINGS & SUPPORT.
  3. Then select SUPPORT from the menu on the left.
  4. Now from among the center tiles, select REMOTE CONTROL.
  5. Next, click on RF PAIR NEW REMOTE from among these tiles.
  6. And, follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Program Spectrum Remote –1060BC2/1060BC3

The Spectrum 1060BC3 Remote Control is pre-programmed to let you operate the cable box, a Pioneer audio receiver, a Toshiba DVD player, and the RCA TV. Spectrum Remote programming for models 1060BC2/1060BC3 can be conducted by following the simple instructions below:

Programming Spectrum Remote to TV with Codes

  1. Start by finding the 5-digit programming code that works with your TV. You will find the code you are looking for in the table below.
    TV Brand TV Code
    Dynex 11463
    Insignia 11423
    LG 11423
    Magnavox 11454
    Panasonic 10250
    Philips 11454
    RCA 11547
    Samsung 10812
    Sharp 10818
    Sony 10000
    TCL 11756
    Toshiba 11524
    Vizio 11758
    Zenith 10000
  2. Next, press the device key on the remote control that says “TV” just one time.
  3. After that, press and hold the SETUP key and wait for the selected mode key to blink twice.
  4. Then, enter the 5-digit code for your device that you found listed in the table above. You will see the selected mode key will blink twice.
  5. In case the selected mode key blinks long, go back and repeat steps 3-5, and enter the same code once more.
  6. Once done, point the remote control to the TV and press the Power/Play key just once. The TV should turn off. If the TV doesn't turn off, walk through steps 2-5 again, so that you can find a code that works. If it still doesn't work, you may have to troubleshoot to get it right

Program Spectrum Remote -- Universal CLIKR-5: UR5U-8780L / 8790L

These Spectrum remotes can be programmed using a simple Auto-Search method—that you can easily follow for Spectrum Remote programming. Before we start, look at the table below to find the three-digit device code for the TV brand you wish to carry out the Spectrum remote setup.

TV Brand TV Code
  • 363
  • 113
  • 116
  • 102
  • 112
  • 143
  • 569
  • 284
  • 648
  • 741
  • 749
  • 258
  • 050
  • 363
  • 143
  • 333
  • 228
  • 229
  • 515
  • 655
  • 251
  • 019
  • 028
  • 363
  • 143
  • 175
  • 308
  • 684
  • 692
  • 735
  • 001
  • 608
  • 646
  • 651
  • 702
  • 138
  • 030
  • 007
  • 258
  • 325
  • 230
  • 703
  • 386
  • 387
  • 624
  • 625
  • 675

Auto-Search Method

  1. Turn on your TV set.
  2. Press the TV button and the OK/SEL button on your Spectrum remote simultaneously for three seconds. This should make the TV LED turn on for 30 seconds.
  3. Next, aim your remote at the TV and press the CH or CH- button one at a time, or don't release it until the TV is turned off. Once done, your remote will emit power on/off code signals.
  4. After that, press the POWER button to ensure you have entered the right code. If you have entered the correct code your device will switch back on. Then you can test out the volume/ mute etc. keys on your remote. In case the buttons don't work you will have to go back and repeat step 2.
  5. Next, press the TV button to lock the code. If done right the device LED will blink twice to let you know.

Note: In case your remote is still not paired to your TV after following the Auto-Search method, you can conduct the Spectrum remote programming using the Quick Set-up Method or the Manual Method given below:

Quick Setup Method

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Look into the Quick Set-up Code tables in the remote manual and according to your TV set’s brand, press the TV and YELLOW (A) or BLUE (B) buttons. This will make the TV button LED to switch on for 30 seconds.
  3. Now that the LED is turned on, aim the remote at the TV and enter the 1-digit code that coincides with your brand of TV. You may find this in the Quick Set-up Code tables in the remote manual. Now, your TV should switch off. In case it doesn’t enter the same number button again and again until it turns off.
  4. Note: If your remote automatically exits the programming mode and the LED turns off, it probably means it doesn’t have matching codes. In case you cannot find the corresponding code, you should try the 3-digit code or the Auto-Search method—if you have not already done that without success.

  5. After your TV is turned off, hit the TV button one more time to save the code.

Manual Method

If you cannot find your TV brand in the digital code list, you will have to download the remote manual in order to program Spectrum Remote using the Manual Method before you set off with the steps given below:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press the TV button and the OK/SEL buttons on your remote simultaneously for three seconds. After that, the TV LED will light for 30 seconds showing that it is all set to be programmed.
  3. Now, aim your remote at your TV and press the number given to your TV brand. In case there is more than one code for your TV brand, start by trying one code at a time until your device switches off. However, you should wait for one second before entering each code.
  4. Next, to ensure the right code has been selected press the POWER Your TV should turn back on. After the TV is switched on, try flipping the channels to ensure you have been successful at programming the Spectrum remote.
  5. Then, press the device button to lock the code. The device LED will blink two times to let you know the code has been locked.

Program Spectrum Remote Control—URC 2068/2069

Get your device-specific code from the table below, and follow the simple guidelines to sync your Spectrum remote to your TV.

TV Brand TV Code
Samsung 0178
LG 0178
Toshiba 0156
Sharp 0818
Sony 0810
Vizio 0864

Spectrum Remote Setup with TV Code

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Next, press the SETUP key and hold until you see the LED blinking twice.
  3. Then, enter the first code that matches your TV brand from the code list given above. Once you have entered the correct code, the LED will blink twice.
  4. Following that, press the POWER button to test your equipment. The device should turn off automatically when the setup is complete.
  5. In case your TV doesn’t switch off, go back, and repeat step 1. But, this time use the next code from the code list for your TV brand.

Can’t Search for Your Code? Here’s How You Can Do It

If you have used all the setup codes for programming Spectrum remote to your TV and none of them worked, or your TV set’s brand isn’t on the list and you cannot finish the setup, you can follow the steps below to look for your code:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Then, press and hold the SETUP button until the LED blinks two times.
  3. After that, press and hold the OK/Enter button.
  4. When the TV switches off, release the OK/Enter button. The code is locked.

Spectrum Remote Control Not Working? Don't Worry!

There are a few reasons why your remote control may not be working. Try to deal with the issues by following the simple tips mentioned below.

Problem Solution
Dead or old batteries Change the batteries.
Hindrance between the cable terminal and remote Ensure there are no obstructions between the digital receiver and the remote control.
Spectrum TV sound not working Check your cables and ensure that they are properly connected. Or, you can also consider resetting your TV box and updating your smart TV (if needed). For more information, check out Spectrum TV sound troubleshooting guide!
The remote is not set in the Cable TV mode Press Input or CBL on your remote control to reboot your digital receiver and attempt to pair your remote to the digital receiver again.

If you have any questions regarding Spectrum remote program or its troubleshooting steps, please reach out to Spectrum customer service at 855-423-0918.

Wrapping Up!

Once you have subscribed to the epic Spectrum TV service, the only thing standing between you and non-stop binge-watching is the Spectrum remote programming. While conducting the Spectrum remote setup all by yourself may sound like a tough nut to crack, it’s actually not! All you need to do is roll up your sleeves, put your thinking cap on, and follow all the super-easy, step-by-step instructions given in this guide.

Just in case you need further assistance, feel free to call the 24/7 Spectrum customer service at 855-423-0918.