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$200 AT&T Visa®

Get a $200 AT&T Visa® Reward Card with qualifying internet

Redemption req’d. Internet 300M+. Ltd. avail/areas.

All that you get with internet from AT&T

It is not just fast and steady speeds. There is a bunch of perks too!

AT&T Internet 99% reliability guarantee stamp icon

Reliability guaranteed

  • AT&T Fiber guarantees over 99% reliability.
    Based on wired connection to gateway.
  • Surf, stream, and play on multiple devices simultaneously even during peak times.
    Number of devices depends on screen size/ resolution.
  • With AT&T 1 Gig internet you can download 1 GB data in less than 10 seconds, upload a 4 min HD video in less than 2.8 seconds, stream 4K Ultra HD videos on 3 devices at the same time, and experience ultra-low latency with ping under 11 ms.
    Speed/Time examples are estimates and based on wired connection to gateway. Others factors besides network latency may impact on game lag, individual results will vary.
Free internet security suite with AT&T Internet is displaying a safety tick mark in a browser, indicating safe browsing experience

Browse safe with security from AT&T

  • AT&T Fiber® and AT&T Internet provide a range of security tools as part of the monthly service. Safeguard yourself with an innovative combination of device and network capabilities.
  • AT&T Fiber plans are made secure with automatic defense from at-risk sites likely to infect your devices with malware. Plus you get proactive device safety monitoring which blocks suspicious data transmission even on Wi-Fi.
  • With AT&T Internet plans you get to enjoy anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. Surf, search and shop online with internet security powered by McAfee®.*
    *Included at no charge with internet plans (5M -1000M). Available for $5/mo with lower speed tiers.
AT&T Gateway (modem/router) displaying strong Wi-Fi signals icon

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

  • Get a Wi-Fi Gateway—a modem and Wi-Fi router combo standard with your internet plan (12 Mbps or higher).
  • The advanced mesh technology connects your devices to the internet with zero complications. You will not get into dead zones as you move around the house. Add on Wi-Fi Extender(s)* for stronger, faster, and more accessible Wi-Fi signal.
  • Surf, stream, and play on multiple devices with zero lag, run your home office anywhere in the house, and make any room a classroom with Whole-home Wi-Fi* connectivity.

*Whole home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s) sold separately.

Wi-Fi signals spread throughout the house with the smart AT&T in-home Wi-Fi icon

AT&T Smart Home Manager

  • The smart AT&T in-home Wi-Fi comes with an equally intelligent and FREE Smart Home Manager App.
    Feature available with BGW210, 5268AC and NVG599 Wi-Fi Gateways.
  • The smart app ensures network privacy. So, you can control who gets to access your personal Wi-Fi network. Plus you can keep a tab on things even when you are away from home.
  • Parental Controls help you decide how much time the young ones in the family should spend online. You can make sure their online trips are safe and secure. And, you get to keep an eye on data usage too.
Mail in an internet browser icon depicting free AT&T email account

Get a free AT&T email address

  • You can create an AT&T Mail account on quick and easy.
  • Check email and customize your homepage at
  • Organize your contacts and stay on top of everyday tasks with the calendar.
  • Get news reports, and information about stocks, weather, sports, movies, concerts, & more.
  • Your email address also works as a user ID on myAT&T.
Icon with AT&T Wi-Fi signals spread throughout the globe due to AT&T nationwide hotspots

Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots

  • AT&T has carefully placed 30,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots across 21 service states.
  • When you subscribe to AT&T internet plans you qualify to connect with high-speed internet on the go.
  • You don’t have to hunt around for an open Wi-Fi signal. Or expose yourself to the dangers of an unsafe wireless connection.
  • Stay connected via AT&T even when out and about on the streets!
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Enjoy HBO MaxTM included with AT&T Fiber 1000!

Compatible device and online account registration req’d for HBO Max. Add’l fees & restr’s apply.

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AT&T home internet: A comparison of broadband types

AT&T pledges to offer the best possible speed our network infrastructure is capable of delivering at your address. So, before you decide on an AT&T home internet plan, you must know exactly what you need it for. This way you would know if the AT&T broadband type available to you will do the job.


  • As of now, Fiber is available to residents of rather select areas. But, we are determined to deliver Gig power—first launched in Austin, Texas—to more and more cities across our service territory.
  • Highly-populated urban regions in states like Texas and California are among the fortunate ones with access to super-fast AT&T Fiber.
  • AT&T Fiber offers symmetrical download and upload speeds—with 1 GIG you can download a 1 GB file in less than 10 seconds, and upload a 4-minute HD video in less than 2.8 seconds.
    *Speed/Time examples are estimates and based on wired connection to gateway.
  • With consistent speeds even at peak times*, unlimited data, and no annual contract, AT&T Fiber is one of the best available options.
    *Based on network availability and wired connection to Gateway.
  • Excellent for huge households with die-hard gamers, serious streamers, and online workaholics.


  • AT&T Internet—max speed up to 100 Mbps—is delivered over a network based on a smart mix of technologies. Across our footprint, we have enhanced the pre-existing network capacity by using ADSL2+, VDSL2, G.Fast, and Ethernet technologies―which are delivered over a hybrid of Fiber and Copper facilities with significantly faster download speeds compared to traditional DSL.
  • Unlike AT&T Fiber, a hybrid IPBB connection does not deliver equal download and upload speeds. But, it is does get you fast and stable connectivity, and is more than good for standard household usage.
  • You can count on reliable internet for all you do. Steady speeds keep the family happily connected.
  • As for rural and more remote areas, AT&T Internet speeds are slower. Yet, considering other available options in such regions, AT&T Internet can be your best bet. Perfect for limited but all necessary usage!

An overview of AT&T home internet plans

Get the best speed at the best price on the best network available!

AT&T makes use of multiple technologies to get the fastest internet to your address. Ranging from new-gen fiber optic to high-speed hybrid (IPBB) connection. That is how AT&T is able to make sure every household in its footprint gets access to steady internet. Take a look at popular speed tiers from AT&T Internet & AT&T Fiber.

AT&T Internet

The AT&T hybrid network covers millions of Americans across our 21-state footprint. In urban and suburban regions you are more likely to get access to a range of high-speeds. While in rural areas, despite the slower speed, an AT&T Internet connection makes for a practical option. The one thing which remains constant everywhere is that we offer you the fastest possible speed available at your address at a competitive price-point!


up to 100 Mbps

  • Enjoy strong, smart Wi-Fi throughout the house* for work, school and play
    *Whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s), sold separately.
  • Rated #1 in customer satisfaction over Cable for 4 consecutive years
    Claim based on 2017-2020 ACSI survey of customers rating their own internet service provider’s performance.
  • Stay productive and entertained with consistent speeds at peak times
    Based on wired connection to gateway.
$45/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee*

Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d.*$10/mo equip. fee applies.

Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call or go to to see if you qualify.

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills).

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AT&T Fiber footprint is fast spreading across its 21 service states—making it possible for more and more people to connect to 100% fiber broadband with 99% reliability1. It offers the fastest starting speed available—over 100 Mbps faster than Cable’s2, 80% more bandwidth than Cable3, and 20X faster upload speeds than Cable4.

1Based on network availability.
2Comparison of Xfinity 25Mbps, Cox 50Mbps and Spectrum 200Mbps starting speeds.
3Based on combined upload and download capacity of Internet 1000 vs. Xfinity, Spectrum & Cox 1GIG service with uploads of 35Mbps.
4Comparison of Internet 1000 wired upload connection speed to Xfinity, Spectrum & COX 1Gig service with uploads of 35Mbps. For more information, go to



  • The best value! Super-fast 1 GIG†† internet for efficient work and more play
    Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability speeds and based on wired connection to gateway. Actual customer speeds may vary based on a number of factors and are not guaranteed. Download speeds for Internet 1000 are typically up to 940Mbps due to overhead capacity reserved to deliver the data. For more information, go to
  • HBO Max included – a $14.99 value at no extra charge
    Compatible device and online account registration req’d for HBO Max. Add’l fees & restr’s apply.
  • Breakthrough Wi-Fi 6 speeds – the fastest and most reliable connectivity in your entire home
    Subject to eligibility. Optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices. Whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s) sold separately.
$60/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee*

Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. *$10/mo equip. fee applies

Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call or go to to see if you qualify.

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills).

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Check AT&T Fiber availability for a faster internet experience

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Compare AT&T Internet service plans

AT&T Internet service Max. download/upload speed Data allowance Usage Price
High-speed Internet 25/5 Mbps†† 1 TB Work from home, or attend school, video chat or share media. $45/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee*
Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d. Incl 1TB data/mo., overage chrgs apply.

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills).$10/mo equip. fee applies. Geo & svc restr’s apply.

50/10 Mbps†† 1 TB Remote work and virtual learning, video streaming, online gaming.
75/20 Mbps†† 1 TB Connect for work and school, stream TV or video chat with pals.
100/20 Mbps†† Unlimited Ideal for remote work, virtual learning, streaming HD, large file sharing, sharing media. $45/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee*

Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d.

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills).$10/mo equip. fee applies. Ltd. avail/areas.

Fiber optic Internet 300/300 Mbps†† Unlimited Work, learn, stream HD, game online, share large media files―connects multiple devices at once. $35/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee*
Autopay & Paperless bill req’d.*

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). $10/mo equip. fee applies. Ltd. avail/areas.

500/500 Mbps†† Unlimited For multiple users who connect for work and school and to binge stream. Share large files with ease and video chat with confidence. $45/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee
Autopay & Paperless bill req’d.*

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). $10/mo equip. fee applies. Ltd. avail/areas.

1 Gbps/1Gbps Mbps†† Unlimited For connected homes, serious online gamers, and home office power users. $60/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee
Autopay & Paperless bill req’d.*

*Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). $10/mo equip. fee applies Ltd. avail/areas.

Get AT&T home internet deals with unlimited data

You can have anything you ask for with AT&T—if you want unlimited internet data, AT&T listens to you.

Here is a quick overview of how much data allowance AT&T internet speeds come with. And, how you can get unlimited internet data.

AT&T service type Monthly data allowance Fees & charges
AT&T Fiber Unlimited No overage fee
AT&T Internet 100 Unlimited No overage fee
AT&T Internet 768 Kbps – 75 Mbps 1 TB $10 charge for each additional 50GB (up to $100/mo.)
Buy Unlimited Data Unlimited For $30 per month
(Service availability varies and is subject to select internet plans)
Bundle for Unlimited Data Unlimited No overage fees (Unlimited bundle allowance is included when you bundle qualifying TV service with AT&T Internet or AT&T FIber)
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Bundle AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber with DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM!

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Bundle your AT&T home internet for more value

There is always a way to get more value for your money with AT&T. For instance, when you bundle the internet service with DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM, you benefit from perks like unlimited data, and free standard pro installation for DIRECTV Satellite. And, if you are looking for the perfect connectivity solution for your home, you can include AT&T home phone service in your bundle. The AT&T Triple Play combines internet, DIRECTV & home phone in one power-pack!


Stream your can’t-miss TV with fast & powerful internet

  • Enjoy streaming via breakthrough Wi-Fi 6 speeds – the fastest and most reliable connectivity in your entire home
    Subject to eligibility. Optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices. Whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity may require AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s) sold separately.
  • Live TV, 40,000+ on demand titles and 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage
    Data connection req’d. Recordings expire after 90 days. In a series recording, max 30 episodes stored (oldest deleted first which may be in less than 90 days). Restrictions apply.
  • Make it unlimited hours of Cloud DVR for $10/month
$104.99/mo. plus taxes

$10/mo. internet equip. fee applies. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d for Internet.*

Limited availability. May not be available in your area. Call or go to to see if you qualify.

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Get the essentials of TV entertainment with fast & reliable internet

  • Proven reliability for both internet and TV
    Based on network availability. DIRECTV signal reliability based on nationwide study of representative cities.
  • 160+ channels with popular networks―ESPN, CNN, Nickelodeon, and HGTV
  • First 3 months of Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® at no extra cost
    Services auto-renew after 3 months at then-prevailing rate (currently $38.96/mo.) unless you call to change or cancel
$109.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes & fees

w/ 24-mo. TV agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. Prices higher in 2nd year. $10/mo. internet equip. fee applies*

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Shop AT&T plans for maximum value

Why get AT&T home internet service

No annual contracts

AT&T is one of the few internet providers which don’t bind you in an annual contract with the internet service.

Subscribe to AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber without a long term commitment.

Only when you bundle AT&T Internet with select qualifying service(s), you must sign a contract. And, in that case if you decide to cancel your contract before the end of the term, you may have to pay a pro-rated early termination fee (ETF).

Woman Streaming Music on Spectrum Wifi
Modem transmitting to child's tablet

Extensive network coverage

AT&T’s impressive footprint across 21 states is supported by a huge network of Copper and Fiber lines.

We are able to present a very practical alternative for many neighborhoods that otherwise have a single cable broadband option.

And, we also keep you connected on-the-go. Want to surf while on a café-break? Need to find a shop in an unknown area? Wish you could stream TV favorites while commuting? You can do it all with free access to the nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Live in the Future & Make Life Smarter

AT&T continues to develop cutting-edge smart products that work smoothly with the powerful AT&T broadband services.

  • Whole home Wi-Fi that you get with AT&T smartly connects you to the fastest signal available. And, puts you in full control of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Fast and reliable speeds from AT&T boost the efficiency and effectivity of your smart home devices.
  • Take your internet anywhere when you turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Monitor and control your internet service in real-time; track your health; trace locations; and do a lot more with AT&T smart technologies.
Man Happy at No Spectrum Contracts
Couple Laughing at Social Media Post

AT&T Customer Support

AT&T is aware of the important role quick and focused support plays in making happy and loyal customers.

You’ll find our customer service representatives knowledgeable, and able to relate to you when you call with questions or concerns.

AT&T Web support is open to you 24/7. Web resources are designed in a way you can: Get tools to manage your AT&T account. Access easy-to-understand information about AT&T services. Get valuable troubleshooting tips and quick help guides. In case you want to fix something yourself with the internet, TV or phone equipment or the service, help is always available online.

AT&T strives to create connections

AT&T has delivered residential and commercial broadband services for years—and is also a leader in mobile broadband.

By investing in our networks, and refining our capacity and capability we have modernized our services. And, we’ve also expanded efforts to bridge the digital divide in communities across the country, as well as provide greater value for small businesses.

We believe everyone should have access to the internet for living, learning, working and playing to the fullest. And so we continue to create connections that America thrives upon!

Office workers managing tasks

If you want to become part of the happy AT&T family, shop now! Subscribe to one or more of AT&T’s remarkable services.

Set up AT&T Internet and AT&T Home Phone at your address!

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AT&T internet service availability in your area

AT&T home internet is available in thousands of cities and towns across 21 states. From densely populated urban regions and suburbs to rural locations—AT&T endeavors to make its broadband services accessible far and wide by utilizing a clever mix of innovative technologies.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
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Check AT&T home internet availability in your area

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Have more questions? Talk to AT&T!

Want to find out which AT&T broadband services and plans are available in your area? How much AT&T will charge in your final bill? How to get help with setting up your new AT&T internet connection? How can you get an upgrade or a discount?

Contact the experts at 1-855-925-2541 for a solution to your questions and concerns!

Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T Internet service

The AT&T 50 Mbps internet speed is perfect for a small family, that is not too big on the internet. Work from home, attend online class, or indulge in some streaming and gaming. Just remember, internet performance depends on your in-home Wi-Fi signal.

AT&T Fiber 1 Gbps plan is the fastest you get. It lets you stream, video chat, play, and work on 12+ devices at once. To check availability of AT&T Gig service call at 1-855-925-2541.

AT&T is the largest hybrid-DSL provider in the US. AT&T services are available to millions in 21 states. AT&T Fiber, while not yet available too widely, offers you one of the highest starting speeds at one of the cheapest rates in the market. All AT&T home internet plans get you a range of perks such as strong Wi-Fi, online protection, and free access to nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots. Plus AT&T Internet is rated #1 in customer satisfaction over Cable for 4 years in a row.*

*Claim based on 2017-2020 ACSI survey of customers rating their own internet service provider’s performance.

AT&T has discontinued its DSL service. You can now access high-speed internet delivered via an IPBB connection along with the fast spreading AT&T Fiber service. The AT&T hybrid (IPBB) network utilizes an intelligent mix of technologies and provides download speeds up to 100 Mbps. To check availability and offers call at 1-855-925-2541.

Yes. AT&T Internet is available in single play as well as in bundles. The provider offers a number of services other than wired broadband, e.g. AT&T home phone service and AT&T Wireless. To keep you entertained there is DIRECTV as well as DIRECTV STREAM. You can bundle your AT&T internet plan with another qualifying service(s) for more value.

AT&T Fiber 1 Gig connection is $60 per month in the first year. You get up to 1 Gbps symmetrical speeds. The price excludes equipment fee and taxes. Lower speed tiers are also available. You can subscribe to a 300 Mbps or 500 Mbps fast plan for $35 and $45 respectively. Call 1-855-925-2541 to check offer availability in your area.

After your first 12 months with AT&T are over you are charged the current standard rate. The amount varies for different AT&T internet packages. Call 1-855-925-2541 to find out the 2nd year pricing for a package.

AT&T internet plans come with 1 TB data limit for up to 75 Mbps download speeds. That is virtually unlimited for standard users of the internet. However, the AT&T Internet 100 and all AT&T Fiber plans come with unlimited data. Also, when you bundle AT&T internet with a qualifying video service, you get to enjoy unlimited data every month.

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