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Long gone are the days of black and white TV programs, replaced instead with crystal-clear images brought to life on wide TV screens. With the high standards continually improving, the grainy picture quality just does not make the cut anymore. There is a need for HD and ultra-HD programming so you can actually see everything happening on-screen in vivid detail. This is what has bought about the concept of 4K content, streaming, and more. In this article, we discuss everything you ought to know about enjoying 4K TV and the top internet and TV providers that can bring it to the comfort of your home.


What Is a 4K TV?

4K TV is a great upgrade that has come to TV resolution in recent years. It is also known as “Ultra-HD,” and boasts about four times the number of pixels as an HDTV (3840 x 2160). This pixel display results in a sharper, clearer picture with bolder and deeper colors, enhancing the overall quality of the content.

You need not only 4K content to view it, but also TV equipment that can support the 4K system, often found in streaming or TV boxes from the top providers in the industry.


How Can I Watch 4K Content?

As long as a certain content is in 4K programming, you can essentially watch it so, given that you have the right tools to help aid you through the process. 4K content typically requires an advanced TV set and equipment that supports the display, but that is not all. It also needs a TV service and a high internet speed that can handle the 4K if you are thinking of going over to the streaming side.


1.     Upgrade Your TV Equipment


Upgrading your TV equipment is important when you think of getting a 4K setup because not only does your TV need to support 4K, but it also needs a 4K receiver to bring the service to life. This can be equipment rented out from your internet service provider such as the Xfinity Flex Box, or you can get your own 4K receiver and attach it to your TV.

There are multiple 4K TVs on the market now at quite reasonable prices. Manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung, and more offer television sets with 4K support, so you can get a TV of your choosing. Of course, this would also mean a larger television set since the screen needs to be big enough to be able to view 4K content. You may also need a 4K receiver to pass on the image to your computer without any loss in the picture quality.


2.      Upgrade Your Internet Speed

One important prerequisite of 4K content, especially on-demand and streaming services is how fast your internet speed is. Since your streaming service runs over your internet, a high-speed internet connection ensures that there is no drop in picture quality and no frustratingly long moments of buffering. A minimum download speed of 25 Mbps becomes a need if you want to stream 4K content on your TV. Most services such as Xfinity Internet, Cox Internet, and more, do offer high-speed internet, with speeds well over what is needed for 4K streaming.


What Internet and TV Services Support 4K Content?

As the popularity of 4K programming rises, so does the number of providers offering the 4K services to the people. Although still fairly limited as of now, there are a few services that offer 4K streaming, and some TV services that do actually support 4K channels.

For instance, when you sign up for Xfinity Internet-only plans, you get the opportunity to enjoy Xfinity 4K Flex Box. As you can imagine, this box opens up to you an entire world of quality 4K streaming, with thousands of hours of on-demand content to enjoy on Peacock Premium, that could be included in the subscription for a nominal fee. If you want to diversify, you can also get a subscription to other apps such as Netflix, HBO Max, and such. With the Xfinity Flex, you also get the award-winning Xfinity Voice remote, which you can command to do different things and make the whole process much more enjoyable.

Next on the list is the Cox Contour Stream Player, which is something quite like the Xfinity Flex.  While Cox TV does set you up with a couple of 4K channels, the Cox Contour Stream Player is what actually gets you loads of 4K content to stream. Find movies on free apps, thousands of on-demand titles, and access all of your favorite streaming apps in one place for a 4K experience. There are a few Cox Internet and Streaming TV plans to choose from, but Peacock Premium comes included with all of them so you always have something to watch.

Dish also gets you a smart 4K experience, bringing your TV sets to life. Not only can you access all programs in 4K resolution , the Dish DVR Hopper 3 and the 4K Joey also let you record programs in 4K so you never have to watch a lower-quality picture version.

DIRECTV via Satellite is slightly different in the way that it offers quite a variety of 4K TV channels. These include shows, movies, live sports, on demand, and more. Around half a dozen 4K channels are available in the regular lineup. DIRECTV via Internet on the other hand, is a more abridged version of streaming TV, and also gets you a large variety of 4K content. This includes Live TV, on demand, streaming services and so much more. DIRECTV via Internet comes in multiple plans so you have the freedom to choose whatever you like.

For your ease, we have made a small table summarizing all the info above.

Provider 4K Content Starting Price
Xfinity On Demand titles, Streaming Platforms available on Flex/X1 $19.99/mo.
In select areas. Offer subject to location. Terms and conditions apply.
Cox On Demand titles, Streaming platforms available on Contour Stream Player $54.99/mo.
Term agmts. subject to the plan.

DIRECTV via Internet or Satellite

75+ Full-time Channels, select on-demand titles $69.99/mo.
Plus tax
Dish Major sports and events, On Demand titles, Streaming platforms available on Hopper 3 $82.99/mo.
Offer subject to location.

What Streaming Devices Are Compatible with 4K TV?

There are multiple streaming devices available on the market today and luckily, quite a lot of them actually do support 4K TV. The streaming devices that support 4K TV are:

  • 4K Roku
  • Amazon Fire
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Google Chromecast Ultra
  • Playstation 4 Pro
  • Xbox One

If you have one of these devices, you can enjoy 4K streaming on your favorite service, without any problems, especially if you are more into online streaming than live TV.


4K content is an advanced form of entertainment for it offers a hyper-realistic experience. It continues to spread out more and more, with 8K too making an appearance in certain places. If you have access to high-speed internet, and a supporting TV set or streaming device, you can watch almost anything in 4K.

To learn more about the top internet and TV service providers in your area call 1-855-349-9328.



  1. How do I watch everything in 4K?

To watch everything in 4K, you will have to upgrade your TV and your TV equipment to support the visual experience. If you are using a streaming service, you will also need a high-speed internet connection, not to mention the content must be in 4K itself for it to appear as ultra HD to you.


  1. What is the best way to get 4K content?

Streaming happens to be one of the best ways of watching 4K content. As long as you have a TV that supports 4K, or a streaming player like Xfinity Flex, you are good to go. As for streaming services, Netflix is one of the best places to find 4K content with hundreds of titles.


  1. Do any channels broadcast in 4K?

DIRECTV and Cox offer a few channels that broadcast in 4K, but the numbers are not too great. However, with streaming platforms, the 4K library is much more impressive.


  1. Why is my 4K TV blurry?

If you have a blurry screen on your TV, it shows a mismatch between the resolution capabilities of your TV and the content that you are watching. It is likely that the program you are watching has a lower resolution than what your TV can support, hence the grainy or blurry appearance. 


  1. What Internet service can I get for 4K streaming?

You need a high-speed internet plan for 4K streaming, so consider a speed of at least 25 Mbps. Xfinity internet could be paired with Flex box for 4K streaming and is the perfect place to start, at quite reasonable rates. Call 1-855-349-9328 to learn more or to order.