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Digging into countless lackluster TV services that just do not seem to suit your entertainment regime can be infuriating. With 400 cable service providers to choose from, hitting the jackpot while searching for a TV service that fulfills all your digital needs, sounds like a tough job. 

Watch Fox Channel on DirecTV

However, luckily Americans have DIRECTV—the #1 satellite TV service provider in the country, so you can relish a joyful few moments. Your search for an ideal entertainment partner just came to a logical conclusion. The extensive channel lineup with DIRECTV packages includes local and popular networks such as ABC, PBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, MNTV, FOX and many others. So, you get to watch a great mix of programming from all genres – lifestyle, sports, music, family programming, news & current affairs – you name it and its part of the DIRECTV channel lineup!  

All about the FOX Network

The FOX Network is one of the most-watched in the U.S., keeping Americans entertained and updated with epic programming for over three decades now. That is why FOX and its multiplex channels are like staple for every channel lineup.

FOX appeared on the scene back in 1986 and went on to become one of the most prevalent American commercial broadcast over-the-air television networks. Over the years, FOX has produced great content back-to-back, that all age groups can savor. 

Watch Juicy Content from FOX on Your DIRECTV

The FOX network has bombarded us with the hottest blockbusters movies and TV shows from a myriad of genres that America loves. But that’s not all. FOX also runs a dedicated news channel so, you get the scoop on the latest happenings. Not to forget, the FOX Sports Network where adrenalin junkies get their daily fix.

Want to know what FOX has in store for you? Let’s dive right in.

The only way a network can outshine competition is through its original releases, and you can surely catch loads of stellar TV shows and movies on FOX.

The network’s original productions include some of the biggest hits ever, that wildly vary in tone. FOX is the mastermind behind The Planet of the Apes, X-Men, Taken and The Transporter franchises, as well as Life of Pi, Daredevil, the latest Deadpool film series and many more. Apart from that, some other big projects are also in the pipeline, such as the Avatar sequel.

Moreover, FOX has also released (produced or distributed) a fair share of animated movies that are equally enjoyed by both kids and adults. The list includes Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, The Boss Baby, and many more.

But this doesn’t end here. FOX has also aired some great, binge-worthy TV shows that have contributed to shaping today’s pop-culture - The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Prison Break and 9-1-1 to name a few. Apart from TV shows and movie channels, FOX also runs dedicated sports, and business channels so, viewers get all-around information on sporting events as well as the economy.

With such a massive library of iconic entertainment, it isn’t that hard to gauge the popularity of FOX among the audiences. So how could the DIRECTV packages miss out on this widely popular American channel?

DIRECTV always endeavors to keep customer satisfaction its top priority. The provider assures subscribers never miss out on their favorites. That is why channels under the FOX Network umbrella come included in DIRECTV packages.


What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

Searching for FOX on DIRECTV among hundreds of channels may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. Switching through innumerable channels that come with DIRECTV packages in a bid to tune into the one that you are looking for can get infuriating. And, it only gets worse when you spend a lot of time flipping through channels and miss out on your favorite show. 

But not anymore!

Luckily, you have come to the right place because today we will help you make your DIRECTV channel hunt as easy as A.B.C. 

The city-wide chart below will help you find what channel is FOX on DIRECTV in a matter of seconds. So that you can catch up on your favorite TV content as soon as you turn the TV on!

If you cannot spot your city in the list, don’t fret! Just use the Local Channel Lookup Tool to do so. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code, and that’s it! The tool will find for you what channel is FOX on DIRECTV in your city.

City FOX Channel Number on DIRECTV
New York City, NY 5
Chicago, IL 32
Los Angeles, CA 11
Houston, TX 26
Phoenix, AZ 10
Philadelphia, PA 29
San Antonio, TX 29
San Diego, CA 69
Dallas, TX 4
San Jose, CA 2
Austin, TX 7
Fort Worth, TX 4
San Francisco, CA 2
Columbus, OH 28
Charlotte, NC 46
Seattle, WA 13
Washington, DC 5
Boston, MA 25
Nashville, TN 17
Detroit, MI 2
Oklahoma City, OK 25
Memphis, TN 13
Louisville, KY 41
Baltimore, MD 45
Milwaukee, WI 6
Albuquerque, NM 16
Tucson, AZ 11
Fresno, CA 26
Sacramento, CA 40
Mesa, AZ 10
Atlanta, GA 5
Kansas City, MO 4
Colorado Springs, CO 21
Miami, FL 7
Oakland, CA 2
Minneapolis, MN 9
Arlington, TX 4
Tampa, FL 13
New Orleans, LA 8

DIRECTV Packages are Wholesome for Everyone!

DIRECTV, the popular satellite TV service in the U.S offers a plethora of juicy entertainment options for everyone. DIRECTV packages bring you the best TV content in the U.S. in picture-perfect quality – the industry’s best picture format. With many thanks to the 99% signal reliability across the country – essentially anywhere you get a clear view of the southern sky.

DIRECTV packages take your entertainment regime up a notch. The fun-packed DIRECTV packages bring you a maximum of 330 channels, a lineup brimming with premium content. Watch Live TV with 4k programming, tens and thousands of On Demand titles; access the free DIRECTV app; and get GENIE HD DVR at no additional costs with 200 HD hours worth of recordings to save all your favorite TV shows.

Choose from half a dozen DIRECTV packages to fulfill your digital needs, and get the best in-home entertainment for the entire family – that too without breaking the bank!

DIRECTV Package What You Get Does it Include FOX?

155 channels including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, USA, HGTV, TNT, and more.

FREE access to premium networks like Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® for 3 months


160 channels including ESPN, NBCSN, and ESPN2

FREE access to premium networks like Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® for 3 months


185 channels including NFL Network, FS1 and Nicktoons

Access HBO Max™ for 1 year


235 channels including Universal Kids, Golf Channel, and OXYGEN

Access HBO Max™ for 1 year


250 channels including STARZ ENCORE®, and Boomerang

Access HBO Max™ for 1 year


330 channels with unlimited access to Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME, and STARZ®


Fulfill Your Digital Dreams with DIRECTV Packages

The lucrative DIRECTV packages offer you non-stop juicy entertainment. Filled to the brim with choice, all DIRECTV packages are tailored to fuel your frequent binge-a-thons without costing you an arm and a leg.

Whether you live alone or are part of a big family, DIRECTV packages bring you a channel lineup that comes loaded with primetime entertainment, kids, news, family, sports, and educational programming. This way your whole family gets to access a plethora of epic entertainment options irrespective of their age and diversity of taste. 

Whether you watch channels like ABC, NFL Network, Animal Planet, PBS, MTV, MNTV, HBO®, or FOX, the massive DIRECTV channel lineup comes with all this, and much more - satisfying your entire family’s appetite for quality TV entertainment! If you need more information about the availability and pricing of DIRECTV packages in your area, feel free to pick up your phone and dial 1-855-820-1220 anytime, any day for assistance. 

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