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With over 12.5 million subscribers, DIRECTV is one of the most renowned TV services in the U.S. The service mainly functions as a Satellite TV, great for homes far from wired and cable TV services. However, with the latest additions to the provider’s network, people can now enjoy the exquisite channel lineup boasting over 150 channels through both satellite and internet service. This change is one of the biggest we have seen in the industry in a while and getting DIRECTV via satellite or the internet ensures that you always find something that fits your needs perfectly.

In this article, we discuss all there is to know about ION on DIRECTV, its channel number, and the programming you can enjoy with the service. So let us jump right in!

A Short Intro to the ION TV Channel

ION TV is quite a popular cable TV channel due to the versatility of its access. It is available both as a cable network and, in some cases, also as an over-the-air broadcasting channel, which makes it widely accessible.

The TV network was launched in 1998 and was called PAX TV at this time. Ever since then, it has been renamed twice, with the change in the ownership of the network. In 2007, it was named ION Television and it has stuck around since. This channel comes included in the channel lineups of almost all TV providers such as Spectrum, Xfinity, and even DIRECTV.

ION TV enjoys viewership from a large number of subscribers and its wide and varied programming makes it exciting for most people.

Fast & Reliable AT&T Internet Speed


Fast & Reliable AT&T Internet Speed

As it is a basic cable channel with extensive availability nationwide, ION TV is part of all plans offered by DIRECTV. This is for both DIRECTV services, whether you choose to get TV via satellite or the internet.

If you get DIRECTV via satellite, one of the best things you get is you don’t have to rely on a handy internet service to be able to watch TV and access the channels in your lineup. Not to mention, the satellite service guarantees 99% signal reliability. The installation process is handled by a professional and you also get to enjoy over 90,000 on-demand titles and quite a few channels in 4K HDR.

Alternatively, the DIRECTV via the internet is a really good choice to make if you are more into streaming than conventional TV – and works even better when bundled up with fast and symmetrical AT&T Fiber plans. Plus, of course, the Gemini device works like a dream to get you the seamless streaming experience you have always wanted.

Enjoy a mix of great shows on the DIRECTV ION channel, including mystery shows, legal and criminal dramas, and a whole lot more to keep you occupied for hours!

What Channel is ION TV on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV has 4 different TV plans each, both with its satellite and internet services. While the channel number tends to vary from area to area for local and broadcasting networks, the channel number for ION TV on DIRECTV is the same everywhere. 305 is the ION channel number on DIRECTV whether you are using the satellite or the internet option. This makes access super easy and all you have to do is navigate to this page to start watching.

However, with over 150 networks in the DIRECTV channel lineup, you can sometimes get lost looking for a certain channel. If that happens, you can always turn to the DIRECTV channel guide that you can find on your TV and check the channel number of any network you want.

What Shows Are on the ION Channel?

Although it has previously also broadcasted sports widely, ION has lately become more of a drama network. Except for the WNBA games in April 2023, the network has not aired any ongoing leagues or sports for a very long time, but things might be changing going forward.

The programming on this network revolves around the world of crime, justice, and forensic science. Some of the best shows on the ION channel include;

  • Blue Bloods
  • Bones
  • Chicago Fire
  • Criminal Minds
  • FBI
  • Law & Order
  • MacGyver
  • NCIS
Fast & Reliable AT&T Internet Speed

Subscribe to ION on DIRECTV

Get It on Channel Number 305

Get Special Perks with DIRECTV Plans

DIRECTV is a good choice to make for your home, mainly because it is available everywhere. And the fact that you can enjoy it both over an internet and satellite connection. However, one of the best parts about DIRECTV is that it also offers a handful of nice perks to its customers so that they can get even more value and quality with their TV plans. Some of these great features include the following.

  • The smart DIRECTV Gemini: This all-in-one integrated platform takes your TV experience to another level. Find and enjoy all your favorite apps and channels in one place and switch between satellite and internet smoothly with the SignalSaver Technology. Watch everything in 4K HDR and get a voice remote that is everything you are looking for.
  • A large storage with the Genie DVR: Watch whatever you want, both live and recorded, in any of your rooms with the Genie DVR. Record up to 200 hours of HD TV shows as well as live movies and as many as 5 different titles simultaneously. Watch sports and find them all in one place, watching multiple things at once with the Genie Picture-in-picture feature.
  • Get entertainment on the go with the DIRECTV App: Keep your entertainment at hand and mobile as you are – directly on your phone. Tune into the DIRECTV App to watch live channels, stream movies, and do more on up to 5 devices at once.
  • Reward card or other perks: DIRECTV often has ongoing promotions such as a reward gift card worth quite a bit or streaming services including for a certain time. So keep an eye out for such promotions and subscribe whenever something good is around.

Wrapping Up…

DIRECTV packages not only bring you quality entertainment but also do so in a manner that fits you best. You can choose to get it with satellite, great for the suburbs and rural areas, and in cities, you can also decide to pick a DIRECTV bundle for greater use. It works perfectly with the AT&T Fiber internet, connecting you to over 150 channels of pure fun and the DIRECTV channel lineup makes everything more exciting.

The ION TV channel number on DIRECTV is 305 and you can find it with both the DIRECTV services. You can find a fine selection of dramas and TV shows on the channel to enjoy – no matter where you are!

To learn more about entertainment with DIRECTV, reach out to our professionals at the DIRECTV Customer Service Phone Number i.e. 855-737-0235.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I watch ION on DIRECTV?

ION TV is available with all service tiers of DIRECTV. As long as you are subscribed to a DIRECTV plan, you can enjoy ION TV on channel number 305. To learn more about DIRECTV service, call 855-737-0235 today!

What channel on DIRECTV is ION?

You can find the ION TV on DIRECTV with all its plans on channel number 305. Check out the DIRECTV channel lineup for more info or call 855-737-0235.

How can I watch ION TV for free?

ION is not available for free. However, you can find it on the channel lineup of most providers including Xfinity, Spectrum, DIRECTV, etc. To subscribe to a TV service, reach out to our experts at 855-349-9328.

Where can I watch ION TV?

ION TV is available as part of the TV channel lineup of multiple providers. Some of these include Xfinity, Spectrum, and DIRECTV. You can also find ION TV in some live TV streaming services such as DIRECTV Via Internet. To learn more about TV services in your area, reach out to us at 855-349-9328.


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