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5G has created quite a buzz since its arrival; there have been a lot of speculations and daydreams on how 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, will change the face of all that is tech. So it’s little wonder that everyone is keen to hear about what plans America’s top internet provider has in store for 5G.

Charter Spectrum™ announced its intentions to launch 5G service for its Mobile plans, earlier this year. The provider is a kingpin of mobile internet in the US, delivering top-notch speeds via mobile devices at spectacular value. 5G services are another tick mark in its list of ambitions.

Where to Find Spectrum 5G Service?

Spectrum 5G service will reach every nook and cranny of the US soon. This year the company has plans to expand its footprint in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Boise, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Des Moines, Greensboro, Grand Rapids, Hampton Roads, Houston, Hoboken, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Memphis, Minneapolis, Miami, New York City, Omaha, Phoenix, Panama City, Providence, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, Salt Lake City, Spokane, and Washington D.C. Residents of these cities will experience faster millimeter wave and high-band 5G service even in the most densely populated places, courtesy of Spectrum Mobile plans along with 5G-enabled devices. These devices will quickly and effortlessly connect users to the fastest available network in the area such as Spectrum Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 5G, as per their location.

Spectrum 5G Supported Devices

The newest and powerful members of the Samsung mobile family i.e. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20 5G, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are now available on Spectrum Mobile, ready to deliver the ultimate Spectrum 5G experience to its users.

The Galaxy S20 series comes with an AI-powered camera system coupled with a bleeding-edge sensor, which will deliver amazingly crisp and clear details in still and motion imagery, both. Moreover, the 8K video shooting capability is one of the dozens of high-powered and singular features offered by the series. Armed with 5G internet plans , users can download humongous files within seconds, forget the face of buffering icon with high-quality video streaming, and relish exceptionally responsive and faster gaming experience.

Spectrum Internet 5G Plans

As it always has been the case with Spectrum internet plans, the provider will not restrict the freedom of its 5G plans subscribers by placing data caps, long-term contracts, and any additional taxes or fees.

Owners of 5G-capable devices can enjoy Spectrum Unlimited data plans for the price of $45/mo. per line, or buy Gigs for $14/Gig. Along with it, users get free calling and texting solution nationwide, up to 2,000 free calling minutes to Mexico and Canada per month, free international texting feature, Wi-Fi calling, the option to switch between plans, and a myriad of other perks.

The Future of Spectrum 5G

Expect the service to come knocking at your door in the upcoming years since Spectrum is not going to rest until it spreads its 5G network to the entirety of the US. Meanwhile, if you are residing in one of the aforementioned cities, then you can start living in the future now with the available 5G plans.

If 5G has yet to roll out in your region, you can still acquire the fastest internet connectivity with the cable-fiber hybrid Spectrum Internet.