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DIRECTV is a rather popular TV service provider in the U.S., with over 12 million subscribers thanks to its wide satellite coverage. Although it was initially launched as a satellite TV service, it now also offers TV via the internet, which is quite the game-changer when it comes to flexible entertainment. You get to enjoy a number of TV plans with DIRECTV with up to 150+ networks in the channel lineup and exciting bonus channels with the satellite service. This allows everyone to find something that they like to watch and fits in with most budgets.

In this article, we outline everything that you need to know about CNBC on DIRECTV. Learn more about the channel, its history, channel number, top programming, and a whole lot more. So let us jump right in!

Everything You Need to Know About CNBC

CNBC, which was previously known as the Consumer and Business Network, is owned and operated by an NBCUniversal subsidiary known as the NBCUniversal News Group. It is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The channel comes as part of the lineup for most providers and is a staple for American news and entertainment.

CNBC is one of the three largest business news channels in the U.S. Not only does it associate a large chunk of its prime time with news programming, but you can also watch TV shows, documentaries, talk shows, etc. This channel is quite popular with the public and has a mass following.


Get CNBC on DIRECTV with All Plans!

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CNBC is a rather well-known TV channel and that is reflected by the fact that all DIRECTV packages carry the network in their channel lineup. This makes it easy for you to follow the good programming offered by the channel no matter which plan you get.

DIRECTV via satellite is great for people who want a revitalized TV experience, and with its 99% signal reliability, is pretty good. You get to take your pick from 4 DIRECTV plans with PREMIER offering 150+ channels along with 190+ bonus channels that are available to satellite customers alone. There is also a curated DVR and you can even enjoy on-demand with over 90,000 titles in the library.

If you are more into streaming, DIRECTV via the Internet is just the thing for you. Get it for your home with any existing internet connection, although we recommend you go with AT&T Fiber plans and their symmetrical multi-gig speeds. The plans are pretty similar and you get to unlock some really cool, internet-only features.

Channel CNBC on DIRECTV is not just available with all plans but is quite thrilling to watch with all the premium features that come with the service. Among these features, a dedicated DIRECTV guide takes you to your favorite channels and 4K streaming no matter where you are.

What is Channel CNBC on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers 4 different TV plans, no matter what you pick between satellite and internet services. CNBC comes included with all plans, an important network as it is. The number of CNBC channel on DIRECTV is 355 and you can find it by punching in the numbers on the remote.

Since the rich DIRECTV channel lineup comes with over 150 channels with the highest tier, it can be annoying to search for some at times. However, this too is made easy with the DIRECTV guide through which you can find your way to any channel you want.

Enjoy the Best Shows with CNBC Channel on DIRECTV

There is something for everyone to enjoy on channel CNBC with DIRECTV. Here are some of the top shows that you can watch on this network:

  • American Greed
  • Billion Dollar Buyer
  • Dateline
  • Fast Money
  • Listing Impossible
  • Mad Money
  • Power Lunch
  • Secret Lives of the Super Rich
  • Shark Tank
  • Super Heist
  • TechCheck
  • The Partner
  • The Profit
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Why Choose a DIRECTV Plan for Your Home?

DIRECTV packages are built to get you the kind of entertainment you crave at a price that suits your budget. Most people enjoy DIRECTV for the sheer value the provider offers. Nationwide availability is definitely an important feature along with the two different service types the provider offers. Plus, there are quite a few other perks that you can get when you choose DIRECTV. Let us take a look at them below

  • DIRECTV via Internet with Gemini: The Gemini device is a one-of-a-kind device that takes your TV experience to the next level. Get live TV, on-demand, and all your streaming apps with 4K streaming in one place at your fingertips. The interface is easy to navigate and users can even switch smoothly between satellite and internet with the SignalSaver Technology.
  • Genie DVR: DIRECTV offers a Genie DVR that comes with two different storage sizes so you can choose as per your needs. You get up to 450 hours of HD storage with the Genie 2 and can download as many as 7 shows at once. You can also play multiple shows simultaneously with the Genie Picture-in-picture feature.
  • Take Your Entertainment with You with the DIRECTV App: Get the channels you like the most to watch on the go, along with live TV and the thousands of titles in your on-demand library with the DIRECTV app. You can install the app on all your devices and watch no matter where you are—as long as long as you have internet access. The app supports up to 5 online streams at the same time so more than one person can enjoy it.
  • Limited-time offers: DIRECTV frequently comes up with exciting offers for new customers. You can get certain premium networks for free for a certain time or reward gift cards when you sign up. If you are a new customer planning to switch, it is always a good idea to consider these offers for extra savings.

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In the End…

DIRECTV packages get you entertainment the way you like, whether it is through satellite TV or internet streaming. DIRECTV plans are divided into four different service tiers depending on the number of channels and features they get you and you can choose what you like best. DIRECTV via Internet is a good option for streaming nerds and works magic with AT&T Fiber internet. On the other hand, DIRECTV via Satellite is perfect for all kinds of homes with 99% reliability and total control of your fun times.

Get the CNBC channel on number 355 with all DIRECTV plans. Enjoy the tasteful shows the channel has to offer including reality and live TV, news segments, and of course, TV shows.

For more information about DIRECTV services, reach out to our professionals; DIRECTV Customer Service at 855-737-0235.