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By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Best TV Deals and Packages for May 2022

The month of May is around the corner, and so are these TV deals and packages! Hear ye, hear ye! We have an announcement to make. The month of May is almost here ...

By Tina | Provider Updates |

Your Guide to DIRECTV STREAM App

The DIRECTV STREAM app is one of those valuable perks that come along with your DIRECTV STREAM subscription! Whether you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows on the go or you ...

By Tina | Tech Chatter |

Satellite Internet vs Mobile Hotspot: Which is Better?

Internet is internet, right? Not necessarily. The connection type plays a major role in availability, pricing, speed potential, and overall performance. And this is why ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Discover the Best Cable TV Deals for March 2022

Even with such a busy schedule, we always make time for some entertainment. So we end up watching all the trending shows and keeping up with all the news on TV. To think that no one needs a cable TV s ...

By Tina | Provider Updates |

Top Reasons to Go For Optimum in 2022!

In between an intense video conference while working from home, or during a gaming tournament, when the internet stutters the whole mood is killed! We cannot imagine ourselves making peace with glit ...

By Tina | Provider Updates |

All About AT&T Fiber Modem

If you're living in one of the 21 states where AT&T offers internet service and are eligible for one of the provider's fiber plans, then you're set for a hassle-free online experience. AT&T fiber ...

By Tina | Tech Chatter |

Best Mesh Wi-Fi Systems That Ensure Excellent Internet Coverage in Your Home!

Recently, all of us have realized how important internet connectivity in our homes is. We cannot depend on a slow and glitchy internet that does not fulfill our online needs. From socializing to ...

By Tina | Provider Updates |

AT&T In-Car Wi-Fi | Everything You Need to Know

What has four wheels and Wi-Fi? Probably your next car. Or, with a Wi-Fi plan and some new equipment, it could be your current car too. If you use Wi-Fi almost everywhere and wish to have it in your ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

Amazon Prime Video vs. Netflix: Which is better?

According to a Statista study published in October 2021, 78% of consumers in the U.S. are subscribed to a video on demand service. Between 2015 and 2021 there was a rather astronomical increase ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

This Valentine’s Day, Watch ‘The Lovebirds’ on Netflix

This Valentine’s Day, do something different. Learn to love your own self before setting out and seeking a soulmate. Spend the day doing what you love the most. Play video games. Take ...

By Tina | Provider Updates |

Spectrum in Danville, KY Brings You Fast & Reliable Internet

While moving to a new home, what’s the first thing that you expect to get before anything else? A reliable, high-speed internet. If you’re planning to or have already moved to Danville, KY, y ...

By Tina | Entertainment Buzz |

This Valentine’s Day, Watch ‘Someone Great’ on Netflix

Dealing with a bad breakup? There, there…. It’s okay. There’s no breakup ‘hurt’ that a little ice cream and a good company of friends can’t fix. Hold on a second. Sorry, let us rephrase that – a li ...