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Nothing beats coming home after a long and tiring day to a couch that welcomes you and TV entertainment that is adorned with the best all-time classics. Let’s face it, classic movies have always been quite difficult to find. Of course, nowadays, entertainment buffs resort to streaming services whenever they’re in the mood for some unwinding. But, if you go back 2 to 3 decades, watching a good ole classic movie would’ve caused you a trip to the rental store and back. Before this dilemma could’ve ‘gone with the wind’ (see, what we did there?) classic movies needed their own platform. Thus, a channel was introduced in the mid 80’s, dedicated largely to classic movies produced before the 1950s. Not just any classic movies, these movies were unedited, uncolored and uncut, and aired commercial-free. That channel is still a part of millions of households in the U.S., known as AMC.

AMC is currently available to more than 94 million households across the U.S. and among other TV providers, making that happen is USA’s favorite satellite TV service, DIRECTV. And, being a satellite service, DIRECTV is able to carry AMC from coast to coast—after all, the service is available in the U.S. anywhere you can view the clear southern sky!

Turn Your Home into an Entertainment Hub with DIRECTV

Lack of features, poor signal reception and hefty price tags. These are the most common headaches our TV providers put us through. But, if you pair DIRECTV with your TV set, then things are bound to go uphill. Why would that be? Because, DIRECTV stands as the no.1 satellite TV service that offers 99% signal reliability, and a whole lot of satisfaction. If you haven’t subscribed to DIRECTV yet, you may be missing out on a tad too much.

DIRECTV offers an array of features, all packed within its 5 top-of-the-line packages, that you can subscribe to, based on your needs. Whether you’re someone who prefers watching TV to kill time, or you belong to the league of dedicated TV buffs, with the ever-so-extensive DIRECTV channel guide there’ll be something for everyone!

Here is All That You Get with DIRECTV

Splendid TV Channel Lineup

No TV provider ‘breathes life’ into your TV sets, unless it promises you a channel lineup that makes you forget all your worries. DIRECTV offers 5 packages, all with channel lineups containing the best options out there. There are local, national and international news channels, along with a plethora of entertainment, kids and sports channels that’ll keep every member of your family well away from boredom. Not only this, but DIRECTV channel lineup are anointed with premium channels and international channels as well. Allow us to quickly walk you through DIRECTV packages, along with the number of channels that you can enjoy:

DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT offers 160 TV Channels, including 60 HD

DIRECTV CHOICE ™ offers 185 TV Channels, including 85 HD

DIRECTV XTRA offers 235 TV Channels, including 110 HD

DIRECTV ULTIMATE offers 250 TV Channels, including 115 HD

DIRECTV PREMIER ™ offers 330 TV Channels, including 185 HD

On Demand Choices

If your past time includes a lot of binge watching, then DIRECTV has something just for you. DIRECTV brings its subscribers a wide selection of popular On Demand shows and movies, that are just a few clicks away. Do you know what’s the best thing about DIRECTV’s On Demand extravaganza? It lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies on TV and any device of your choice, whenever you want. Pause on one device and resume watching on another – it could not have been easier than this! Now let’s have a look at the number of On Demand options that you get with all the DIRECTV packages:

DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENTMore than 40,000 On Demand Choices

DIRECTV CHOICE ™More than 45,000 On Demand Choices

DIRECTV XTRAMore than 50,000 On Demand Choices

DIRECTV ULTIMATEMore than 55,000 On Demand Choices

DIRECTV PREMIER ™More than 65,000 On Demand Choices


If you’re big on ‘futuristic experiences’ then what we’re about to tell you will blow your mind. DIRECTV offers its customers not one, but two HD DVR services: GENIE and GENIE 2. With Genie, you can turn your TV into your very own assistant. If there’s a show or a movie on AMC that you want to watch or record for later, all you need to do is ask Amazon Alexa and things will happen just as how you want them. Genie comes with a storage of 1TB, using which, you can record up to 5 shows simultaneously and watch two channels, side by side. Not only this, if you want your Genie experience elevated up a notch, you can upgrade to GENIE 2. With GENIE 2, your storage will become 2TB and you would be able to enjoy your recorded TV shows and movies in 4K.

4K Programming

DIRECTV boasts another feature that takes your televisual experience from here…….to here! Experience the industry’s best picture format aka 4K and engulf into Live Sports, TV shows, concerts and movies, backed with sharp contrast and lifelike colors. There’s no hefty rocket science involved in enjoying 4K programs. Just grab your remote control and head right for your TV—DIRECTV brings you 4K HDR entertainment via satellite so there is no conflict between 4K HDR and your internet speed.   

‘Something More’ Unfolds with AMC on DIRECTV

AMC was launched in 1984, with an aim to preserve classic films. During its initial years, AMC broadcast marathons of various classics, including Marx Brothers’ rib-tickling comedy films and films made before the 1950s. Later in 1990, AMC began broadcasting marathons of lost films during its annual Film Preservation Festival, in a bid to create awareness and support for film preservation. The aim of the festival was to highlight the behind-the-scenes monetary and technical challenges faced during archival restoration of films.

Later in 1996, AMC aired its first original TV series Remember Wenn, which bagged nods of appreciation from critics and fans alike. However, due to some unforeseen events the show had to be cancelled in 1998. After that, AMC once again limited itself to airing classic movies only. At the same time, the channel also let go of its reputation of being a commercial-free movie channel—AMC started accepting traditional advertising, and by 2001 it was incorporating advertisements into its daily movie telecasts. Soon after, i.e. in 2002, AMC turned a new leaf, rebranded itself, and shifted its focus from airing classic movies only—the channel now focused as much on more recent films. The shift occurred to make programming relevant to the consumer products which AMC was now running advertisements for.

Gradually, AMC started to incorporate its original content back in the broadcasting lineup. In 2004, it aired its first reality series FilmFakers—dubbed one of the meanest reality series by the New York Times. In the period 2003-7, AMC also focused on documentaries about film making like Movies that Shook the World, and Backstory, while it kept its long tradition of airing classic American films.

It was not before 2007, that in a bid to redeem itself among the audience, AMC debuted its first original drama series ‘Mad Men’. The show turned out to be a massive hit. The following year, AMC debuted another original drama ‘Breaking Bad’ that too bagged several awards and critical acclamation.

In 2009, AMC rebranded itself once again and many original series were added to the channel’s new broadcasting lineup. Just like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, the new shows helped AMC break the monotony—while all the existing entertainment channels thus gained another ‘original programming’ contender to watch out for.

Following the 2013 rebranding phase AMC was all set for ‘Something More’—its new slogan. The channel not only set its focus on airing series, mini-series, and theatrically released movies, but ventured into acquired programming too—this included B&W filmed shows and contemporary series.

All in all, if you go for AMC on DIRECTV, chances are, you’ll always have something entertaining to unwind to. But, the real question that now arises is how do you watch AMC on DIRECTV? Well, to watch AMC’s critically acclaimed series and movies from all eras, all you need to do is grab your remote control and enter AMC’s channel number on DIRECTV. AMC is available on all DIRECTV packages from ENTERTAINMENT to PREMIER™. Let’s have a look at AMC’s channel number that you’ll have to remember the next time you want to watch Better Call Saul.

AMC Channel Number on DIRECTV


Total No. of Channels


Availability of AMC


AMC Channel No.




Total No. of Channels


Availability of AMC


AMC Channel No.




Total No. of Channels


Availability of AMC


AMC Channel No.




Total No. of Channels


Availability of AMC


AMC Channel No.




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Availability of AMC


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So, Why the Wait?

AMC on DIRECTV makes a duo that your life needs. DIRECTV brings you a plethora of features that are guaranteed to elevate your televisual experience to an unprecedented level. Long story short, if you have a habit of channel surfing then being a DIRECTV subscriber will always land you on a good option, worthy of your time, and probably some freshly cooked buttered popcorn too!

And do you know the one more thing that makes DIRECTV an absolute front-runner? You can pair it with AT&T’s high-speed internet and have the time of your life. Each month, you’ll have to pay a single bill for both the services, making things all the more convenient—plus you will get a handsome discount on each service for one full year. So, what’s with all the delay? Why not subscribe to DIRECTV’s exciting offers available at your address today. You can contact DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-820-1220 for ready assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AMC still on DIRECTV?

Yes, you can watch AMC with DIRECTV. Find the AMC network on channel number 254 (HD) with DIRECTV.

What channel is AMC on DIRECTV Las Vegas, NV?

AMC runs on channel 254 (HD) on DIRECTV Las Vegas.

What channel is AMC on DIRECTV not HD?

You can watch AMC on DIRECTV on channel number 254. Both HD and SD feeds are received at the same number. This is what you need to do to switch the feed to SD:

  • Go to Live TV and press the MENU button on your remote.
  • Once the Menu shows up go to Settings. Then go to Display and press Select.
  • Next arrow down to Guide Channels. And from the drop down menu select Show All Channels. Press OK and Exit.
  • Go back to Live TV. And, press the INFO button on the remote.
  • Go to Favorites. And arrow down to the Channels I Get. And press Select.

Now when you press the Guide button you will see two entries for each channel on the screen. The one that does not say HD is SD. The SD channel feed will not fit the entire screen.

When you want to switch back to HD, you have to repeat the same process. Go to Display Settings and change Show All Channels to Hide SD Duplicates and repeat the above process with your favorites list.

Please note, DIRECTV is in the process of putting an end to all SD service activations. Satellites that carry the SD local and national channels are going to be decommissioned.

What channel is AMC on DIRECTV San Diego, CA?

Watch AMC network on channel number 254 (HD) on DIRECTV San Diego.

What channel is AMC on DIRECTV in Florida?

You will find the AMC network on channel number 254 (HD) on DIRECTV Florida.

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