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DIRECTV is the #1 satellite television service provider in the U.S. with massive coverage across the country. It doesn’t matter which state you live in— you get to watch juicy content on DIRECTV anywhere you get a clear view of the southern sky.

In spite of the streaming trend taking TV watchers by storm, 16 million subscribers nationwide stand as a testimony to DIRECTV’s commitment to delivering high-quality satellite TV services. Packages from the distinguished provider bring you hundreds of channels including ABC, FOX, Lifetime, MNTV, and HGTV on DIRECTV in crystal-clear picture quality with 99% signal reliability. That is not all. There is a plethora of desirable features that come along at competitive price-points.

All about HGTV Channel on DIRECTV

Let’s face it—growing up, we never really cared much about the architecture of a building, or what the interior or exterior of a house looked like. But that all changed when HGTV came in the picture.

The Home and Garden Television, famously known as HGTV is an American pay television channel owned by Discovery, Inc. The network was rolled out in 1994 and successfully managed to transform home makeover shows into a full-service lifestyle network.

HGTV on DIRECTV essentially airs reality programming that focuses on real estate and home improvement. So if you want to watch top home improvement shows in the U.S. that offer an artistic escape from hectic everyday life, then HGTV on DIRECTV is what you need!

HGTV on DIRECTV opens your eyes and mind to a whole new world of crown moldings, countertops, flooring, shiplap, and much more. Moreover, the catchy programs from HGTV Channel on DIRECTV are all jazzed-up with a little drama – fake or real - to keep you glued to your TV screen!

“House Hunters” on HGTV lets you explore houses across the U.S. while sitting in your cozy living room. On the other hand, “House Hunters International” allows you to discover cultural differences among various countries in terms of housing and lets you explore jaw-dropping apartments and home choices worldwide.

Do you love watching transformation videos with a touch of real-life drama? If yes, then you will be happy to know that HGTV on DIRECTV also airs an epic home improvement show called “Property Brothers”. Watch this catchy show to witness how old and ugly properties are turned into beautiful, new showpieces to give people the house of their dreams. As for the drama bit, you are sure to get a good dose of it oozing from the crisp sibling rapport between the twin brothers.

But that’s not all. You can also tune in to HGTV on DIRECTV Channel Number, and watch “Flip or Flop”—a simple but satisfying show that is all about flipping houses upside down to give them a complete make-over. Watch “Flip Flop” on HGTV on DIRECTV and witness how tacky old houses with clutter, roaches, trash, and structural issues get transformed into stylish modern homes.

And last but not least, HGTV on DIRECTV also broadcasts “Fixer Upper”—a show hosted by a charming married couple-- Chip and Joanna Gaines-- who help other couples find "the worst house in the best neighborhoods" of Waco, Texas. And, also transform it with epic renovations that carry Joe’s signature country-chic home decor and finishing touches.

HGTV on DIRECTV is not only a channel but is more like a friend. One who teaches you the nitty-gritty of home repair inspires you to travel, as well as appreciate your home and community.

Watch HGTV on DIRECTV and learn how an open mindset and willingness to put in the needed effort can get you the house of your dreams.

So, do you love to watch home improvement shows? Do you want to know which DIRECTV plans offer HGTV? Or are you already subscribed to the satellite TV service, and wish to find out what Channel is HGTV on DIRECTV TV? Well, in any case luckily you have come to the right place! Stick with us till the end to get the answers.

HGTV on DIRECTV – The Channel Number

If you are a fortunate TV buff, already subscribed to a DIRECTV package but confused about what channel is HGTV on DIRECTV, don’t sweat. Here’s a breakdown of DIRECTV packages along with the availability and channel number for HGTV on DIRECTV to help you out!


Total No. of TV Channels 155
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229


Total No. of TV Channels 160
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229


Total No. of TV Channels 185
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229


Total No. of TV Channels 235
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229


Total No. of TV Channels 250
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229


Total No. of TV Channels 330
Is HGTV available in this package? Yes
Channel no. 229

Pay Less and Get the Best with DIRECTV

DIRECTV service spans the entire country, ensuring the provision of top-notch entertainment choices at competitive prices. Because DIRECTV plans are tailored to satisfy the cravings of TV buffs and fuel their binge-a-thons without having them spend a fortune.

All in all, DIRECTV packages, bring you non-stop top-notch entertainment at great value for your money. When you get a DIRECTV subscription you not only get to access a maximum of 330 channels and 65,000 On Demand titles as well as Live TV with 4K programming, but you get to watch your favorites on the go for free with the DIRECTV app.

Moreover, every fun-packed DIRECTV package comes with a free Genie HD DVR that has an enormous 1TB storage—with DIRECTV you will never miss your favorite show again!

To sweeten the deal, all new DIRECTV subscribers get limited-time access to premium networks. Subscribe to DIRECTV SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT packages and get access to premium networks like Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® for 3 months at no additional cost!

And, when you sign up for the CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, or XTRA package, the provider generously extends the HBO Max™ offer to one year. DIRECTV PREMIER™ - the golden package – gets you unlimited access to Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® - as they all come included in your lineup.

With half a dozen packages offering fun-packed channel lineups, and the open offer to bundle TV service with AT&T Internet and AT&T home phone, you can save up to $240 in the first year of your DIRECTV subscription. This generous offer makes it all the much more affordable to opt for a DIRECTV deal.

If you need more information about DIRECTV channels, plans, and pricing in your area, feel free to contact me at 1-855-820-1220 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel is HGTV on DIRECTV?

You can watch Home & Garden Television (HGTV) on channel number 229 on DIRECTV.

Is DIRECTV dropping HGTV?

Currently, all subscribers of DIRECTV packages (SELECT™, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, XTRA, ULTIMATE, & PREMIER™) have access to HGTV.


Previously, HGTV was a part of DIRECTV NOW plans, but since its makeover and rebranding as AT&T TV NOW, the new Plus and Max plans of the online streaming service don’t include HGTV. However, higher tiers of AT&T TV NOW plans i.e. ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA & ULTIMATE still allow you to access the American favorite HGTV.

What Channel is HGTV on AT&T?

Existing AT&T U-verse customers can watch HGTV HD- West on channel number 1451 HGTVWH. However, availability and channel numbers may vary with location. In case you face issues when finding the right channel number feel free to contact AT&T representatives at 1-855-820-1220.

What Channel is HGTV on DIRECTV NOW?

DIRECTV NOW since being rebranded as AT&T TV NOW only includes HGTV in plans that fall in the higher tiers. Plus and Max plans do not offer HGTV anymore. However, when you subscribe to one of the half dozen DIRECTV packages you get access to HGTV on DIRECTV along with hundreds of other popular networks at affordable price points.

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